N Korea state media says people blame U.S. for summit breakdown

By David Brunnstrom and Hyonhee Shin

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Despite his sanctions talk, there have been signs across Asia that the U.S. "maximum pressure" sanctions campaign against North Korea has sprung leaks.

The Oil for Food program in Iraq demonstrates that sanctions are only so effective. Anyone that things sanctions will cause the collapse of the DPRK are ignorant to facts.

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Sanctions may not collapse the regime, nevertheless they are the correct approach.

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Sanctions may not collapse the regime, nevertheless they are the correct approach.

I completely agree. However, sanctions aren't the panacea that some journalists here constantly claim.

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Of course they’re going to say that, I’d be completely astonished had NK said the opposite. Kim can have his tantrum, he’s not going to get sanction relief, his anger issue won’t change that and Bolton said yesterday if they continue on this path, they will increase the already crippling sanctions on him. So let’s see what Kim wants for his nation.

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Trump is useless on North Korea.

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Actually, it’s more like where does Kim want to take this? Reports were he was shocked when Bolton showed two new sites the NK were secretly building, the word is they were quite taken back and were seemingly livid. Apparently, they don’t realize our satellites are up to date and work.

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Let the third fatty pitch his hissy fit, it's not as though he's going to be able to do much. Of course they are rebuilding their one launch facility, so I suppose there will be rockets over Japan soon as the whining continues. But that will just bring more sanctions.

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Trump is useless on North Korea

I dunno Super, at least there have been two face-to-face meetings, relations between the two Koreas continue to improve, and we all know why - U.S. pressure. And there have been no missile launches by N Korea since Nov 2017.

Obama, Bush and Clinton were the useless ones.

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Donny is going to be really disappointed if it is true.

Wake up call.

Love hurts.

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Donny is going to be really disappointed if it is true.

And you're going to be ecstatic, right?

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The President went there (Vietnam) for good deal for the American peoples and the world and he did not go there for publicity and concession to N. Korea.

North Korean regime cannot be trusted. N. Korean regime was trying to con the President Trump with old school strategy which N. Korea conned President Bush, Clinton and Obama administration in the past but it didn't work with the President Trump.

So, North Korean regime needs to straighten up if they want the deal with the President Trump.

The President Trump said "he has good relationship Chairman Kim Jong-un and he trust him".

How do you like the President Trump to say about Kim Jong-un?

Do you want him to say " hey, I don't trust this fatty little rocket-man Kim Jong-un and I don't have good relationship with this little witch"?

You don't need to be love or hate someone when you are negotiation for something important but you have to speak good thing about him to get him straight. Now they were at negotiation table.

The President Trump is businessman and he knows about how to negotiate and establish relationship with his opponent.

If I were Kim Jong-un and North Korean Generals and then I'll be very careful not to change the course which they have agreed before. North Korean regime was worrying about losing their grip on power if North Korean has opened up to the outside world and given up Nuclear weapons.

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Donald got a bad deal because he wasn't capable of negotiating a good deal.

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Only when the US and Israel denuclearise should NK to the same. Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq do not have a nuclear program and look what the US has done to them. When will the US demand that Russia, China, India and Pakistan denuclearise? The US is a global bully and, like most bullies, only threatens, only intimidates the smaller, weaker opponent.  

Kim keep your sovereignty, don't surrender to the US like the Western Powers, the Western Wimps.

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Donald got a bad deal because he wasn't capable of negotiating a good deal

Kim got a raw deal, Running a country with with No money and No sanction relief. Dang!

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