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Posted in: The work involved in carrying dishes to tables is of no value to customers, so robots can do the work instead. See in context

The work involved in carrying dishes to tables is of no value to customers

The person who thinks like this has no comprehension of human interaction and the hospitality industry

Human interaction and serving your clients is the lifeblood of any hospitality establishment, you go there to be served and enjoy the interaction between the restaurant staff who ls respectfully serving you food while conversing and having nice night out or lunch with your family or friends.

Human interaction is the service and hospitality industry!

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Posted in: FamilyMart’s new Staminaman is like a delicious stamina-don pork bowl in the palm of your hand See in context

The Japanese food translated in any language makes food sound terrible.

On a good note Hori 551 Butaman is far better than anything form a コンビニ!

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Posted in: Paris reveals mascots for 2024 Olympics, Paralympics See in context

Well the red ghost is better than the Osaka expo character which looks more like a stomach virus medicinal advert than an expo character.

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Posted in: Planet Earth: 8 billion humans and dwindling resources See in context

Technology, short term fix and convince, leads too over population, destruction of environment, the disease of rampent materialism, the rise of control technologies called Robots and AI which will be the cancer of humanity, the most devistating part the destruction of our home world. Technology might be a short term fix but in the long run an utter failure.

Development of technology at a slower rate, not for convinence nor control (NO ROBOTS, NO AI) and mindfulness to nature, the eco systems of this planet, and saving the planet not destroying it.

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Posted in: Skywatchers in Japan treated to rare lunar eclipse that blocks Uranus See in context

Two weeks ago a beautiful solar elicipse in Swatti Nakshatra (Ketu in vedic culture) marking the new moon. Yesterday evening seeing this beautiful lunar elicipse in Bharani Nakshatra (Rahu in vedic culture) marking the full moon. Nakshatras are the 27 Lunar Mansions in elipitical space in Indian/vedic culture.

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Posted in: What are some places off the beaten track in Japan that you would recommend to tourists? See in context

Well it depends on your age group as a person in my 40s and who works in natural healing, meditation, yoga, and the Vedic sciences, which is why I chose where I live in Japan. My first recomendation is actually where I live.

能登半島 Noto Hantou, Suzu Rokkosaki Light house. This is one of the most northern points in Hokuriku area. On a clear day you can see Sadogashima, you can see the norther alps, and beautiful sea side cliffs. There is a very nice Minshuku in the area near Rokkosaki Lighthouse which is in walking distance called Noroshikan, I would recommend this is you like bed and breakfasts. They also have a small Onsen as well. Another great hotel to stay in the area is Lamp no Shuku.

Also on Noto Hanto, I would suggest Tsukumo Wan. Which is located in my town in Noto Chou. Its a great place where you can walk along a sea side path and see beautiful sea life as well as enjoy the crystial clear waters of Toyama Bay and on a clear day you can also see five different prefectures, Niigata, Toyama, Gifu, Nagano Mt. Hakkoba from the Tateyama Renpo, and Nanao in Ishikawa.

Also near Tsukomowan you can also see a very large squid at Ikanoeki which has been one of the most popular destinations as of late.

Noto Hanto Continued. Senmaeda which is a nationally know rice field near the sea of Japan.

Noto Hanto is a very beautiful place if your interested in a less stressful life and into natural healing, just even visiting there and taking in its natural beauty you can really feel refreshed.

If you love Matsuri than the summer time is also a great time to Visit Noto Hanto, there are over 30 different Matsuri in all of Noto Hanto.

Aomori Hakkoda San, If your into touring on your motorcycle like me than Aomori Hakkoda San and Towada Ko are a great destination especially in the fall season.

Also in Aomori Iwaki Jinja. Iwaki Jinja is a great place, and Iwaki San is a fun climb if you like mountain climbing.

Aomori Shimokita Hanto. If you like temples on volcanos Osorezan is a great place to visit. Be careful not to take any of the Rocks from Osorezan home because there is a legand of bad luck on people how do.

Kyoto, Kyoto City off the beaten path 3条会商店街 Located between Horikawa Sanjou and Senbon Dori in Nakagyoku. Abenoseme Jinja located near Horkawa Imadagawa.

Tango Hanto, Miyazu Shi, Amanohashidate is a great place to walk.

Kyoto Fukuchiyama Jou this is a small castle located in Fukuchiyama, great place to see the cherry blossoms in Spring. Also Fukuchiyama Onsen, I have been there many times great place.

I can sit here for days an write about how many places I have been over the past 16 years living here and Japan has so many off the beaten path places that are easily accessible if you have a car or are very interested in Bike touring. Some of these places are accessible by public transportation like train but take time to get there.

