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Yemeni president says U.S. and Israel behind unrest


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When all else fails, blame Israel and the US. Sad.

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Yes, when all else fails try to find some Zionist conspiracy come up with Jews trying to take over the world, the USA/CIA etc...behind every coup attempt, etc...but some how I do not think the average Arab is going to buy into this kind of excuse, just like Kaddhafi trying to blame his problems on Al Qaeda and their drugs being pushed on the innocent youth of Libya??

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The president should have have known that America has always been a hypocrite before he even started dealing with them. They supported you but now they against you.when this all boils down ,people will learn their lesson

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The Muslim Arab world blaming the US and Israel for all their problems. What else is new?

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"Blame the US and the Isreali zionest agenda! They have a great conspiracy to destroy us!" Pretty hard to keep that up when one eventually has to look in the mirror and face their own problems.

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That stuff's so old news it's not even a conspiracy, it's a given. Like otumfuo said, you deal with the US, you gotta be prepared to be messed with, and if you can't take it, get out of the game.

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So the US is Yemen's closest friend, but they want the country overthrown.

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But of course! Blame Israel and the US. In the muslim world, that argument always flies.

The non-surprise of the day...

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Losers always blame America.

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" but some how I do not think the average Arab is going to buy into this kind of excuse, "

Alas, yes. The average Arab is going to buy into this kind of excuse. And not only the average Arab, but the entire "muslim street". Just read the opinion polls. Keep in mind that week after week, in mosques all over the world, this kind of conspiracy nonsense is repeated over and over.

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