Youth urge adults to stop 'acting like children' on climate change

By Megan Rowling

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"I came to Madrid because the adults are acting like children," he said, lamenting their failure so far to curb planet-heating emissions and rising temperatures.

Children are pretty smart these days, so probably not very accurate statement.

It should be 'some adults need to stop acting like neanderthals'.

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Step one should be teaching these mouthy brats the difference between weather and climate. Step two should be separating hysteria from fact.

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Keep talking as the waters rise?

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Isn’t it the opposite?

misinformed young people without a clue just wanting an outlet for all that angst.

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These misguided kids need to act like adults.

They need to think more critically, do more research, and not be so easily sacked in by media fuelled alarmist BS.

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With children and young people increasingly at risk from extreme weather and out in the streets demanding faster action on global warming,

Though there are many in the 'older' generations who agree with them, including the majority of scientists around the globe, the young are up against the globe's establishment, especially those in the oil, gas and coal industries, and of course the global financiers backing them, plus of course the global politicians funded by big oil, big banking and big defense (getting richer fighting wars for greater control of resources).

But for decades, fossil fuel interests have done just that, running a sophisticated and sprawling network of well-funded think tanks and front groups with one goal: Stop any real climate action, no matter the cost to billions.

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