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Ukraine's Zelenskyy pleads for more ammunition at Albania summit of southeastern European nations


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RAF are pushing at 8 points on the contract line - the 4 parallel axes mentioned in the article represent the Donetsk City sector and the center grouping of forces, with the southern-most push west from Marinka splitting in two - swinging north and taking Krasnohorivka over the last 2 days. The more interesting push NW of Avdiivka saw Stepove and Orlivka fall overnight, with Berdychi almost taken. Further north, RAF are on the outskirts of Chasiv Yar and bombing strong points with glide bombs (Fullbacks are dropping 4 at once sometimes). More action further north on the Lyman push.

At this rate the UAF will be forced to abandon some areas further south as the dominos keep falling. The 64 dollar question is where the UAF will scramble to make a coherent defensive line, can they do it and how the spring thaw will impact things. Clearly the UAF are attempting to plug the holes with reserves and transfers.

And more big strikes on rear areas overnight.

But don't forget the south - a big push north happening around Robotyne.

Also, some UAF commando-type landing in boats (from Odessa or somewhere) attempted a landing on/were intercepted at the Tendrovskaya Spit of Kherson that was stopped.

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At this rate the UAF will be forced to abandon some areas further south as the dominos keep falling....

Is this like that time you thought you would take Kyiv in 72 hours?

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“Pentagon Has Opened Over 50 Criminal Probes on US Aid to Ukraine”

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Blacklabel - That’s good news that we are holding accountable those who would try and take advantage of the situation. Accountability is the key word for 2024 and 2025.

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Mike Johnson needs to act now. History won't treat him kindly if he continues to cower to Trump. He needs to find some backbone and call a vote on aid to Ukraine.

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He won’t and shouldn’t. Never give in. History in the U.S. among conservatives will give him a standing ovation that the man was the first house speaker to put the U.S. and its safety and sovereignty first.

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Wonder exactly how Zelensky's appealing not only for more ammunition but also mercenaries? Ukraine's biggest battlefield problem is lack of manpower after all.

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(Albania) was among the first countries offering shelter to Ukrainian refugees.

The devil is in the detail. Manpower is the biggest problem facing Kyiv forces. Recently the authorities have been making noises to third party countries about "sending" back military age males for conscription. I would be very surprised if this wasn't discussed away from the cameras.

This summit was attended by 11-13 countries depending on news source, with some of Ukraine's neighbors. Apparently, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, and Ukraine were in attendance (which is 12 - the news sources kind of can't get the countries or numbers straight). Must be some expat manpower in some of these.

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Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers twiddle their thumbs while Ukraine fights for themselves as well as for all of us.

Why can’t they get it!?

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Many do not believe Ukraine can undo their 10year civil war, ship has left, toothpaste is out of the tube etc.

Former Ukrainians achieved their legal independence from Ukraine due to Cause and are now legally Russian Federation Citizens, result of 10year Ukraine civil war.

Why can't those NEOCONS and Globalists get it? Above a settled matter.

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