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Posted in: Japan mulls ending state of emergency in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo prefectures See in context

Think they just ended this "Lock-down" in Osaka: Public address system announcement.

Yay, now people can go about there lives as normal, because that hasn't been happening throughout this "State of emergency", Has it....

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Posted in: Stormy year ahead for Japan's tourism industry See in context

JandworldToday  01:40 pm JST

Does this piece of writing say the benefits to the construction sector already equals potential losses?

Potential losses? To the economy, you mean.

What about the people in the tourism industry with tangible losses?

Perhaps they should all become labourers to recoup their losses?

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Posted in: Stormy year ahead for Japan's tourism industry See in context

I'm sure HIS are fully prepared to SELL you a ticket to Seoul, and after that, their responsibility will be over, in their minds.

Bit like the Olympics, how many ticket holders are going to be stiffed with the 'No refunds' policy.

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Posted in: Virus-stricken airlines face bailout or bust See in context


Running anything is never easy. But airlines with such huge payouts going bankrupt, i am hearing not the same in japan, ana a japanese airline seems to be doing o.k.

Not really- No airline is going to do well for quite a while.

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Posted in: Europe now epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic: WHO See in context

U.K. Abandons Effort to Contain Virus as 10,000 May Be Infected

Once again, why has the US president not put a ban on the UK and Ireland? Oh, that is right! He has resorts that are going bankrupt in those countries without him requiring government and military officials to stay there.

News from 2-3 days ago: Really helpful. The situation is changing by the hour.

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Posted in: Virus quarantine over, evacuees emerge from Chiba hotel ready for home See in context

The tour guide and bus driver were working together in the same bus with passengers from wuhan. They were from Nara.

I find it best to stay with the facts, rather than make presumptions.

The bus tour went to Nara, among other places: The schedule seems to be being kept quiet, I presume, to prevent panic.

The bus driver was Japanese and from Nara.

The tour guide wasn't Japanese and was (and, more than probably, still is) staying in Osaka prefecture. She was first tested in the Tokyo area, with a false negative resulting.

There is also another tour guide from China, who probably picked up coronavirus while working in Japan, who tested positive in South Korea.

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Posted in: Virus quarantine over, evacuees emerge from Chiba hotel ready for home See in context

out of 29 in Japan all but 1 were infected in China. The 1 was a bus driver who driving a group of Chinese from Wuhan.


Wrong, the bus tour guide (from Osaka) was also infected. Misinformation is not helpful.

"As the tour guide did not travel abroad in the past month, health officials believe it likely that she was infected in Japan."

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Posted in: Japan bars entry of 2nd cruise ship See in context

therougouToday  11:13 pm JST

They aren't trying to dock in Japan to get people treatment, though. They are trying to call in Okinawa, which means let everyone out to entertain themselves, and then do the same thing at several other places in Japan, potentially spreading the virus everywhere they go (assuming there really are infected people). This whole cruise was originally scheduled to visit China, as the below article explains.

True, but Abe made a point of saying there were suspected coronavirus patients onboard- sick people whether they know it or not.

In such an unprecedented situation wouldn't it be ethical to offer (or even insist upon) medical assistance and education, rather than just turn them away?

As I said before, Japan would most definitely expect no less for its citizens overseas.

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Posted in: Japan bars entry of 2nd cruise ship See in context

NumanToday  10:34 pm JST

I don't think you really need to repost exactly the same post you did three and a half hours ago.

It didn't have much to do with this news item then or now.

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Posted in: Japan bars entry of 2nd cruise ship See in context

Isn't this setting a dangerous precedent?

I'm guessing the cruise ship has few, if any, Japanese passengers. What if other countries suddenly decided to refuse medical care on the basis of nationality? Japan would be in uproar if a foreign country refused to treat a Japanese citizen and turfed them out the country.

Hardly in the spirit of the international cooperation that is required to defeat this virus.

Suspected coronavirus patients or suspected medical overheads?

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Posted in: 20 virus infections on cruise ship in Yokohama; passengers confined to cabins See in context

sumikonagoyaToday  01:23 pm JST

Japan have over 45 people positve with coronavirus.

35 are either Chinese/foreigners

10 are Japanese with some connection to China.

  I wonder if coronavirus will be as discriminating of nationality as many, many people (throughout the world) are proving to be.

