Yemen's Houthis warn they will target all ships headed to Israel

By Mohammed Alghobari

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Sounds like a justification for targeting everything above ground in Houthi controlled Yemen.

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Sounds like a justification for targeting everything above ground in Houthi controlled Yemen.

All that accomplishes is to radicalize them further. Killing innocents is never solves any problems, but tends to make them worse by further hardening hatreds and causing groups to look for ways to extract revenge. The problem is in Tehran who appears to be feeding them the information on these ships.

What worked during the 1980s "Tanker War" was to establish a constant western naval presence in the Persian Gulf and Straits of Hormuz with rules of engagement that allowed the different navies to engage belligerents when they attacked neutral shipping. Few are aware of how many times western navies, not just those of the US and UK, but the Italians, Dutch, French, even the Soviet Navy, got into fights with Iranian forces back then. A similar naval force in the Red Sea with the authorization to strike Houthi launch sites would be able to protect neutral shipping.

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Desert TortoiseToday 11:33 am JST

Considering they are targeting all ships now, presumably at the bidding of Iran, says to me they are beyond redemption. They were supposed to be heading towards a peace agreement. I don't buy that they are under pressure to survive. You're right that it would be more efficient to target the puppet master, but obviously that would stir up a whole new set of problems.

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