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Posted in: Abe says Olympic Games mark new era for nation See in context

Japan's Abe Govt emphasizes Olympics as like "Bread and Circuses" to distract public eyes from their political scandal or many domestic issue.

Their politics only pretend to do something.

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Posted in: Japan to bestow decoration on doctor killed in Afghanistan See in context

on the other hand,same day,

Japan's Abe Govt decided 'Dispatch the Self-Defense Forces to the Middle East' that Doctor Nakamura had continued to oppose.

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Posted in: Nobel laureate Yoshino craves more research discoveries See in context

Japanese TV media have reported about Nobel chemistry prize as if honor of Japanese only.

Present Japanese nationalists including Prime Minister Abe are using Nobel prize politically with words such as "Pride of Japan" "Greatness of Japanese race".

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Posted in: Abe urges Iran to play constructive role in easing Middle East tensions See in context

Japan's PM only wants to show himself who "be doing something" toward Japanese general public.

Such a Japan's self-styled "mediator" can say nothing to US,and can do nothing but being "messenger for US".

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Posted in: Trial of TEPCO executives over Fukushima disaster heads to conclusion See in context


Japanese government has appointment right of judges.

and present Abe government support nuclear industries.

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Posted in: Abe says ASDF may evolve into 'Air and Space SDF' See in context

Japan under Abe govt spend immense budget to national security than social security with chronic budget shortage.

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Posted in: Revamped cabinet lineup signals Abe's gambit to stay in power See in context

Japanese Abe Government had prioritized cabinet reshuffling than solving natural disaster-caused water outage and black out at Chiba prefecture.

Also major media of Japan prioritized topics about cabinet than reporting natural disaster damages.

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Posted in: 'Comfort woman' statue pulled from Aichi exhibit after threats See in context

Japan's chief cabinet office secretary threatened to stop subsidy to eliminate inconvenient expression.

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Posted in: 2 lawmakers with serious disabilities attend 1st Diet session See in context

Japanese nationalists who admire Abe govt are repeating hate or discrimination against disabled lawmakers.

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Posted in: LDP support rate edges up ahead of upper house election: poll See in context

"follow majority blindly" "follow dominant atmosphere blindly"

those are historically typical nature of the Japanese unfortunately.

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