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Xi warns no one can dictate China's path

By Elizabeth Law and Laurent Thomet

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No one except Xi, that is...

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Pray tell, if China is a truly communist country how can there be so many people who live in abject poverty, akin to living in the 15 Century, while others have more wealth than they can use in a lifetime?

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Xi warns no one can dictate China's path

Democratic, free, peace-loving countries will NEVER be dictated to by Xi and fellow Communists. PRC is going to lose the trade war with Trump, and lose badly. Trump always wins. PRC economy is not doing well, except for a few mega rich people at the top like Xi.

The poverty rate among the rural population dropped to 3.1 percent last year from 97.5 percent 40 years ago.

3.1% in poverty? Does anyone believe this? These figures are of course made up by mouthpiece of the Communist party.

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Pray tell, if China is a truly communist country how can there be so many people who live in abject poverty, akin to living in the 15 Century, while others have more wealth than they can use in a lifetime?

I think the only people who use the word ‘communism’ when describing China are the despots in charge and people who like to use it to try to discredit the left in general.

Bully boys like Xi are not ideologically driven. They are interested in power. Mao was no different.

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ALL Nations as with XI will not accept another country to tell it how to run its country and live. So Xi as with Trump are correct in their statement.

There are people within every country that want to change it however.

That is because the HOW their country is run and HOW people within live, that makes the difference.

And no nation can really dictate to another HOW that nation should be run and How they should live.

It is by the people's "choice" to live that way. Therefore that "change" must occur from within. And that change can occur only if they are aware and can appreciate the differences, evaluate and choose to change. But that in most cases can happen only if those in power actually do also wish such change and allow such change.

For now, for China, XI has the power to determine its course.

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I was not aware that anyone is tryng to dictate anything to China. Trump and his trade war don't count. His tariffs are an aberration which will end with the end of his presidency, in 25 more months, or less. Of course, Putin will do all he can to keep Trump in office.

As for "the great banner of socialism," it does not fly over China. China is a political dictatorship, with some economic freedom. Scandinavia is more socialist than is China.

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I don't think President Xi has anything to worry about.

I think the West has, as a whole, and the U.S in particular, reflected upon the course of China in the last few years and concluded that its time to move on. From what I have read on English language Chinese news sites they admit much the same.

I don't see conflict unless China starts a conflict and I don't see why that's necessary to maintain its sovereignty and forge its own path.

I just see a gradual unwinding of ties from both ends and given that business and political resources really need to be re-allocated to India, its actually a very good thing for the planet in the long run.

Ironically, its China's actions in trade, espionage, militarization of the SCS and move towards greater authoritarianism which has provided the impetus the West needed to change its focus and move its attention towards the one country that could surpass China on the global stage in due time.

You could argue that if China had chosen a different path, there would be no competitor to China as perhaps the West would not feel the need to re-engage with India on the same scale as it does now. After all, its requires a lot of effort to shift focus, both economically and politically, but that is in fact happening and will only increase in speed and breadth as time goes on.

Its actually a very good thing for the world.

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China has the most people, so it should have the largest economy. Once they open up, release their political 1-party stranglehold, stop currency manipulation, and join the 1st world in all human rights, China will be an amazing country.

India should be the 2nd largest economy, BTW.

Both of these countries have been working towards higher standards of living in different ways.

If the USA had the same closed access to their economy that China does, the world would be screaming how unfair it is.

China needs to open up their corporate ownership and they need to learn about enforcing laws much more equally. Act like a first-world county, in all ways.

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Hopefully you’re fake utopia (totalitarian) regime never catches on and self destructs into something better for your own people.

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The Fu

Interesting logic. This planet’s empires haven’t been dictated by the most populous nations ever.

Rome, Greece, Britain, USA....want more names?