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors hit back at Ghosn's '8 hours of questions' claim See in context

showchinmonoToday  11:10 am JST

For those who presenting weird calculation

You really can't read between the lines, can you. This is what the prosecutor said;

"Mr Ghosn spent 130 days in detention and was questioned in total on 70 of those days. So 60 days without questioning," said Saito. "On average, he was questioned for less than four hours per day."

Four hours PER DAY. Not per questioning day. So the simple calculation is;

130 x 4/ 70 = 7.43 hours per questioning day on average. A simple piece of bureaucratic subterfuge.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten tax rules on wealthy people See in context

There are other with mutual tax treaties like the EU and 20 of those countries.

"As of November 1, 2018, Japan has concluded income tax treaties with 71 countries/regions to avoid double taxation and prevent tax evasion. Tax treaties concluded by Japan generally accord with the principles of the OECD Model Tax Treaty."

Did you actually read the article?

I quote;

" Also tax treaties provide relief from double taxation through 'tax credits.'

To avail of the tax treaty benefit, an application form for relief from Japanese income tax should be filed and submitted to the tax office by the payer of the income before the date of payment."

Read my link if you want to know how tax credit works in Japan. It's certainly not exemption.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten tax rules on wealthy people See in context

zichiToday  10:02 pm JST

No double taxes between Japan and agreed countries. I have assets in America but because I pay Japanese taxes I don't pay any American ones.

I do believe the US is the only country with a double taxation waiver agreement with Japan. Most other nationalities have to apply for foreign tax credit on their tax return, and it is very limited.

Who am IToday  10:23 pm JST

@OreiO: For a resident there should be no need to pay income tax outside of Japan in the first place. Tax withheld at source can be deducted from income taxes payable in Japan.

Not strictly true. The method of calculation is heavily in the Japan tax office's favour.

"a resident who pays foreign income tax is allowed to credit a 'certain amount' of the foreign income tax (hereinafter referred to as the "credit limit for income tax") against his/her Japanese income tax for the year. "

"Credit limit for income tax = Amount of Japanese income tax for the year × (Total amount of income from sources abroad for the year (after adjustment) / Total amount of income for the year)"

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Posted in: Japan to tighten tax rules on wealthy people See in context

isoduckyToday  10:43 am JST

Ok realistic proposition. As Japan doesn't have double taxation or duel citizenship lets try the following for Japanese citizens;

zichiToday  04:19 pm JST

There's no double taxation in Japan

You are both completely misguided.

"If a resident pays foreign income tax in accordance with foreign laws and ordinances on the same income derived from sources abroad, there will be double taxation."

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' breaks record with 32 Emmy nominations See in context

tajToday  10:00 am JST

Anyone here found Chernobyl available in Japan via legal means, as yet

Usually it would take a year or two for such a programme to surface in Japan, but in this instance, I can't see a programme detailing a nuclear disaster ever getting the green light...

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' breaks record with 32 Emmy nominations See in context

Strange. Fleabag (excellent programme) was broadcast on the BBC before Amazon, but Amazon gets to claim credit for it?

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Posted in: G20 leaders end 1st day of summit with wagyu beef, kyogen See in context

Never saw homeless people around Osaka Castle, but the homeless numbers have fallen to less than 30,000 across the nation compared with 400,000 in America. Millions in India. Hundreds of thousands in Brazil.

Osaka city authorities have always had a policy of forcibly evicting the homeless from tourist spots.

I think they focused on Osaka castle park and Utsubo park in 2006- There were near riots in Utsubo park, when the city wanted to create rose gardens.

The authorities have been more than eager to inconvenience city dwellers over this G20 farrago, and I did notice the resident homeless in my local park, close to Putin's hotel, have been suspiciously absent since last Thursday.

Maybe they wanted to avoid all the fuss...

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Posted in: Shibuya bans drinking alcohol on streets for Halloween, New Year See in context

Thank Goodness they're not touching such safe events, where alcohol is imbibed, like 'Seijin no Hi'...

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Posted in: Samoa bans hit Elton John biopic over gay sex scenes See in context

I believe that the vast majority of Samoans just aren't interested in depictions of gay sex. The tiny minority that are can watch the movie on the Internet later. No big deal.