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Posted in: The prices of cup noodles and precooked curry have gone up. To find the cheapest prices, I’ve been checking three stores in my neighborhood, including supermarkets and a discount store. See in context

They should go up a 1000% these not only terrible for you but terrible tasting salty foods. Its better to make your own curry, yakisoba, miso soup etc.

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Posted in: In an age when marked by division and conflict, having a small thing in common, like the same family and last name, can help overcome differences. I hope to set such a precedent. See in context

Rare last names too can be an interesting topic. My last name is extremely rare. My home country is notorious for tedious last names even mine has two accent marks No Japanese including my wife who shares our last name and very few people from English speaking countries can pronounce it correctly.

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Posted in: Two Taros See in context

Fritz Lang warned about the future in one of the first science fiction epics Metropolis. Scary depiction of a future that looking more like reality as the years go by.

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Posted in: Food is one of Tokyo’s attractions. I would like to proceed with the project while paying attention to the eighth wave of infections. See in context

Always prefered the sweeter taste of westen Japan over that terrible salty Kanto and eastern Japan Aji. With the diverse flavors of Kansai and Hokuriku area for example Ishiri which is a squid sause with a smilar taste to a south asian sause, komi sauce from Nagoya, Doro sause from Kansai, Somi Dashi etc. Who wants that terrible expensive Tokyo taste!

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Posted in: Husband of former princess Mako passes New York bar exam on 3rd attempt See in context

Congratulations and good luck

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Posted in: Yen falls to 150 level against U.S. dollar See in context

Abenomics, at its best.

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Posted in: Flying car company Joby applies for Japan aircraft certification See in context

Japan is only interested in technologies like Robotics, AI, block chain, etc. These technologies have one thing in common, they all can be used to exert control over others and they also lessen human to human interaction. Though I am extremely anti Robotics, ANTI AI, and Firmly against anything to exert control on populations however flying cars are technology not needed. Humanity should put money to better use in technologies that help the environment, create less waste, clean the oceans, and instead of putting our minds on cars that fly put more minds in technology that would help find cures for diseases and enhance the medical field.

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Posted in: Kishida eyes launching probe into controversial Unification Church See in context

On of my favorite bands is Genesis, and they wrote a great song in the early 90s and you can relate it to this problem today called Jesus he knows me, great song on how western religious figures use the masses to get rich. Perfectly relates to this loony Christian sect.

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Posted in: Asian shares mixed; yen falls to 146 level against dollar See in context

What the government wished for so who cares.

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Posted in: Did anything you learned at school prove useful for you in the adult world? See in context

My own personal experiences and professional experiences especially were far more valuable than anything any educational institution ever taught me. Learnng two foreign languages on my own both English and Japanese with out attending classes and making mistakes which I still do both was and is extremely valuable to this day.

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Posted in: Panda's 30th birthday See in context

Always enjoy a family trip to アドベンfrom Ishikawa.

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Posted in: Japanese town that spent ¥25 million in COVID money on giant squid statue says it paid off big See in context

能登町 Noto Chou which is the town I live in really did well with this idea. My family and I often visit here and my daughter really likes the Squid stature. The イカの駅つくモール(Ika No Eki Tsukumoru) is located near Ogi port which is very famous for Squid fishing and for the Tomobata Matsuri in May at the beginning of the Squid fishing season and the Ogi Kiriko Matsuri in early September though both were canceled the last few years. Ika no eki is located right near 九十九湾 (tukumo wan) which is a beautiful small bay you can walk on the shore line and look upon Toyama Bay see the Northern alps of Toyama and Niigata as well as enjoy the clear water and sea life.

The unfortunate thing is Noto Peninsula and even Noto Chou is often looked over by foreign residents and even many Japanese but it really has a lot to offer with its natural beauty, food, culture, and Matsuri. Its a great place for meditation and Yoga if your into the Vedic studies. It really is a nice place to visit on a holiday.

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Posted in: Kishida says gov't panel on inflation and wages to meet Friday See in context

The thinking of the s昭和哲学自民党(Showa Philosophy LDP)

They elect us because they honor and respect us.

The people do not need help because its disrespectful to ask for it and worse to accept it. プライドが高い

Why should we the LDP help the citizens as long as big business is not affected. We will do our best to continue to urge businesses to raise wages and the people will just do their best 頑張れ!and we will continue to ask for help from ご協力をお願いthe group to help the government especially after the inflation goals are met for a higher sales tax and continue to urge companies who will never higher wages to higher wages.  


