Yingluck Shinawatra becomes Thailand's first female PM


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Well, she's certainly the most photogenic of Asia's leaders, that's for sure.

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Was it the redshirts who assassinated that Japanese cameraman in cold blood during those demonstrations?

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hisashiburi, are you talking about the protests in Burma? I think you have your SE Asian countries mixed up.

Anyway, there are some great pics of this leader in some kind of military looking uniform. Google her. Hopefully she'll end the exploitation of women in Thailand.

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Seems like Thai leadership runs in the family

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You talking about the exploitation of women in Thailand WHILE suggesting we Google her great pics in uniform are quite the sexist contradiction don't you think?

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She is as crooked as her brother. Time in office before another riot: 6 months.

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Thaksin thinks, Pheu Thai acts. And his sister (the puppet) is now Prime Minister. I don't think that she ever held a professional job which was not a family company or in which she did not report to her brother.

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Congratulations to Madam Prime Minister Shinawatra. Her party won through democratic elections. Lets see what she can do. Sometimes winning is the easiest phase. Now lets see how she and her party serves the people of Thailand.

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In my opinion I believe she will do well as the PM as long as there is transparency in Govt. My concern is what will happen to her if the King Dies - will she be able to prevent a possible revolution. As everyone knows the King is well loved in Thailand.

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Isn't the military still controlling the country since the protesting?

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It goes to show though, wealth can win elections, as her brother winning and now her

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Hot as Thailand's weather !!

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don't think that she ever held a professional job which was not a family company or in which she did not report to her brother.

Why would she? He's run, huge, successful businesses.

I hope she can bring some stability to Thailand. It'd be nice if the yellow shirts would let her get on with things.

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Hisahiburi, I don't remember if it was the redshirts or not, but you're right a Jpns. camerman was either crushed or killed in the mob protests.

Ribstick, you've got the countries mixed up.

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Wow - if the Thai people can't unite behind that prime minister than they are not likely to come together behind anyone. I guess if your politics is a mess you might as well get a gorgeous babe as your new leader - makes it a whole lot easier to watch the news day after day.

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