YouTube shuts down North Korea propaganda account

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Seeing those uniforms I'd like to know in what country's army do the two sons of James Dresnok serve?

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Burning BushToday  07:22 am JST

Like the Soviets trying to block Radio Free Europe.

More like the Soviets choosing not to actively broadcast Radio Free Europe.

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Good riddance.

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Why not simply cut off N.Korea's internet access ?

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Google is a private company, they can do what they want

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private companies should not be involved in politics or wars.

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Which makes you wonder why a "private company" goes out of it's way to block political information.

so you are against blocking ISIS and Al Qaeda channels too?

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I understand "Burning Bush"'s desire to have free-speech upon the Internet, though at what point does he/she/they become a disgusted at what has been published ? For example, seeing a Child being Raped and subsequently mutilated, would that be something that he/she/they would also think should be allowed to be made freely available upon the Internet to anyone ? (That's also an activity that various terrorist organisations have been accused of doing).

Google is not a Private Company, they are publically listed (GOOGL Traded upon NASDAQ). As such, they are subjected to Shareholder scrutiny, were they to align themselves with the same thoughts that "Burning Bush" has expressed then they would quickly find themselves losing business ties (who would want to be associated with a purveyor of such material), likewise Shareholders would ditch their stock rapidly, not wishing to be seen tainted with such a bad reputation, leading to Google eventually going out of business . And even if a Privately owned Company tried to provide such a venue, they would soon find themselves being subjected to various Legal matters associated with the Country within which they were founded.

The question, upon where the line should be drawn, is a difficult one. One only has to look at what China is doing towards controlling it's Internet users as an example.

So, should Google have dropped the N.Korean Propaganda channel ?

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