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President Xi Jinping warned Tuesday that no one can "dictate" China's economic development path 

How about the entire world? No one would have a problem with China's economic development if China were a "normal"country. But as a one party dictatorship it combines economics and trade with geopolitical and strategic goals. That is why China should expect the world to dictate it's economic development path. The world welcomed China into the international community in 1971, they got themselves off their economic knees and became the world's second biggest economic power. But they also used their economic rose to fuel their military rise and have become drunk on nationalism to "regain China's past glory". At the expense of their smaller Asian neighbors.

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I think the only people who use the word ‘communism’ when describing China are the despots in charge and people who like to use it to try to discredit the left in general.

All self-claiming Communist countries have ended up in dictatorship. Soviet Union, China, N Korea ...

Not all dictatorship are communist, but all communist leaders are dictators, and their political systems do not allow oppositions. And prices paid in terms of human lives for their experiments have been too great to ignore.

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That's GREAT...REMEMBER you SAID That:

"In OTHER News"..

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Xi and Moon should remember those words when talking to Japan as well. Don't dictate to others either.

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Xi Jinping is walking china down the path the Soviet Union paved for him, and he doesn't even know it. I've lived and worked in china for the past 8 years. Everything is china is fake. Fake economy, fake data, fake products, fake food and fake culture. It is extremely hard to get any truthful information out of ordinary chinese because they are for the most part, still lives in the dark ages. All the glitzy skylines and buildings you see is a mirage. 1/3 of all commercial buildings are empty. They built 250 ghost cities, which are meant for 1 million residents each. If you go 100 miles west of Beijing, Shanghai, or 100 miles north of Shenzhen, you are in for a shock. The abject poverty is scary. 800 million people lives on less than $2 per day. Except for communist party members and the 1%, the rest don't live any better.

If you want to understand how messed up china is and why they have to keep stealing IP and technology from Japan, the Wests, etc. just look at the three most destructive policies the communist ever inflicted.

One child policy

For most of us, when we hear one child policy, human right abuse is the only thing we think about. What never discussed is the economic impact 1 child policy has on the chinese economy. The US are often laughed at for being a "consumer" economy. But think about that, what do most people do after getting married, they have children. Children's needs drive a big part of the economy. Children will grow up and their needs expand. Clothing, schooling, after school, sports, travel, hobbies, etc. More children means bigger house, bigger house means more stuff to function. All these economic activities drives the economy. 1 child policy destroyed this economic activity.

Lifting 400 million chinese out of poverty

The communist party loves to boast about lifting 400 million chinese out of poverty. A couple of problems they will not tell you. First, these poor people would have been better off staying in their farms and villages because the wages they earn working in toxic factories, unsafe construction site, etc. are no better. And every year, their wages go down because more migrants migrate to these cities.

To convinced these poor people to give up their farm land and moved into cities for work, the communist offer them first dibs on newly built condos, a middle class living standard, fine education for their children and life time work. Well, none of these things panned out because these people lost their land, can't afford the condos, their children can't use public school in these cities because the parents are not legal residence, and now they're all stuck in toxic factories. Which brings me to this.

Building bridges to no where

Having failed to deliver on their promises, the communist party realized that these people are more dangerous to them than any foreign powers. With 700 million chinese cheated out of their lands and property, stuck in toxic factories with no social net to fall on, the company they work for are unprofitable and making stuff no one wants. What to do. Well, have these people build ghost cities. As long as they are working, they're not rioting and demanding.

Like I say, Xi Jinping is walking china down the path paved by the Soviet Union. This is not going to end well for Xi Jinping or the CCP. Get ready for regime change, and this time it's not going to be like it's 1989. Trump is the biggest Black Swan china never saw coming.

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The rapid rate of economic rise also made rapid the economic gap between the rich cities and poor rural areas (as the economic rates of cities are much faster than those of the rural areas)

Chinese cities can be like 1st-world, but the rural areas are still like 3rd-world and hallowing out as anybody old enough immediately leave to try their luck in cities for jobs, leaving just old grandparents and young children (known in China as the generation of "left-behind" children)

(Japan's rural areas are also hallowing out, but at least it's still generally 1st-world, and the kids stay together with their parents.)

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