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Posted in: What are some cities you enjoy visiting but you would never want to live in any of them? See in context

I have lived in Ishikawa country side and had since 2016, I Love the Ishikawa country side. However here are some cities I really enjoy visiting and I do so throughout the year but will not live.

Kyoto, I have lived in Kyoto and this is the only city I actually enjoyed living in in Japan. I visit Kyoto several times a year weather it is by car or motorcycle. I really enjoy the history, the coffee shops especailly in areas like 三条会商店街, there are a lot of very good Kojin tekina establishments here especially if you enjoy shoronpo, coffee, and even craft beer. I also really enjoy the Nijo area. A very fascinating Jinja is Abe No Semei Jinja. If you like the Paranormal, Japanese who live in Kyoto can really tell interesting tails. I also like Hiezan, walking arond Kamo gawa, visiting Arashiyama.

Nagoya, Nagoya was the first cityI lived in, in Japan and that was back in the early 2000s. I usually visit hereonce a year with my family. It was a great city back than but the summer is horrible especially if you do not like heat. Nagoya has great food especially if you like tepenyaki, Kishimen, miso katsu, akamiso, Komi Sosu, etc. I also like the going to Coffee shops there especially in Minamiku as well asmidoriku. If you like Shrines Atsuda Jingu is a great place to visit. Sakae isgreat for shopping. In Aichi Ken I also enjoy Toyohashi, Toyokawa, andOkazaki in theMikawa area.

Nagano, I travel here usually once a year, it’s a fun city all year around. I really enjoy going to Zenkoji, Togakushi Jinja, The Oyaki here is great no matter where you buy it. If your from Tohoku especailly Aomori, Nagano Oyaki is very different from Aomori Oyaki If you like fruit and Soba Nagoya is a great place.

Akita city, I really visiting my wife’s family in Aomori I always stop in Akita city and stay at a Local Onsen hotel every time I visit Aomori or go home to Ishikawa. I really enjoy going to various onsen’s in Akita city and in Oga Hanto and kiritanpo Nabe is great especailly if you’re visiting Towada Ko. Akita Ken in general is a great place has Tazawako, Omagari Hanabi, and many Onsen to visit during the summer and fall in especially near Hachiman Tai near route 341.

Otsu, Kusatsu, and Takashima which are located in Shigaken. Biwako is great in General if you like to Motorbike touring. Going around lake Biwako and seeing lake at different times of they year, its especially beautiful on a Fall evening seeing the sun set over Hiezan from Yasu. One area that’s nice to visit is Makino which is located in Takashima.

Kanto, I never go there unless I really have to because there is just so much natural beauty,  so many different places to visit, and Matsuri to enjoy in the Kansai Hokuriku area.

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Posted in: Tokyo condo frees up space by putting a shower in the kitchen See in context

Good reason to never live in Tokyo or Kanto!

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Posted in: Japan to set compensation rules for business losses due to Fukushima rumors See in context

Water is the essence of life, it gives all living things life, it purifies all living things and should be respected by humans. Humans are the only animals who turely understand how vital water really is to all life on this planet, it is not ours to destroy and should be sustained, respected, and kept clean by humans to preserve life for all living things.

About this article, if this plan is to go ahead and this disrespectful deed is done, it should be released in Tokyo Bay and a plan should have already been put in place for compensation to all businesses affected by this utter disrespect to the environment!

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Posted in: Buyers of condos to be converted from Olympic village sue developers See in context

Waste of money. Property in Japan doesn't hold its value.

I understand your opinion however. Japan has great market potential especially in reforming a large home you can buy at a great price in the kansai or hokuriku areas, reform it, and sell it for a profit. My was bought at a price thats less than a car, reformed it which with a cost less than 500万、however I would never sell it.

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Posted in: People today, particularly young people, are not watching TV. I myself haven't owned a TV for 20 years. I've been hearing about a push to get fees from the internet streaming viewers. See in context

Even before I lived in Japan I did not watch Television. My wife and I mainly read books, study various subjects on Metaphysics, work on our projects, and enjoy time with our children. Occasionally we go out to a movie or watch a movie on the internet about once a month on a web site we pay for if we are not busy. There is no need for television.

