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Medical examiner says Yale student was suffocated


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I see no data on asphyxiation here.

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The article is written as if this Clark is guilty. I really think we should wait for a verdict before we lynch people up.

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Yale's fame going down,with homicides like these.

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Someone here saying before they bet the suspect MUST turn out to be an asian boyfriend enacting revenge. Never did understand why that person could be so sure.. but following this latest twist that looks less likely now.

Seems these days like going to a us college seems a sure fire way of getting closer to some crazed gunman or killing.

This story did remind me briefly of the j medical drama Pandora box. What had she just discovered in her work?

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Finding the perpetrator might turn out to difficult. An intelligent criminal who works in an elite university's research lab would probably know a lot about forensics and might be able to trick investigators by intentionally seeding the crime scene with lots of misleading clues.

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I'd like to know why they suspect him to the point of serving warrants. Was it just that he refused to voluntarily give dna because he sees it as an infringement of his human rights? Did he not evacuate the building along with everyone else? Was he disheviled or bloodstained on the day?

Whatever the reason, I hope it's got nothing to do with those problems with the former girlfriend, because anyone who thinks it's unusual or abnormal to do this

when the girl tried to break up with Clark, he attempted to confront her and wrote on her locker

obviously doesn't have much experience with relationships.

But most of all I want them to actually find the killer and get him or her out of circulation.

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"Yale's fame going down,with homicides like these."

Campus crimes don't necessarily diminish the quality or renown of a Yale education or the students that make the considerable effort to enter this prestigious school.

"An intelligent criminal who works in an elite university's research lab would probably know a lot about forensics and might be able to trick investigators by intentionally seeding the crime scene with lots of misleading clues."

True, but something I've always maintained is that the very impetus for someone to commit a crime like this -- or any crime really -- finds its roots planted firmly in a profound degree of arrogant stupidity; a stupidity that they won’t get caught, a stupidity that the crime was somehow justified; stupidity that this is something no one’s ever thought of before.

It’s this very stupidity that leads to the kinds of mistakes that a well-trained investigator can find and exploit. It’s in no small part thanks to this inherent stupidity that civilization hasn’t slid into the gutter at breakneck speed.

No matter how careful the perpetrator was, s/he's going to have a hard time beating the police on this one, particularly considering the security measures this specific research lab employed. Short of being a criminal mastermind with extensive IT knowledge, one can’t easily beat the videotapes or entry/exit logs, much less forensic DNA.

Also, it doesn’t exactly help Raymond Clark III’s case by refusing to submit to a DNA request when others have, then further refusing to talk to investigators by invoking his Fifth Amendment right to not self-incriminate, both of which, despite being inspirational demonstrations of civil rights, are about as big a “I DID IT!!” banner as one can display in a murder case.

The police will get the right person here. I'm sure of it.

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The married-to-be met as undergraduates at my old university.

It's always been known to college seekers that Yale is in a bad area of Connecticut.

The New Haven police is extra careful with this one because of the unsolved Suzanne Jovin case where they ended up ruining a professor's life without evidence and got expensively sued for it. It's just M.O. then for Clark not to talk without his lawyer.

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Ivy League Anglos, I just really don't know what to say about you.

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The latest is that the lab tech's DNA matches the crime scene evidence and they are going to arrest him. Of course seppuku is the proper course of action at this point but I expect the jerk is too much of a coward to apologize.

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Yeah, they got the guy this morning. Looks like someone called it right though. Disgruntled White guy with yellow fever who probably got rejected. The guy looks like a total tool.

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As long as the constitutional right to bear arms continues to be denied on US college campuses, this kind of crime will tragically continue to plague the hallowed halls of academia.

How many more Annies have to be murdered? And how many more campus assaults (such as at Virginia Tech) have to happen, before people are allowed their constitutional right to defend themselves with firearms?

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