One year after Kim's killing at Malaysian airport, suspected masterminds evade trial


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The agents of the state who hold the reins of power may murder with impunity in their "Game of Thrones". "Justice" is dispensed only to the bit-players recruited from the masses. Homo homini lupus est, as the ruthless Romans put it.

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Only 2 questions should determine their fate:-

Explain how you managed to avoid your own quick death "unwillingly" having VX on your hands? (if she really didn't know what was on her hands, she would surely have died from improper cleaning)

Provide evidence that you took part in training runs of the so-called prank? (did any independent witnesses see these training runs)

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Let me guess, this North Korean assassination on foreign soil was all an American propaganda plot? This is likely what the North Korean apologists and swooners would have you believe

These 2 will be executed, that's not in doubt. Whether the world can ever trust North Korea ever again, is another question. There will be no reintegration with the world until they disarm or are destroyed

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It was a hit and these are the patsies.

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What's interesting is that these women immediately rushed to the nearest restroom near the murder scene to wash their hands. Did they know that there was a deadly nerve agent on their hands? And they seemed to carry out this act without getting any of it on themselves, which is rather remarkable in and of itself considering it was a highly toxic nerve agent. It looks kind of like they knew what they were dealing with.

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There will be no reintegration with the world until they disarm or are destroyed

And who is going to "destroy" the DPRK?

Let me guess; the USA? The same country responsible for the deaths of millions of Vietnamese? The only country who's used nuclear weapons on another country?

Seems like some Americans haven't reintegrated and still want to kill Asian people.

I hope these suspects are freed, if they genuinely were under the impression it was a prank.

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The suspects say they are not guilty. The women claim they were duped into believing it really was a prank, staged for a reality television show. 

Really, ladies? You weren't the least bit suspicious when you were told to run to separate bathrooms IMMEDIATELY after to wash off the liquid that was on your hands? Not buying it.

If the Malaysians had any stones they'd indict the Dear Fatguy as a conspirator in this crime. That would go over well in Pyongyang I bet...

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Were the two working with the leader's sister in the nefarious plot. That lady the news maintains is the most peaceful character the world has ever known.

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Which news is maintaining this?

She's a diplomat and is taking steps to bring about cordial relations. Not an easy task. A lot of people want to see her fail. A lot of people seem intent on pushing for conflict.

The regime she represents is hard to stomach. But think about it - the US, UK and other countries do business and shake hands with Chinese reps all the time. That country also has despicable human rights abuses. It also spies, conducts cyber warfare and crosses into disputed waters.

If the DPRK had money, there would be an international love-in.

But it doesn't and therefore, is an easy target for all sorts of speculation.

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If the DPRK had money, there would be an international love-in.

Any money NK does have is funneled into the military and missile programs. It would be no different if they had more of it. Stop making excuses for a despicable totalitarian regime led by a lunatic.

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This is what happens when you even mention the possibility of a "regime change". Kim Jong Un's Uncle Jang Song-Thaek brought up his other nephew Kim Jong Nam as a possible successor to the NK Kim Regime when he met Hu Jing Tao in China. Word got back to Kim Jong Un who promptly had his uncle and half-brother eliminated. It's really pathetic on the part of the Malaysian government to simply try these two hired bimbos, regardless of whether they knew or didn't know about the VX when the North Korean gameplay is so freaking obvious.

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To u_s__reamer:

Once again the Romans get it wrong. The Romans hated and feared anything which was not obedient to them and whose behavior, even wolves, was more noble than their own. They were not condemning but extolling such behavior.

The real quote here should be:

Homo homini nec monstrum

We might recall that wolves do not prey upon each other or mass murder their own. We are the only truly pathological genepool on this planet. And we prove it every day. Our time is coming in the next two generations. The human blight will grow faster in the next two generations than it has ever before as we double from ~7.5 billion now to 15 billion mouths in the next two generations. We will never reach 15 billion mouths. Your own imagination might fill in the rest albeit the horror will be unimaginable when the collapse and dieback begin.

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