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Posted in: Crazy cheap hotel in Tokyo comes with a crazy catch See in context

I travel frequently, in Kansai, Hokuriku, Tokai, and Chuubu regions and sometimes in other parts of Japan. I find that you can really get great deals between 4,000 yen and 8,000 yen. If your going to sleep somewhere, have a great nights sleep and enjoy your stay after long travels. I usually stay at a major chain Onsen Hotel because they have a great rooms and I enjoy Onsen when I am traveling. If I am in a major city like Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, or Nagoya its harder to find a hotel with an Onsen so I find an interesting hotel with nice rooms for a value price. You can get a great room at a value price depending on the time you travel, I travel frequently on weekdays and low season however you can get deals like this even on weekends, you just need to know how to book in advance and what sites to use. Sometimes this works very well as long as there is not a big event in the city, during Obon, or Golden week, book the hotel on the evening of your stay from a major website because when someone cancels hotels usually give have discounted price on rooms. If your traveling why not pay a little more and stay in a place where you can relax for the night.

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Posted in: Tokyo lawyers to collect info on police stopping foreigners for questioning See in context

Living in Japan since 2006. I have travel frequently by car or motor bike and for Long distances. I do not travel in Kanto unless I need to go there and than its by train only.

I have only been stopped twice both times on my motor bike and not once in my car. Once was in Kyoto Fushimiku for running a stop sign I was not aware of and another time I was going a little over the speed limit on 8号線in Ishikawa between Komatsu and Hakusan Shi in Ishikawa near Kanazawa. Both times I spoke to the police officer using fluent Japanese. I was only asked for Japanese Drivers License and I was never once asked for any foreign ID or passport if I would have, I would have gladly provided my Zairyou Kado. I do travel to Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Kobe, Otsu, Gifu, Takayama, Fukui, Toyama, Nagano, and Matsusmoto frequently by car or Motor Bike many times a year including this year and last year for both business research and travel. I also travel to Tohoku twice a year to visit my wifes family.

What I am reading in these comments this is probably a Tokyo, Kanto, Inner city problem and probably does also occur in Osaka too, which is a shame but from my experience and frequent travels, there is usually a valid reason why the police stop you in Japan, a traffic Violation.

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Posted in: UK seeks unity at G7 meeting over Russia's 'malign behavior' See in context

Russia, the reason why the eu needs a military that strictly follows Prussian tradition!

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Posted in: Political rage: America survived a decade of anger in the 18th century – but can it now? See in context

I am not American, I really enjoy history. I am going to call this the most dangerous anger problem in the world. One that could hold dire political consequences for the rest of it. America has acuminated too much power since the 1940s and a destabilized America due to its political strife will not only encourage nations like Chain and Russia to take greater chances as we been seeing lately. There will probably not be a conflict in the America due to one reason a lone, the the Weapons of Mass destruction in the American Military stokehold.

If a conflict does occur in America and destabilizes the entire foundation of the nation this will be very dangerous. If this destabilization evolves into a mess of territories, rouge nations, even separate unions of nations that fight amongst themselves controlling many nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. This will be not only a problem for America but the world. If this destabilizing conflict does occur there will be intervention from other nations, allies, spoils of war, help maintain control, etc or A military dictatorship or an American Military controlled America will more likely ensue to ensure that the weapons of mass destruction will not fall into any of these political hordes ready to destroy themselves with them or destroy other who are not even involved in the conflict. Even an American military controlled America could lead to a very bad situation around the world.

Likely this will not occur however America needs to get its act together before something really dark does ensue.

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Posted in: Since the beginning of the pandemic early last year, administrative officials had plenty of time to put a system in place to protect patients like my brother. But they could not even do that. If things are left as they are, we will see more victims in the new wave of cases. See in context

This should not even be a questioned since the LDP won the last election. There could have been change if a effective opposition existed, it does not. Do not complain or ask these questions after the citizens of Japan had a chance to choose a new direction and decided to stay with the LDP who was in charge through the entirety of the pandemic. Japan choose and decided case closed!

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Posted in: What do you think are the good and bad points about the subway systems in Japan's cities? See in context

I really enjoy the Japanese train System.

I really like and enjoy riding Kintetsu, you have a variety of trains you can take from Nagoya to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Ise, Toba, and other plances in Kansai quickly and at a more affordable price than JR Tokai and JR Nishi Nihon.

I also Like Meitetsu with its Tokyu Denshya that takes you from Gifu to Toyohashi and always use it when I am traveling through Aichi Ken.

I really enjoy Super Cub Touring and usually travel to Kansai from Ishikawa in the spring or fall. I usually park my bike in Kyoto and take either Keihan or Hankyu and visit Osaka. I really enjoy both Keihan and Hankyu because they are very accessible anywhere you want to go in Kansai, especially Osaka, Kobe, and even Shiga Ken.

