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May says Brexit deal defeat could topple British government


Prime Minister Theresa May warned on Sunday that parliament's rejection of her Brexit deal could leave Britain in the European Union and bring the opposition Labour Party to power. The embattled leader's message came with her government fearing a heavy defeat on Tuesday of the draft withdrawal agreement she signed… Read


Top Democrats say Trump may face impeachment, jail over hush money


U.S. President Donald Trump could face impeachment and jail time if hush money payments reported by his former lawyer are proven to be campaign finance violations, Democratic lawmakers said on Sunday. Court filings on Friday in cases that stemmed from a federal probe into Russian activities during the 2016 presidential… Read


Macron prepares response to 'yellow vest' protesters as Paris cleans up


French President Emmanuel Macron will address the country on Monday as he seeks to placate"yellow vest" anti-government protesters who wreaked havoc in Paris this weekend. On Sunday, workers in Paris and other cities swept up broken glass and towed away burnt-out cars while the government warned of slower economic growth… Read


Sports world hopes for level playing field after Brexit


With the fate of Brexit shrouded in uncertainty, Britain's sporting world is increasingly concerned about the impact for players, fans and investors. New restrictions on immigration from the EU after Brexit is a particular issue for football, although some see this as a positive for British players. Access to top… Read


U.S. sees 'hard deadline' for China trade negotiations

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The U.S. negotiator in charge of trade talks with China said Sunday he considers March 1 to be a "hard deadline" for reaching an agreement that would avert an intensifying trade war. "As far as I'm concerned it's a hard deadline," U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said on CBS's "Face… Read


England boss Neville excited by Japan test at women's World Cup


England manager Phil Neville admitted that a "great generation" of Japan players will pose a major threat to his team at the 2019 women's World Cup after Saturday's draw for the tournament placed them in the same group. England have aspirations of winning the World Cup after reaching the semifinals… Read


Elderly owners having to put their aging pets in care


Demand for canine nursing homes is rising in Japan as elderly dog owners struggle to look after their aging charges who often require special care. With improved diet and medical treatment, dogs are living longer, but their aging owners, especially those in failing health, are increasingly worried about how their… Read


Police holding cells evolving to meet Japan's changing demographics


Japanese police holding cells, where those who have been arrested spend time until they are formally charged with a crime, are beginning to evolve as awareness grows across the criminal justice system about human rights and the country's increasingly diverse populace. As demographic changes lead police to process a growing… Read


Chinese poster for 'Totoro’s' first theatrical release in country has a beautifully subtle secret


"Cute” is obviously the first word that comes to mind when describing Totoro, the star of director Hayao Miyazaki’s 1988 anime classic "My Neighbor Totoro." “Unhurried” would also be a pretty good choice, though. Not only is the furry Studio Ghibli mascot unflappably relaxed, he’s taken 30 years to make his way to… Read


Ayers will not become Trump's chief of staff; Mnuchin, Meadows considered


Nick Ayers, Donald Trump's top choice to be his next chief of staff, is no longer in the running and the U.S. president is now considering other candidates, sources familiar with the matter said on Sunday, the latest sign of a chaotic White House staff shake-up. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin… Read

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