Xi pledges wider market access, free-trade deals


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President Xi Jinping on Tuesday pledged to further open China's economy, declaring the world must "knock down walls"

Amazing how it took steep tariffs and a trade war to get him to say that.

You first, Pooh san.

Looks like Winnie the Pooh feels some pressure from orange man


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A president for life; fervently desiring that another country’s people do what his own cannot. That says it all.

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Yes, you can win a trade war, insofar that you can pressure global-trade free-riders to abide by their WTO and other commitments.

The US economy is on a roll. China's is in the doldrums. 1-0 for the US. That's not the outcome the globalists wanted to see.

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President Xi Jinping is feeling the heat and by disingenuously calling for freer trade he is merely mouthing propaganda. Trump is holding the line and insisting on reciprocal trade regulations and not allowing the Chinese to roll the US as was so common in the past. America is experiencing historically low unemployment, wages are finally rising after decades of stagnation and the stock market is at record highs so everyone’s 401k is doing well.

It’s all a matter of waiting Xi out. He may just wait through the 2020 elections to see if he can get an easy to manipulate Dem to take advantage of. If lightening strikes twice and Trump is re-elected he will likely cut his loses and make a quick deal early in 2021.

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Free and fair elections needed. Just say NO to communism.

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Trump haters wouldn't even read your comments. Their hatred and sole intention of removing Trump from the office is what they live for. They'd deny the economic growth, stronger military and a president that puts the country and its citizens first. Eventhough they themselves experience the prosperity. There.

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US markets are at or near all time highs, the country is experiencing record low unemployment and taxes have been lowered. China's made-up trade numbers are reporting their slowest growth rate in decades and socialist, protectionist and over-taxed EU nations remain in a self induced economic funk. The lose-lose premise is a lot of hot air.

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Yeah, yeah...commie china is also Trumps’ fault. We know. Blah, blah.

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The best case to put in front of the CCP by other nations is this. "How can we trust your government to do right by other nations, when you can't even respect your own citizens?"

I'd love to see the face and pathetic answers by the CCP to explain away that presentation.

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I agree with the statement that the China-U.S. trade war is and has been a lose-lose proposition. That is what happens when a fool is made President.

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Rhetoric and action is definitely a question. However, the "specifics" and the "limits" are the key to any openness and to any accessibility.

So again, promises by Xi does not mean much for the rest of China and the world. Selfishness is one thing, but greed for power and control of wealth and people is another. Xi has both for himself and for the Communist party he controls.

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Wider access for a place where I can’t drive my motorcycle freely?

Those leaders were shooting sparrows in their youth

So it must be another bubble.......

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Heard it all before, double speak much?

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Looks like Winnie the Pooh feels some pressure from orange man. Lets see if there is actually substance behind his promises.

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Xi the Pokh has as much credibility as Donny.

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Xi pledges wider market access, free-trade deals. Seriously do you believe that?

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President Xi Jinping on Tuesday pledged to further open China's economy, declaring the world must "tear down walls" as he opened an annual trade fair in Shanghai.

You first, Pooh san

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Looks like the winds have changed for China. Everyone is suspicious after seeing their true colors the last few years.

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