JR Tokai and JR Nishi Nihon, they have frequent express trains linking almost Aichi Ken from Toyohashi city to Maibara in Shiga and Mibara to Ako in Hyogo. It is possible to even go from Toyoahashi City by Shikaisoku or Tokubetsu Kaisoku from Toyohashi to Ako in Hyogo Ken near Okayama Ken, vai Maibara with the exception of taking a local train from Ogaki to Maibara about 5 stations or so through the country side of Sekigahara in Gifu and Ibuki San in Shiga Ken and than getting on an express train in Maibara that can take you to Ako near Okayama Ken. Very convenient and takes a little more time than Shinkasen but far more affordable and fun especailly if your using Juhachi Kippu.

What I do not like is when they build a Shinkansen, JR discontinues the Toukyu Trains. This occurred when they built the Hokuriku Shinkansen. You used to be able to take a Toukyu Train from Kanazawa to Toyama and then from Toyama to Niigata along Nihon Kai. Even visiting Tohoku I always used the Nihonkai Gawa Toukyu Trains. I wish they would have at least kept the Toukyu from Toyama to Niigata for seasonal service especially during fall or spring season. One of the most enjoyable parts of going somewhere is not going fast but enjoying and discovering new places, visiting small towns, and eating local foods while on the way to your destination. Why I love Trains and bike Touring in Japan.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor refuses to approve change to U.S. base transfer plan See in context

My views on America in Japan is the same as I view the Soviet Union in my youth who were based in my country and who I always through they were occupiers. However with the problems plaguing in Japan, population decline which any neighboring country could take advantage of including America and South Korea in the future. Problems around Japan such as China, both Koreas, and Russia, America is unfortunately a necessary evil.

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Posted in: New Zealand to stay closed to foreign nationals for another five months See in context

Good idea

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store chain running out of fried chicken, takes precautions to save Christmas See in context

My wife used to eat fried chicken like many other Japanese for Christmas until I made her a Christmas dinner.

From then on every year, My family and I either make syabu syabu, sukiyaki, some kind of Nabe, or if I have time I make sauerbraten for Christmas. We still eat the traditional Christmas cake.

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Posted in: TEPCO says impact from release of Fukushima water will be minimal See in context

If its minimal realease it in Tokyo bay!

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Posted in: Japan to increase daily border cap to 5,000 people from Nov 26 See in context

With the increase in Corona Virus in Europe, the wainning protection of the vaccine, with out other treatments. Unless you want another outbreak of this virus that could spiral out of control and face a backlash keep the boarders closed for a few more months.

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Posted in: What do you think of the "metaverse” — a virtual reality construct intended to supplant the internet, merge virtual life with real life and create endless new playgrounds for everyone? See in context

No Thank you, I would rather enjoy my life outside, read a book, go running, and enjoy nature, not be bothered by this.

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Posted in: There is no reason to distinguish between residents due to their citizenship with regard to the local referendum system. See in context

In my country I was too young to vote my father told me the voting process. We used to place a blank white paper in a box to who we were suppose to vote for that was the vote, anyone who did not do so and actually wrote in someone was reported to the goverment. Needless to say what would happen next. Life in the GDR and in the eastern block.

Japan can vote for anyone with their freedom to and most do not show up to even try to exercise that freedom. Sad!

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada announces new album, streaming concert See in context

Love her music, great talent, and one of the best modern day singers and song writers in the world.

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Posted in: Japan's Go To Travel subsidy program to resume possibly in February See in context

I am glad they decided to take time before they probably restart this and not just doing it from next month. What they did in the first place is why I was against it. It really is a better Idea to take time and really access how effective the vaccine truly is and weather or not an effective treatment is created to combat this Virus. If cases rise they can just delay it.

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Posted in: Pandemic hits sweet potatoes in Japan; prices rise See in context

Satsumaimo, Kaki, Daikon, and Yuzu. Things I really do not need to buy but always have a lot of. Yuzu, I have a tree outside my house and use them in beverages as well as make Yuzuburo for my family and give lots to my chonaikai. Kaki, Daikon and Satsumaimo I usually receive people all around my neighborhood and usually never buy these things in the winter time. Sometimes we also receive Kare, Tai, and Buri from Local fishermen. Fall and winter are my two favorite seasons. A another reason why where I live is my favorite place in Japan.

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Posted in: Kishida retains cabinet lineup; says Japan is in 'precarious' situation See in context

Japan is in 'precarious' situation

Who was in power for most of the past 70 years? Who handeled this precarious situation from the beginning at the start of the pandemic ?


How did you handle it? Abe no masuk and Abe no 10万円!Thanks for the history collectable and 10万

Is the pandemic over?

Absolutely not things need to be taken care of better to avoid a worse situation!

The government is set to finish mapping out stimulus measures next week to ease the impact of the pandemic, including cash handouts for households with children or struggling to make ends meet.