Been to Samoa, have you? Met lots of Samaons? Just an unofficial spokesperson?

The movie is about Elton John, not gay sex. Maybe people want to see a musical movie in a theatre because it has more atmosphere.

Sadly, Samoans don't get to choose- like you do, I'm sure.

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Posted in: Samoa bans hit Elton John biopic over gay sex scenes See in context

It's a free world. Samoa can do what it wants

But, apparently, the Samoans can't do what they want- Not a free world for them.

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Posted in: 24-year-old mother arrested over death of 2-month-old daughter See in context

RIP Ryuna.

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Posted in: EU still open to Britain changing its mind on Brexit See in context

Scotland voted to stay in the UK because they didn't want to leave the EU, which is fine. But it was just to be screwed over by a referendum on leaving the EU. Is THAT democratic ?

On the Brexit referendum, people chose knowingly despite being informed of the consequences (which is why Scotland voted against it massively by the way). But the people of Scotland were duped and treated like second class citizens, so yes, I think they have the right to ask for a new vote.

Sorry, but you are misinformed. Scotland voted to stay in the UK. Remaining in the EU was not officially in the referendum. Membership was known to be up for grabs a few years later. Despite that the majority of Scots voted to stay in the UK.

Never believe the promises of campaigning politicians.

And yes, staying in the UK and consequently accepting the political will of the majority IS democratic.

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Posted in: EU still open to Britain changing its mind on Brexit See in context

The people of UK made his choice, there shouldn't be any more referendum or going back.

But Scotland should have the right to a new vote on its independence.

Right, so what you're saying is one 'once in a generation' referendum should stand, and another shouldn't. That sounds entirely democratic.

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Posted in: Showing his form See in context

Kisenosato, Shohozan and Kagayaki are not Mongolian sumo wrestlers. Kisenosato is the first Japanese-born wrestler to become yokozuna in 19 years. I know it is hard, but hang in there.

That's a bit discriminatory, isn't it. We ALL know it's hard because Kisenosato is out of his league, way out.

Hang in there is all he can do, in his pity position that he gained only to try and make sumo more popular with the domestic audience- Oh,look at me, being all discriminatory.

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Posted in: Warner showcases stunning trailer for 'Blade Runner 2049' See in context

Looks a tad overblown, and certainly seems to lack the subtlety of the original. I'm surprised at Villeneuve because 'Arrival' was very subtle.

That wouldn't be so bad if it were standing apart from the original, but with Harrison Ford in it...

A reboot sequel? Getting a little tired of them. I'll watch it, but with a sense of 'Best left alone in the first place'.

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Posted in: Scotland says May's Brexit stance ups chance of new independence vote See in context

Aly Rustom-

Surely you're defeating your own argument. If Scotland leaves The UK (A current member of the EU for at least the next two years) It will have, in effect, left the EU. The reason being Brexit would be irrelevant.

Bigger issues will influence where Scotland stands if independent, than what Scotland wants. As previously mentioned, the Spanish Prime Minister has asserted opposition to Scotland being automatically granted EU member status, in the event of independence, Spain holds the power of Veto. At least five regions pushing for independence and their position looks increasingly intractable. Will the French be thinking of Corsica and Normandy? The Belgians Wallonia and Flanders? The list goes on.

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Posted in: Japanese comedian parodies Trump in ramen skit See in context

For the most part, Japan doesn’t really do political comedy.

Better (especially after bothering to watch this);

"For the most part, Japan doesn't really do comedy."

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Posted in: BBC lists Top 100 films of 21st century; 'Mulholland Drive' No. 1, Japan's 'Spirited Away' ranked No. 4 See in context


I remember the 20th list, nowhere were "Rosetta", or "Lilja 4ever"

"Rosetta" was 1999 and " Lilja 4ever" was 2002- different centuries.

I did get a little tired of those faux lame shaky camera work films that seemed to be in vogue around that time.

Having said that, I did like "Gypo" in 2005. Strange the Dogme 95 group seem to have disowned that film and many of the later works.

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Posted in: Hollywood poster blunder sparks backlash in Hong Kong See in context

Ayler I think your confused by the plethora of awards Villeneuve has received in Canada. Sorry to say, but hardly in the same league.


Lesson learnt- Being grammatically accurate is far more important than being factually accurate.

Well done for pointing that out..

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