U.S., Iran send conflicting signals on their disputes

By Jeff Mason and Parisa Hafezi

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Who to believe? The party that sticks to the deals it made or the party that breaches the deals it made and then tries to choke your economy to death?

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So why did Iran break its deal with the European members if Iran is so honest and pure? One country drops out, the whole thing disintegrates. Guess that shows who the power player is.

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It was never in contention who the real power player was, which means it's irrelevant. The point is that Donny has demonstrated the US under his leadership cannot be trusted.

All because Donny's obsessed with Obama.

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So has Trump or anyone else for that matter figured out what his plans are?

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So why did Iran break its deal with the European members if Iran is so honest and pure?

Because with a deal its all or nothing. For example, I negotiate with you, Bill, John and Frank to purchase an airplane, each of us offering up $20, 000 toward it, which we are to time share. But Bill drops out that means we all need to pay $25, 000 and I can't afford that so BYE. Deals off. Try and take me to civil court and you won't even get a hearing. But you could go after Bill.

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