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Posted in: Do you like tofu? If yes, how do you like to eat it? See in context

Tofu is one of my favorite foods. I eat it in any way, raw, in salads, in miso shiru, I put it in soups, in sukiyaki, sometimes I eat it with somi tsuyu and wasabi, its a great food.

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Posted in: Australia to ban public displays and sales of swastika, SS sign See in context

There will be exemptions for artistic, academic or religious use of swastikas, which has a spiritual significance in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism.

The best point of this law is they differentiated between the Nationalsozialistisch Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) distorted symbol and the sacred Hindu and Buddhist spiritual Swastika.

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Posted in: Should governments regulate AI? See in context

Unless you want to live the life of the novel 1984 by George Orwell or want to live the life of the 1920's classic film Metropolis by Fritz Lang. AI needs to be heavily regulated and made to be used only when absolutely necessary

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Posted in: We can't immediately increase the number of buses due to a shortage of drivers, so we'd like people to make way for each other so that everyone can use them with peace of mind. See in context

Kyoto is one of the best cities to walk in Japan. I lived there between 2012 and 2017. and since then I often go to Kyoto from Ishikawa on business .I always enjoy wallhing from Kyoto station to 3条 Oikedori, Maruta Machi, Sanjokai Shotengai,etc. There is also a one day subway pass you can buy for 800 yen. There is the Keihan line that goes from Demachi Yanagi through fushimiku and on to Osaka. There is also the Hankyu line from 4条河原町 called Kyoto Kawaramachi station that you can take to Arashi yama and Osaka Umeda. Also the JR lines. Its a great city for wallking and other forms of public transportation no need to take the bus which are always crowded.

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Posted in: Japanese workers want ChatGPT to help with decisions, survey reveals See in context

Seventy-six percent of employees in Japan welcome AI services like ChatGPT to help them make the right decision at the workplace.

Such blind trust in this technology is dangerous.

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Posted in: Japanese workers want ChatGPT to help with decisions, survey reveals See in context

Seventy-six percent of employees in Japan welcome AI services like ChatGPT to help them make the right decision at the workplace.

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Posted in: What is the worst experience you have had with an airline? See in context

I hardly ever fly. I view flying as if there is land under my feet I will drive, use a train, or even ferry which I have used to go to Hokkaido on more than one occasion. Unless there an Ocean or a country like Russia in the way I have no choice but to fly. I have not left Japan since 2010 and may be I might visit my home country of Deutschland (Germany) one day with my wife and children who have never been there. I will try to use either Lufthansa or any Japanese airline.

Some country airlines that I try to avoid at all costs are any Airlines from the United States, Russia, and England. If I have to go to America I will use Air Canada which I had used in the early 2000s when I had to go to America on business I also used ANA many times which I found very nice. American airports and customs are a major problem I do not like to deal with them at all.

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Posted in: Do you think the just-concluded G7 summit in Hiroshima achieved anything substantial? See in context

These meetings are useless, a waste of time, and the host countries tax payers money.

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Posted in: Are you worried about losing your job to a robot or artificial intelligence? See in context

Technology refined and regulated created with a philosophy humanity in mind that helps this entire world over coming its challenges and helps protect our planet and is a great gift.

Technology being thrown into society combined with the philosophy of materialism and economic gain combined with a public that will use it only as a toy is truely a recipe for absolute disaster.

I am not worried about a job because my wife and I took the difficult path of creating our own lives and working for ourselves.

What I am worried about is the abuse of this technology and what it could create and the over reliance of it.

The abuse aspect will occure. Over reliance our the smart phone technology communications technology in the recent past two decades has been lucky. There has been a lul in solar mass ejections since just before the introduction of smart phones. A carrington like solar mass ejection occurs ever hundred and fifty years or so and it is only a matter of time until this type of solar mass ejection occurs again and still our technology is not refined enough to deal with such strong solar events.

Weather its over abuse or over reliance my point is our philosophy of why and how we use technology must change and change soon.

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Posted in: Koreans protest Fukushima water release See in context

From the same LDP that wants to cut emissions and save the environment and The LDP want to do this.

Have respect for this planet, its oceans, and its ecosystems this an absolutely disrespectful and horrible thing Japan is doing. Every country has a right to protest this hanious decision by the LDP and their absolute disrespect for hunanity, sea life, and the environment.

If you are so confident in its safty realese it in Tokyo bay!

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Posted in: What is your definition of the word "wokeness?" See in context

Never heard of this word until I read the comments. To me this is an American or western invented word that has no meaning to me nor do I see any reason to use it.

