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Posted in: Americans Dressel, Ledecky, Aussie McKeown win gold in the pool See in context

Burning BushToday  11:45 am JST

Members of the US swimming team have already publicly stated that this sport is tainted by doping.

Tainting of which couldn't possibly include any members of the US team, right? Clean as a whistle; beyond all doubt.

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Posted in: 'Can't help but cheer': Some in Japan warm to Olympics See in context

socrateosToday  07:51 am JST

I love people doing this, simply following their own instincts and interests, ignoring official rules.

Apart from if they're protesting AGAINST the games: Bad instinct, down!

Selective acceptance.

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Posted in: Only Tokyo could pull off these Games? Not everyone agrees See in context

divindaToday  07:15 am JST

then a more authoritarian and high-tech China or Singapore would probably be able to control COVID

Well, I guess we'll see what China does 6 months from now at the Winter Games. It'll be interesting to see the difference.

 There'll be no problem holding the winter olympics (refuse to capitalise them fro herein), I'm guessing, China not even pretending to be an 'vibrant, open democracy' and all.


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Posted in: Japan's Horigome wins first ever Olympic skateboard gold See in context

joffyToday  05:30 pm JST

gerryToday  05:20 pm JST

why is Canada not reported with other countries in the medals awarded?

Gotta podium to get on that list!

Some special reason that Canada's two silvers don't count, is there?

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Posted in: Japan's explanation of Korean wartime forced labor insufficient: UNESCO See in context

itsonlyrocknrollToday  03:40 pm JST

Great Britain invented slavery. And yes their are many reminders, statues that could, and should present the whole shocking truth. This is the point.

Think you'll find slavery has its roots way back in ancient times, long before the British became involved.

China was doing it in BC times, before it became united and then there were the Mongols, Egyptians; I could go on.

Russia also has a long history of slavery, even to this day the Global slavery index estimates nearly 800,000 live comparative slave-like lives in Russia.

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Posted in: Violent scenes as ticketless England fans breach Wembley for Euro final See in context

JsapcToday  07:30 am JST

English fans spent the tournament booing other countries' anthems and generally behaving like drunken idiots.

Not, for example, like those pleasant well-behaved Hungarian chaps...

Think you'll find the news vendors tend to report what people want to hear.

Fighto!Today  07:07 am JST

I guess these thugs got to see their team lose! Buy a ticket next time guys.

English thugs, in England, watching the English national team, during an international travel ban pandemic? Who'd have thought.

I'm guessing you've never been to an Italian football game; Not for the fainthearted, I can assure you.

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Posted in: Japan's huge pension fund logs record profit after virus loss See in context

Smoke and mirrors, people, smoke and mirrors.

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Posted in: Japan to lift state of emergency one month before Olympics See in context

shogun36Today  11:55 am JST

Recent polls have suggested a slight shift in public opposition to holding the Games, with more now in favor of it going ahead than cancelling it.

no, it doesn’t

Yup, from here on in, the propaganda machine will be in FULL swing.

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Posted in: Olympic anxiety leaves Japanese sponsors counting the cost See in context

zurcroniumToday  11:43 am JST


Interesting to note there's been no sponsor "News" since August last year;

Lying low as well they should, IF they had an ounce of business acumen.

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Posted in: Microsoft announces retirement of Internet Explorer See in context


Netscape disappeared, but I think it pretty much became Mozilla, so Firefox was kind of their phoenix rising from the ashes.

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Posted in: Microsoft announces retirement of Internet Explorer See in context


Yeah, there is that. But if you use a good VPN I don't see the need to worry...so much.

Still, felt better when it was Norwegian.

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Posted in: Microsoft announces retirement of Internet Explorer See in context

No mention of Opera? I actually switched to it after Firefox started getting way too unnecessarily convoluted, in its bid to challenge Chrome, and have never regretted it.

I honestly wouldn't recommend touching Chrome, or for that matter Edge, with a barge-pole.

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Posted in: Quiet airport See in context

gakinotsukaiMay 5  03:41 pm JST

Get some insights about the real sources of pollution.

Simple. The source is pretty much humans and our activity.

Bizarre to think I've been in Japan for twenty years and I have never seen Fuji san. Never really had the compulsion. Am I missing much?

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Posted in: Alan Moore working on short stories, 5-volume fantasy series See in context

The celebrated British author known for “V for Vendetta” and “Watchman”

The author clearly hasn't a clue who Alan Moore is, nor read "Watchmen", I'll wager.

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Posted in: Confirmed cases of COVID-19 variants in Japan double in a week See in context

triumphToday  09:01 am JST

"Unsurprising given the number of Japanese people who don’t wear masks or wear them around their necks. As a proportion of the population, non-Japanese are far more vigilant about masks than Japanese."

You've said this a few times before but it's not true. Do you actually live in japan?

How about taking a look at the picture for this article; One guy clearly not wearing mask and two more with their masks under their chins. All Japanese, I would hazard.

