Yemen's neighbors warn of action if world fails to intervene


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Sunni vs Shiite and rich clans against each other, let them take care of each other until there is not enough left to fight. If they fight each other they are getting weaker if rest of the world fights them we make them unite and get stronger and than they turn on us.

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Isn't this where the UN steps in for the cause of world peace?

Oh, forget about it...

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The six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has let Yemen fester since the attack on the USS Cole, 12 October 2000. For fourteen years Yemen has devolved into the rectum of violence at the bottom of zealotry and poverty.

Apparently, the foreign ministers of the GCC haven't known what to do, or how to do anything about Yemen for fourteen years and now want the world to solve their regional failure. If the GCC won't elaborate on their plan for the occupation and protectorate status of Yemen it isn't for anyone else to somehow know their needs by divination.

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Sorry guys but you are talking BS. Sure would be nice if the Arabs themselves could put everything in order down there. But how well has that worked out so far? I mean, you are talking about the Gulf States here, remember? Those are the ones funding and equipping salafist groups like ISIS, fighting a proxy war against moderate Muslims such as Shiites, Seculars and minorities for decades and recently in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq etc. And you support that?

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Agreed, Frederic Bastiat!

And I'll add they only want the UN to do the dirty business because Arabs don't like the idea of killing other Arabs, and they don't like spending their oil money on military.

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Let them. It's about time they take care of their own neighborhood.

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