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Posted in: Kishida pledges to do utmost to tackle negative impact of price hikes See in context

The simple solution is get rid of 消費税(sales tax) all together or ban it on food and life essential items. This will never be done because everytime the price goes up its essentially a tax increase for these schwine hutes in this government.

Another solution is increase taxes on all big companies that are reaping the benefit on the weak yen , take government funds, and hord cash that refuse to increase salaries. These companines should be fined and have their tax increased exponentially. This will never happen because how much the LDP schwines are associated with big companies.

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Posted in: Do you think alliances like the G7, G20, the Global South, or even the United Nations do anything to stop wars and other conflicts around the world? See in context

Useless are these organizations.

Yes the disease called the treaty of versailles that ended the world war one still plagues this world today. Versailles, just hearing that treaty being spoken stirs up negative emotion in me and my family.

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Posted in: Do you refer to the X social media platform by its current name, or do you still call it Twitter? See in context

I do not use the platform I never did and prefer to use other forms of Social Media for business. In my opinion I never liked the name twitter and found the name kind of annoying and I like the new name X far better however really doesn't give any meaning to what the site actually does.

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Posted in: G7 sets out guiding principles for AI developers to address risks See in context

Japan's Blind trust in absurd technologies such as Robots and AI is dangerous.This technology should be heavily regulated world wide to uses in only in space, advances in medicine, solving environmental problems, and working in places where humans cannot survive. Thats it, limiting its uses in the safest possibly way.

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Posted in: Love Cup Noodle mystery meat pieces? New instant ramen is packed full of ’em See in context

Horrible food!

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Posted in: Do you think there will be many functioning democracies around the world in, say, 20 years from now? See in context

Most of the people answering this question were more than likely born in democracies likely from English speaking countries. Being from a country that was not a democracy until my country was united in the early 1990s. Do you really know what it is like to live under as one commentor quoted as the machine?

Yes I'm skeptical and not very fond of democratic rule and often reflect on the times long gone, however I'm happy with the changes in my own country that it has brought and where it is today. What people in the west and Japan needs to realize is the power you have when you can choose your own leader, the fact that you can vote in or out your own leader is a gift. DO NOT LOOSE IT. Problem money has too much power now and this is the main issue that leads to division. Money above all else and democracies have the ability to keep this in check because you have the say of who you want to rule. Keep going down this path and regret it after this is taken away or do what is hard and change it NOW,

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Posted in: Go-kart ride See in context

This annoyance again. I hope it stays away from Kyoto because it was annoying back in 2019. This needs to go extinct as it should have with the beginning of the pandemic.

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

Welcome to overgreedism!

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

The government will try to take every yen out of Japanese and foreign tourists or tourists in general from this point on. Expect nothing but total and absolute greed for every yen this government can get their hands on.

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Posted in: Ibaraki ranked ‘least attractive’ among Japan’s 47 prefectures in survey See in context

Been to Ibaraki city in Osaka but never Ibaraki Ken. In fact Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Chiba are the only three prefectures I have never visited yet on Honshu. Would like to visit and see why its ranked so low.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite Japanese snacks or sweets? See in context

Yatsu Hashi and Nama Yatsu Hashi

Not really a snack but Hori 551 Butaman. As well as Oyaki from Nagano Ken.

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Posted in: Is buying a house in Japan a good financial investment? See in context

I live on Noto Hanto and many homes here are very large over 100 years old and very well built. My home is a 13 LDK built at the end of the Meiji era. It was reformed several times over the years and I bought it for 200 万 years ago. It didnt need much reforms but my wife and I refomed it put in a modern bathroom, kitchen, new entrence way and removed one of the tatami rooms and put in flooring. Great home so for us it was a great investment. With the reforms the value of the home also has risen, we love it and would never sell it.

For investment buying and reforming apartments in the Kansai region to rent is a good investment. Buying an expensive home built between 1955 and today just to live is not a good investment.

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Posted in: Pro-Moscow Japan lawmaker visits Russia in defiance of gov't advice See in context

Thats innovative thinking on the behalf of the innovation party. LOL

Why any of the opposition is usless in Japan. One thing about this party should be mentioned this party has more incommon with right wing factions of the LDP than other oposition parties.

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Posted in: Citing sustainability, Starbucks wants to overhaul its iconic cup. Will customers go along? See in context

There are so many better cafes especially in Kyoto than Starbucks. Ex. Terramachi Cafe locally runed coffee shop in Kyoto. There are so many more. Kanazawa also has many great locally ran coffee shops as well.

About Starbucks in my opinion the Starbucks coffee it is absolutely terrible, I thought so after first trying it in 1997 and I still do now. I can care less what they do with their cup.

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Posted in: We want to make things easier for tourists by making it possible for them to pay train fares with credit cards from their own countries. See in context

I live in Japan and had for a very long time. In my home country you buy a train ticket in advance its much less expensive and if you buy a train ticket on the day of your travels it's much more expensive. I absolutely dislike this system which to me has destroyed the efficiency of the train system in my home country. I personally hate credit cards and cashless system I try not to use them unless it is utterly necessary. I think tourists will be absolutely taken advantage of by this system especially if they pay first before they even come to Japan.

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Posted in: How do you feel when you speak fluent or reasonably good Japanese to a Japanese person and they insist on answering you in English? See in context

For the pas 17 years living in Japan I never had this problem, my wife and her family only speaks Japanese and I live in the country side where no one speaks my native language and English. Only one time this once when I spoke in Japanese to a lady while visiting Tokyo when she spoke to me in English and my responce was: Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Immediately it went back to Japanese.