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Posted in: Are tech companies moving too fast in rolling out powerful artificial intelligence technology? See in context

Technology is not a toy. This is very dangerous technology and if abused will be extremely harmful and could pose a threat to humanity. AI needs to be heavly regulated, perfected, and controled before being brought to the public.

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Posted in: What can Google's AI-powered Bard do? See in context

Slay a dragon over the city of Esgaroth maybe, high expectations I think.

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Posted in: We have rallied people who will be promoting the appeal of Tokyo on various fronts, including gastronomy, fashion, anime, law, culture and cinema. We hope to work with them to enliven Tokyo by drawing on their abundant experience and high-name value. See in context

Tokyo was never appealed to me, infact I have always found it my least favorite place in Japan with the exception of visiting Takaosan in Hachioji. When ever I visit Kanto which is very rare since I have a great dislike of larger cities however I find Yokohama much more appealing, traditional, and culturally interesting. In my opinion the Kansai region is a far better option for appeal with its great food, excellent lighter taste, rich history expance of history dating back thousands of years, traditional architecture, beautiful country side is a much better and more interesting place to visit. The most forgotten region of Japan, the Hokuriku region. This region has stunning natural beauty, traditional Matsuri, a great taste similar to the Kansai region especially for inexpensive and very fresh Sushi and fresh vegetables, a great history with a lot of influence from Kyoto, and its a region that is very friendly towards foreigners should be promoted more. So why stay in a very crowed, culturally cold place like Tokyo when you have a very beautiful country, with a rich culture, great history, and more to learn around every turn.

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Posted in: Kishida outlines plans to tackle falling birthrate See in context

When the cause tries to solve the problem, should be a good fix by the 親父自民党

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Posted in: Japan's 1st piloted flying taxi test held ahead of 2025 World Expo See in context

Absolute no need for this thing! If more minds who create these annoyances were more focused on the environment and other issues to improve society especially Japan with birth rate problems and really horrible work life balance and not playing with usless toys that will be more of a problem than a solution. Life might improve.

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Posted in: Should commuting to your workplace count as work time? See in context

I think all forms of expenses inucred traveling too and from work or on business trips for employees should be paid by the employer and be counted as work time because your spending your time physically going to your place of work.

I pay myself because I meet clients often in the Kansai region for my own business and I can take it off as an expense on my 確定申告 kakuteshinkoku which is Japanese tax form.

Also the dreaded 残業zangyo or what I called slave time when I worked as an employee. This is often unpaid time by the employer. This needs to be regulated but this will never happen due to the 昭和showa mentality of the 親父自民党LDP. The zangyo issue needs to be addressed if they really want to improve the birth rate in Japan and the over all preformance of an employee. Any working after your shift is done should be heavily regulated with higher pay twice the rate of your normal working pay or NO ZANGYO! This really needs to be addressed to really improve the working life, family life, and health and mentality of a worker. If a healthy work life balance is developed in Japan, I believe you will see an increase in productive and inovation in Japan.

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Posted in: North Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles, S Korea says See in context

This should be expected because The DPRK doing what it is the best at.

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Posted in: Saturday will be 12 years since the March 11, 2011 disaster. If you were in Japan, what are your memories of that day? See in context

The memory of all the before shocks that happened in the Nagoya and Gifu area that occured before the March 11th earthquake.

When the earthquake did occur the movement was unlike any other earthquake I have experienced before it. Feeling that long slow movement that lasted over a minute. Even though it was no more than a 3 in Aichi it really showed the difference in what an everyday earthquake feels like and a very large one.

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Posted in: Women's rights activists in Japan demand dual-surname option See in context

Single working mothers. Disparity between men and women at jobs in both salary and culture. Lack of kindergarten options for working families and especially working mothers. Harassment issuses while working. There are so many other issues that are far more important than this family name issue which should be secondary to all other major disparities women face in Japanese society today.

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Posted in: Which Japanese or foreign celebrities are you tired of seeing, hearing or reading about? See in context

I envision the characters as they are portrayed in movies. I do not want to know who they are in their lives nor do I pay any attention to them nor care to read or hear about them.

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Posted in: Revolving sushi chain Choshimaru’s sushi will no longer revolve in response to 'sushi terrorism' See in context

For kaiten zushi I the one I like the most is Mori Mori zushi which has only a few restaurants in Ishikawa ken. There is a combination of both Sushi that is brought to you and conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is usually only used in orders you make. For chains my family like Hamazushi and we usually go there when on holidays to Kyoto or Aomori.

