Yemen rebels hit Saudi airport; coalition vows action

By Sophie RAMIS

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It has triggered what the U.N. describes as the world's worst humanitarian crisis, with 24.1 million -- more than two-thirds of the population -- in need of aid.

But the globe's .01%, especially those invested in big war industries, their financial backers, and the oil and gas industries competing for greater control in the region, don't care because they're getting richer.

For the US economy to remain strong, the Trump administration need to keep selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, etc.

What's Jared's role in these weapon sales. Why would a Trump family member with no official position in the Trump White House be involved.

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Well at least Sophie RAMIS at the AFP has the integrity to NOT spout the usual MSM lies that this “Iran backed rebels” or the 3 year old miraculous line of “10,000” dead. I wonder why Wiki still calls this a Yemeni Civil War when “Saudi Arabia began a military intervention alongside eight other Arab states and with the logistical support of the United States”?

9 other Arab states involved in a civil war? Never trust Wiki!

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Malki said the strike on the airport amounted to a "terrorist attack" on a civilian target which could be considered a "war crime."

So the Saudi / coalition attacks on Yemen airports, seaport of Hodeida and living areas are pretty much normal and lawful, but an attack on the Saudi airport is a crime? Really?

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