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Posted in: Whatever happened to Premium Friday? Japanese government looks set to pull the plug See in context

If the government would allow, Japanese companies would work an employee for 23 hours a day and only pay them for 8 hours.

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Posted in: Japan agency calls for highest pay rise for civil servants in 26 years See in context

In the Article just above this on JT:

Japan's real wages fall in June for 15th month under inflation

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Posted in: What's your favorite city to visit in Japan and why? See in context

My favorite region in Japan is where I live in Noto Cho on Noto Hanto. The natural beauty of Toyama bay and seeing the norther Alps from accross the bay is beautiful. The architecture of the traditional Japanese homes buit more than a century ago some even built during the edo period are very well kept. The traditional Kiriko Matsuri many small villiages all over Noto cho, Suzu City, Anamizu, and Wajima have them so there is one almost on any weekend in the summer and early fall. The Abare Matsuri in early July is the most popular. Also squid fishing in Ogi village and Ika no eki.

My favorite city in Japan is Kanazawa. Kanazawa is one of the most historic cities in Japan. Many Japanese people who visit Kanazawa say Kanazawa is just like Kyoto but locals say Kyoto is just like Kanazawa Kanazawa has many famous things to see ひがし茶屋街(Higashi Chaya Gai) this area is famous for its very traditional Japanese architecture, its full of cafes and restaurants. Kanazawa is also famous for Craft beer and it holds a beer festival usually in September show casing craft beers from all over the Kansai and Hokuriku Regions. 近江商店街(Omi Shopping street) This is a very popular destination in Kanazawa but its always crowded. There are other points of interest in Kanazawa too.

Kyoto/Otsu is my second favorite cities in Japan and I also lived here for about five years. I often go here many times a year on business. Some off the beaten path areas of Kyoto are 三条会商店 Sanjou Kai Shopping street. 晴明神社Seimi Jinja located on Horikawa near Imade gawa. I also enjoy walking all over the city.

Otsu city has Biwako which I really enjoy visiting. I also like to go to 石山寺(Ishiyama dera which is where Murasaki Shikibu worte the famous tale of Genji ) and seeing the 8 Picturesque View of Oumi. Otsu really has a lot of offer and its a great city to visit.

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Posted in: Have you ever knowingly bought food products from Fukushima Prefecture since the 2011 disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant? See in context

Since 2011 I always look first where the products are from before buying food. I always buy products from Ishikawa where I live, prefecturs from the Kansai region, or when I vist Aomori which is a few times a year Aomori products.

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Posted in: What do you think about Japan's pension system? See in context

Here is my opinion:

What pension? There will be none so I pay it but I feel better just throwing the money in a garbage can because that is what you essentially doing.

This is one of the reasons why I got out of the employer employee system and started to do something I Love to do and made a small business out of it. Ill be happy to do even after Im 70 making retirement something sounding very depressing to me.

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Posted in: Japan's average gas price rises to 15-yr high on lower gov't subsidy See in context

The government sees higher prices as a victory no matter the cost, the higher the price the more revenue from 消費税,very simple a sales tax rise without having to raise the sales tax.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new “X” logo to replace Twitter's famous blue bird as Elon Musk follows through with a major rebranding of the social media platform he bought for $44 billion last year? See in context

Never use it but I always thought the name and the bird were annoying. In my business my teams opinions matter. Its his business he can rebrand it if it does not work for his vision.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift sets women's record for most number one albums See in context

I have heard her music before but not impressed at all of any singers of this day and age including any Korean Band or Japanese same voice number groups ex. AKB 48 what youth in this day and age like.

I enjoy bands I found on my own during the 90s when I first listed and was introduced to rock music when I was 14. Here are my favorites:

Supremes, Heart, Blondie, Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane/Starship, Joan Jett, Nena, Dolores O' Riordan, Alanis Morissette, Enya, Sophie B Hawkins, Suzanne Vega are my favorites and very talented singers and song writers. My Japanese favorites are Utada Hikaru and Hirahara Ayaka.

No point of listening or paying attention to todays music.

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Posted in: In your experience, which country has the hottest summers? See in context

The best place for summer is my home country Germany.

Worst summer I have ever experienced was Fort Lauderdale Florida. I was there for a month in my early 20s and never forgot the feeling of the heat and humidity there.

Worst place for heat in Japan is Nagoya and Tajimi, I spent many summers there in the early 2000s and 2007 was the worst and 2009 was the best there.

The two best places in Japan for summer in my opinion are, where I live now on Noto Pennsula in Ishikawa prefecture which has beautiful summers every year and on Shimokita Pennsula in Aomori prefecture.

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Posted in: 'Idiots,' 'criminals' and 'scum' -- nasty politics highest in U.S. since Civil War See in context

'Idiots,' 'criminals' and 'scum' -- nasty politics highest in U.S. since Civil War = My exact idea of the United States in this day and age. Take out the nasty politics highest in the US since civil war and you get my exact idea of RUSSIA and People Republic of China too.

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Posted in: North Korea launches long-range ballistic missile toward sea See in context

Its as simple as this: The DPRK being The DPRK.

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Posted in: Number of food items in Japan seeing price hikes so far in 2023 tops 29,000 See in context

This is an all win situation for the government, food prices increase revenue from the sales tax increases. Weaker Yen, higher taxes, higher inflation, a recipe for LDP (親父民党) success

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Posted in: Does passive smoking on streets bother you? See in context

I have no tolerance toward the smell of tabacco smoke, I actually get physically sick when someone smoking walks by I can get a headache and nausea from it really quickly.

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Posted in: Ghosn says $1 billion lawsuit against Nissan reasonable given his suffering after arrest See in context

Every time I see a picture of this person the expression on his face is always interesting and different.

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