This is the first time I have ever heard of Choshimaru zushi, it would be interesting to try it.

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Posted in: Kishida rallies party members for victory in April local elections See in context

The best thing the 親父自民党 can offer is rallies. This is what the face of stagnation looks like. Increasing military spending while wages are stagnate while making non heeded urges to corporates leaders is not progress. Increasing taxes on an already high burdened population with high food prices and absurdly low wages if you work as an employee (one of the reasons why choose a freelance path). Plan to release toxic radio active water from Fukushima into to the Pacific ocean is progress, if you have so much faith in your plan and your progress release this toxic water in Tokyo bay instead of Fukushima.

Japan can use the usual excuse of its our culture to do nothing and let things go which is convenient because I have used it too before because my home country Germany and I have took the culture excuse route many times and living in Japan has taught me one thing that it is wrong to do so.

Looking into history especially before 1950s there was a different Japan and this do noting culture did not exist. Nagoya Rice Riots and protests of 1918, THIS WAS OVER AN INCREASE IN PRICE OF RICE. Not only did these protest happen in Nagoya but Osaka, Hiroshima, etc. Even between 1946 and 1950s there were attempts to unionize and create oppositions but sadly Look up 浅沼 稲次郎 which was a very sad part of Japanese history this televised assassination should have never happened because (even though I do agree with Asanuma's political views) it quelled a great opposition to Japanese progress and one of the reason why the LDP has had almost a political majority for most of the latter part of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st century.

Japan is at a cross roads it can continue its excuse because its our culture and continue to stagnate and finally realize that Heiwa was taken away from them by the ones they put in power, or they could wake up and rise to the occasion and create boundaries that should not be crossed by political leaders and rekindle the spirit of their ancestors and create an opposition that will make this country more fruitful, family oriented, and preserve this nation for generations to come. Change or stay in the comfortable place that is becoming more and more a comfort pit that they might not be able to get out of in the near future.

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Posted in: I don't like having to write my name on my garbage bag -- it's as if someone is peering into my life. See in context

Its funny that there is actually towns in Japan that take writing a name on a garbage bag seriously. In my town the garbage bag is see through but most residents put their garbage in white plastic bag and than put it in the towns garbage bag. No one puts their names on the bag.

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Posted in: Is it OK to split the bill on a date in Japan? Survey asks what women and men of different ages think See in context

When I dated in Japan in the early 2000s Before I was married, when I dated I always paid first. After a while it was who was ever at the register first and weather it was any of my past relations or when I dated my wife we never thought about nor did we care who paid, we just enjoyed our time and the night out together.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea condemn N Korea's ICBM-class missile launch See in context

Condemnation just as laughable as a Kishida or LDP Urge.

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Posted in: Japan establishes simplified visa track for skilled foreigners See in context

Japan has to have a reason or a skill that is scarce in their home country for a highly skilled professional to do their research here and want to stay here. For professionals who can do their research in Germany, France, United States, and other countries in which are attracting even Japanese has more of a chance in keeping highly skilled professionals for the long term.

You have to really have a purpose and reason to come here and stay. My reason was to get away from western culture. In my opinion I have always felt was flawed. I also detest materialism in and that form of life which is one of the reasons why I am not interested in what most people would consider a normal life. Japanese and eastern spirituality as well as eastern thought attracted me to come here and stay. My wife who is Japanese is also a spiritual practitioner works with aroma therapy and works with the vedias as do I. We live in a beautiful part of Japan in the country side and enjoy our lives.

Japan had a meaning and pupose for me to live here and stay here. For someone who wants to be on the cutting edge of research in most feilds Japan has to have a niche for this type of professional to stay and not go somewhere else.

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Posted in: Japan rolls out 'humble and lovable' delivery robots See in context

Robotics sould be used for space exploration to places where humans simply cannot exist due to environmental factors thats all. Should not be used where humans need to interact with other humans. Dealing with a phone is an annoyance enough dealing with that would be a nightmare!

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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Japan in 2022 up 15-fold to 3.83 million See in context

The picture looks more like ジジババツアーI mean高齢者ツアー Kouresya tour, than travelers from overseas.

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Posted in: Grab a yakiniku dinner in one hand on the go with Shibuya’s yakiniku rice burger See in context

The point of 焼肉 Yakiniku is have a fun dinner, have conversations with your family, friends, and coworkers and enjoying the food and eating it slowly for memorable time out. I am not a fast food person and do not like it. 焼肉バーガー Yakiniku Buger Just no, please no. Yakiniku is not a fast food item from マクド(makudo)

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