Good idea people with families and the needy do need help however who will pay for the stimulus to big business, not big business, how about a 30to 50%消費税?

How about big business paying for past stimulus who did not higher the pay to workers!

In the press conference, he vowed to encourage Japanese firms to raise pay including through tax incentives and focus on improving work conditions for care workers, nursery school staff and nurses in particular.

Good Start, however encourage, NO! DEMAND, and pass a law that creates penalty taxes for firms only to the extream to pay for the stimulus and not through 消費税!

NURSES, you really did a fine job supporting, thanking, and doing your best and utmost to help NURSES, DOCTORS, and people who worked on the front lines of the CORONA Virus putting their lives at risk and their families lives at risk by working longer hours and demand the utmost from them, and what was the 自民党THANKS, A STEEP PAY CUT! INSULTING!

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Posted in: Gov't eyes over ¥30 tril economic stimulus; restarting Go To Travel program See in context

Several tens of trillions of yen to big business, only no doubt. This will really end up hurting Japan in the future because of the falling population and other problems that are effecting everyday people and small businesses. How about taxing the businesses several tens of trillions of yen who just for their own savings and do not use it to help people who work hard for these business with higher salaries to combat inflation.

Now how is this going to be paid back with a 30 to 40% 消費税?Paid by people as a penalty for these fools who are just saving the money and not using it to improve salaries and workers lives?

Lets use this to help small business recover from the pandemic in industries that have been hurting due to the pandemic all along. As well as creating stiff penalties on big businesses who do not use this money to help improve the livelihoods of their workers.

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Posted in: People should ensure their PCs issue an alert every 20 minutes to remind them to stand up, do stretching exercises and walk indoors for a while so that the total time spent seated is reduced. See in context

I used to have an office job when I first came to Japan about 15 years ago. I hated every minute of it and could never work well nor concentrate while sitting. I would just fall asleep and not pay attention. I Really enjoy exercise and walking. I limit my time sitting down and allocating most paper work to my wife who enjoys that kind of work and is very good at it. What I do does not require sitting anyway. Unless I am doing something creative, If I am not outside, not moving, I feel like I am not working. When I have to work on my computer it comes outside with me on nice days where I can enjoy nature.

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Posted in: Robots hit the streets as demand for food delivery grows See in context

I Despise everything to do with AI and robots.

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Posted in: 83 million unused 'Abenomasks' remain in storage in Japan See in context

Never opened mine and it is now with my collection of historical artifacts.

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Posted in: LDP to lose seats, but keep comfortable majority with Komeito: poll See in context

My wife and her parents and family, I know are not voting for LDP this is because of the current state of Japan and how upset they are with the current state of affairs. We had a discussion about why Japan continues with this party. My wife's Grandparents who have passed on, would only vote strictly LDP only out of respect because they are the party that took the country from a very poor country to powerful force on the world stage. This is one of the reasons why most elderly and retired people still vote for them, not on platform, just out of respect and these clowns know this and this is why they can do what ever they want. I can clearly understand this thinking by the elderly and others, however its thinking that needs to change and quickly. These clowns need to be reckoned with and put in check for their policies by a fully prepared opposition which seems to be of lack in this country. Until this happens the LDP will continue to have the same policy. As I had said many times before, doing the same thing over and over again thinking you will get a different result this time is madness. A madness that needs to end because the way the world looks today, this election might really mean something for the future of Japan for good or for ill.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for greater military capability, spending See in context

Japanese people and residents are being taxed enough for keeping America around, no need to increase the military budget when you have America to rely on. Another great Reasons why this Dinosaur called 自民党Needs to be reformed or go extinct.

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Posted in: Kishida says only LDP capable of protecting Japan from security threats See in context

Only 自民党, in power for over 70 years, your results have bared fruit.

Everything was done as best as possible?

How is Japan 70 years after you took power, in its best position?

Will it take 70 more years or more like 700years of more your great achievements.

The LDP today, Reminds me of Erich Honecker more than a political party.

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Posted in: Survey picks Japan’s most attractive prefectures – Familiar spots at top and bottom of rankings See in context

My favorite place in Japan by far is where I live Ishikawa Notohanto region. Other places Shiga especially Makino biwako area, Kyoto especially Tango Hanto, Mie Ken Ise Shima area. Akita Ken Tazawako, Hokkaido otaru, Diasen koen. Some areas I really enjoy.

My two favorite cities are Kanazawa and Kyoto. Only big city I enjoy in Japan is Osaka.

Tokyo, anywhere in The Kanto Region, rediciously overpopulated cities and areas with no natural beauty do not appeal to me nor do I ever go there unless I have too. These regions are my least favorite.

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