Why Japan will continue to fail and decline or rather rust away

Japan is a majoritarian country and has been for decades by electing the LDP election with only a few exceptions and unless things change from within the country Japan will just continue on the same path for decade after decade until the problem really becomes unfixable and there is nothing to do but change by then the question will the opposition be prepared to take charge or be taken off guard. Be prepared for anything this might happen sooner rather then latter.

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Posted in: What are some fondly remembered TV shows from your youth? See in context

Sandmännchen or Sandman in English.

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe was highly regarded both within Japan and internationally, and there have been many messages of condolence since his death. We believe it is necessary for Japan as a country to respond to that as international etiquette, and so we decided that it is best to conduct this funeral as an official event hosted by the government and have international visitors attend. See in context

No matter if you agree with his policies or not he was highly regarded both nationally and internationally. Paying final respects and having a state funeral by Japan for Japanese and foreign delegations is the Sattvic and more universal way to give last rights and its the right way to honor and give him respect no matter if you agreed or disagreed with his policies.

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Posted in: Kishida makes donation to Yasukuni shrine; cabinet members visit See in context

Better then attending that Korean unification Christian religion that probably most of these same nationalist politicians support.

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Posted in: Japan’s 'station closest to the sea' lives up to its name See in context


I live in Noto Cho next to Suzu and Suzu Otani中小学校 is in a really beautiful location between sosogi kaigan and Noroshi along 249. This area of Suzu is called Sotoura. When you pass Noroshi in Suzu you and go into the Toyama wan area which is called Uchiura on a clear day you can see the Northern alps from Uchiura. Ishikawa and especially Okunoto is really beautiful and my favorite part of Japan.

 I have also used this train from time to time to going to Aomori on the Sea of Japan. This station is located between Joetsu city and Kashiwazaki city in Niigata. You can take a train from Joetsu and go to Niigata, and from Niigata you can take the Tokkyu Inaho which goes along the Sea of Japan all the way to Akita and you can see a lot of natural beauty like small islands along the sea of Japan, Mount Chokai between Yamagata and Akita and other places of natural beauty.

If you like local trains this is a good way to use the JR18 kippu.

Even if your traveling by both motor bike or car on route 8 and 7 along the sea of Japan it’s a really beautiful trip where you see a lot of natural beauty.

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Posted in: Do you think China is a military threat to Japan? See in context

Japan biggest threat is from within, population decline.

The greater the loss in population the more of a threat from an outside take over will be. from China, United States, Republic of Korea, or Russia.

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Posted in: What's your favorite summer festival in Japan? See in context

These are the top five Matsuri from where I live in Ishikawa that I enjoy the most. These Matsuri occur in July and August.

あばれ祭り (Abare Matsuri) First Friday in July

恋路火祭り(koiji Hi Matsuri) End of July

飯田町とろ山祭り(Idamachi Toroyama Matsuri) End of July or Early August

松波人形キリコ祭り (Matsunami Ningyo Kiriko Matsuri) Mid July

どいやさ祭り(Doyasa Matsuri) End of July

Others I enjoy throughout Japan.

長良川花火大会Nagara Gawa Hanabi Taikai, Gifu city Last Saturday in July and first Saturday in August.

祇園祭り (Gion Matsuri in Kyoto) July

ねぶた祭り (Nebuta Matsuri in Aomori) August

五所川原立佞武多 (Goshougawara Tachi neputa Matsuri in Goshougawara Aomori) August

高山八幡祭り (Takayama Hachiman Matsruri). Gifu Ken Takayama City October

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Posted in: Foreign employees at Lawson claim unfair treatment such as forced sushi and Christmas cake purchases See in context

Japanese people would just silently take it and bottle up their anger, but foreigners band together and demand better. Good for them!

You mean the Japanese people of today.

On August 12 th 1918 the over a price increase in rice in the city of Nagoya, 130000 people took part in riots over the price increase, a complete different people than the grin and bare it Japanese of today. The sprit of this breed of Japanese needs to be rekindled!

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Posted in: Man arrested for making 911 nuisance calls to police station in Tokyo See in context

911? なにこれ119 is the ambulance, 110 is police, what is 911?

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Posted in: Crumbling infrastructure rapidly rendering rural communities unlivable See in context

My wife is fiom Aomori, We both live in Ishikawa in a small town in Okunoto on Noto pennsula and have lived here for many years. We have been living here raising our family here because we want to be close to nature and Love this way of life. It works with both of our spiritual practices and love the environment around us and would never live anywhere else in Japan.

We view the city mainly, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, and Nagoay as a place to have fun once in a while to go shopping, however we not ever live there because we do not like that lifestlye and its not congruent to us.

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