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X owner Musk says he opposes U.S. ban of competitor TikTok


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I'm against a specific ban on TikTok specifically. I'm for a law that has the US treat foreign companies with similar rules as US companies are treated in those other countries. I don't want a single ban on 1 name. I want a dynamic ban based on what the other govts are doing today as they cause whiplash to foreign companies.

For example, Tesla builds EVs in China for the Chinese market, but the govt there is anti-Tesla, not just because it is partially foreign owned, but because some of the most common things that all EVs do might be used, according to the CCP-govt, for spying. There are places in Chinese cities where Teslas are prevented from going just because they aren't 100% owned by Chinese owners. China blocks google, facebook, and 100+ other internet companies for assorted reasons. Seems only far that the US would block Chinese internet companies, which would cause most IoT device makers from China to be banned. If you have any IoT cameras or "house home automation devices", those would be banned, since they phone-home to China as a core part of the boot and ability to work processes.

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Which makes one wonder why he is such a MAGA-hero - a guy that sells hated EVs, made in China, that takes American jobs...

He reposts spicy memes that make libs cry. Also, while richer than the gods, he is emotionally needy and very easy to manipulate. What’s not to love?

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Not surprising...Elon is a CCP pawn...

He makes his Teslas in Chinese factories that he then sells in North America...he's not going to do anything to upset the hand that feeds him...

Which makes one wonder why he is such a MAGA-hero - a guy that sells hated EVs, made in China, that takes American jobs...

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"TikTok should not be banned in the USA, even though such a ban may benefit the X platform," Musk said in a post on the social network he acquired in 2022. "Doing so would be contrary to freedom of speech and expression."

I doubt Elon champions freedom of speech within China when faced with requests by his Chinese oligarch business partners.

Iain Banks would be very disappoint.

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That's great. He don't matter.

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At least someone not in favor over protectionism and understand what open and free market really means.

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Elon is nuts, he’s not an American and no public servant should give a rats a— what he has to say on national security issues.

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