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Posted in: Less contact, short trips: Tokyo Olympics organizers set out rules See in context

Living in Japan but too far away from Tokyo to even care about the olympics, other than while Im online, I will probably not even notice they are being held,if they are held.

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Posted in: Japan should brace for 'leaderless era' as U.S. turns inward, PM adviser says See in context

America, from the Moon to the bottom of a political trash bin on fire. How to destroy a once greatly looked upon nation for its great achievement and advancement in just 50 years.

This is truely a dark path the America has set itself on one that could bring extreme conquences not only for itself but for the rest of the world especially if the situation gets worse and spirals into conflict. To my knowledge the only other nation was The Soviet Union during the 1991coup to have civil unrest in a greatly nucleararmed nation. Just that fact makes any threat of conflict within Americas boarders a great threat for not only its people but for the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Trump or Biden: Americans vote for president See in context

Amerika ist wunderbar笑う

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Posted in: 2 motorcyclists killed in head-on collision in Fukui See in context

157is a Notoriously very narrow, underkept, and hard to drive road in even good weather in both Fukui and Gifu. In rain this road is far worse. I have used this road several times and for bikers you really have to be good at driving before you try this road. Rest in Peace to both bikers and their families

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Posted in: Ishikawa Prefecture opens shop in Singapore to test product sales See in context

I live in Ishikawa and have lived here for years. This perfecture has a large number of 名物. Im happy to see Ishikawa export its products world wide. If they sold Ishiru or Ishiri Noto名物 which are a type of tsuyu which are made from squid and very similar taste to the south east Asian Nanpura, it might sell well in singapore. As well as blueberry wine and yuzu miso.

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Posted in: Japanese artist creates ramen face mask to complement fogged glasses See in context

One part of Japanes culture that is tasteless is this facemask and advertisments with demonically possesed food(food with faces and looks alive in cartoons or tv advertisements)。

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Posted in: Suga starts work as new prime minister as Diet convenes See in context

Good luck to Prime Minister Suga. Though I do not agree with Abe and his policies the new Prime Minister

deserves a chance and should support him in the beginning too see how things will work out.

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Posted in: Expect U.S. election to have consequences for troops overseas See in context

When I was a child every other news story was about Moscow, Soviet Union, and now in Japan every other story in about Washington DC or USA. Sick of international Politics ran by Moscow or Washington. Anything else in the news other than usa?

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Posted in: Japan's e-money service fraud widens; 5 other operators involved See in context

My European home country which I

have not visited since 2006 was famous for the 500euro and fround upon credit. I use credit only for emergencies or purchase that will bring an ROI. This cashless system sounds like fraud waiting to happen. I refuse to use it!

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Posted in: Can you tell if a Japanese neighborhood is dangerous by looking at its convenience store? See in context

Not sure about Kanto but some shady areas, would not say dangerous, some of these include Shin Imamiya in Nishinari ku in Osaka, Minamiku and Minato ku in Nagoya. Been to convince stores in all of these places and they were like many everywhere else in Japan.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan becoming target of discrimination due to virus See in context

This should include Japanese from areas of high population ex. Kanto Osaka, especially Tokyo who travel to places outside of Kanto or Osaka. I read a stroy during Obon in Aomori that a business ower put up a sign for people who come from Kanto to go home. It does worry some business owners and towns people where I live but its not foreigners its Japanese from high populated areas. This is not only discrimination towards foreigners which probably get a lot due to being in Kanto or any high populated area but also includes Japanese from high populated areas of Japan too.

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Posted in: Man arrested in Kyoto after failing to return rental car over a year past deadline See in context

Thats going to be some 延長料金 enchou riyoukin bill.

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Posted in: Go To travel subsidy program to cover half of costs from October See in context

As long as people from Kanto especially Tokyo, dont go to 能登半島 its fine.

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Posted in: Sushi sign See in context



Everything wrong with modern art, no elegance and rude.

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Posted in: Woman didn’t report father’s death so she could receive his pension See in context

The sad part is with the low marriage rate and both Japanese men and woman looking for their ideal man which most will never find. Stories like this will be more common in the years to come.

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Posted in: U.S. debt will soon exceed size of entire economy See in context

That country, Amerika could go 100trillion dollars in debt I could not care less.

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Posted in: Backroom deals, old-school politics help rise of Suga See in context

Its not politics without backroom deals, extra sleeze, and handouts. Suga the same direction and unwise direction for Japan.

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Posted in: Japan considers offering COVID-19 vaccines for free to all residents See in context

Rushing ifor vaccine or treatment of anykind is an accident waiting to happen and science with negative results. I wait a few years and see the aftereffects before thinking of getting this.

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store chain begins testing remote controlled robot staff in Tokyo See in context

If I see that robo-demonic monstrosity I will not go in.

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Posted in: Sometime soon, your car will park itself in urban garages See in context

Please no!

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Posted in: Suga set to join race to succeed Abe, media report See in context

Not a good sign for new ideas. Not a wise move for the future for Japan.

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Posted in: Japan's 'flying car' gets off the ground, with a rider aboard See in context

AI, robots, flying cars no thank you!!

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Posted in: Race for new PM starts after Abe's resignation; Aso won't run See in context

A wise choice would be Koizumi. Would be a good direction for the country in times such as these. The rest of these candidates seem like the same old direction and a repeat of the same for the a long time to come.

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Posted in: Tokyo area population outflow exceeds inflow for 1st time See in context

Good, the centralization of this city really puts great burdens on the rest of the country. This needed to happen. On the negative side, hopefully Tokyo can keep its unreasonably high prices especially for land and real estate and not export that to other areas of Japan.

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Posted in: New crackdown on smoking spurs search for loopholes See in context

Absolute total ban on smoking everywhere!!

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Posted in: Biden aims to reinvigorate ties with allies including Japan, keep pressure on China See in context

Not American, could care less who runs that country. No matter who wins its not the same country with that was looked up to when American landed on the moon in 1969.

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Posted in: Japan's consumer prices flat as deflation specter looms See in context

298 for one Apple.

398 for a head of cabbage

298 for a half rotten head of lettuce, because no one wants to spend 298 for lettuce.

218 for milk.

The list goes on and on, people are worried about the deflation.

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Posted in: Man fired for lying on resume by saying he had less education than he really does See in context

He has been working for this company for almost 24 years. He can do the job he was hired to do, shows loyalty to the company, and they fire him. Wouldnt a person with a higher degree be an asset. That to me is insane.

Instead of keeping this asset now they have to spend extra on all costs associated with hiring a new employee who could be way less of an asset to the company and cost them in the long term.

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Posted in: What’s the minimum amount of money Japanese women want their husbands to earn? Survey investigates See in context

Biggest turnoff of a woman for any man. No matter how much money he has.

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine; 4 ministers visit See in context

Paying your respects to relative's who died in wars is a very respectful thing to do.

No matter what side you were on, war the people who went through these conflicts went through unspeakable horrors for both military and civilians.

Some of my family died in the bombings of German cities but most survived as well as relatives who fought the Soviets which was a more unspeakable horror than people can imagine.. Most of my relatives didnt speak of the war until the last decade of there lives. No matter the side you were on any war is an unspeakable horror for all. Always pay your respects.

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