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Posted in: Aso repeats claim that treated Fukushima water is good to drink See in context

nandakandamandaToday  04:34 pm JST

Russia has kept silent through all of this.

Personally, I'd rather drink Atomic vodka (ingredients exclusively from the Chernobyl region, developed by Portsmouth University); That sounds much more wholesome than trusting a buffoon like Aso.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for animal cruelty kept 58 pets in Tokyo home See in context

AGToday  06:46 am JST

Wonder how can you smuggle a crocodile into thIs country.

In a big black box through Osaka immigration?

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Posted in: Osaka declares COVID medical emergency with 878 new cases See in context

Ricky SanchezToday  12:33 pm JST

"Medical Emergency" what does that even mean?

It means the establishment don't want to pay even one cent to help the hoi polloi.

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Posted in: Saitama officially forbids walking up and down escalators See in context

Toasted HereticToday  10:50 am JST

Well, speed up the escalators, then! Japanese escalators move at the glacial speed of a lame sloth, unlike those in London or Singapore.

Who cares about those transport hell holes?

Amen to that.There's nothing like being manhandled onto a packed train during rush-hour in London or the likes...

Oh, wait a minute. That's not de rigueur in most overseas 'Hell holes'. I wonder why not?

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Posted in: Saitama officially forbids walking up and down escalators See in context

Fighto!Today  07:01 am JST

People need to be ordered not to run up or down escalators?

There are some really dumb people in this world.

YOU said it.

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Posted in: Woman reported to police for not looking right in a suit; turns out she’s a crook See in context

HiroToday  07:09 am JST

Is wrong to steal from old people.

Just old people, then. Righto.

Japanese business ethics 101; Stealing? What stealing?

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Posted in: Osaka governor requests stronger anti-virus steps amid resurgence See in context

NipponGloryToday  11:23 am JST

so many big negativities and slanders against the Governor of Osaka. Together with guidance from Tokyo, the numbers of covids will decrease from today. I firmly and clearly state this.

Just need to get that testing figure under control (read 'lowered') and everything will be just fine...

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Posted in: Review: Once more unto the breach in 'Godzilla vs. Kong' See in context

snowymountainhellMar. 31  10:21 pm JST

This final cut is much different from what previewed Jan. 29. Is it worth seeing on IMAX?

Enjoyed the IMAX days, Saw a lot of Nolan's work in IMAX, and the cinematography made it worth it.

Those days are gone for me, I believe.

This one? HD with a cup o'tea was just fine, methinks, me hearties. Besides, you'd have to wait until mid-May in Japan; HW Godzilla scuppered, once again.

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Posted in: Review: Once more unto the breach in 'Godzilla vs. Kong' See in context

Just seen it- I wont give any spoilers or a pre-empting review, except to say it's certainly a very different kettle of fish (or titans) to the first two in this series.

Anybody else?

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Posted in: Review: Once more unto the breach in 'Godzilla vs. Kong' See in context

starpunkToday  01:09 pm JST

The Japanese do a much better job at this. Maybe they do it in a more campy way but it's fun. Hollyweird mucks up everything anymore.

Granted, the old Japanese movies were great fun, but Shin Godzilla? Utter tosh; Took itself way too seriously, and most of the movie was faux techno-babble that even my Japanese friends couldn't make head nor tail of.

King of the monsters wasn't half bad, best not to mention Roland Emmerich...

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Posted in: Yellow sandstorm blankets part of western Japan See in context

Fighto!Today  05:45 pm JST

Send the cleanup bill to the Commies, along with the Covid bill. They are certainly doing their utmost to wreck Japans clean air and nature.

That made me laugh- Thanks for the chuckles.

When I first came to Japan, I spent a year in Yokkaichi...Then I came up for air in Osaka...

I'm not sure what my lungs would make of clean air anymore.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 376 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,026 See in context

YubaruToday  06:35 pm JST

I care about the numbers down here in Okinawa, more than I do in Tokyo. Per 100,000 people, Okinawa has been running No.2 for almost everyday this week.

Not so fast, buddy; Osaka has reclaimed its bragging rights to No. 2.

As the song goes, "The only way is up, baby"...

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Posted in: British citizen arrested for dumping bento trash in mailbox See in context

BertieWoosterMar. 24  07:49 pm JST

There used to be trash cans in public places, but then, after 9/11, they took them away, worried that "terrorists" would plant bombs in them. That's not a joke. Conbinis didn't suffer from the same neurosis and they generally, still have trash cans. It's about time the public trash cans returned. There is a need.

Not true here in Osaka: There were bins everywhere up until about 2008, funnily enough the time of the global financial crisis.

I wonder, could there be a possible link between the two?

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Posted in: Yokozuna Kakuryu retires after missing fifth straight tourney See in context

vanityofvanitiesMar. 24  04:45 pm JST

Rules to promote to Yokozuna must be stricter. Kakuryu was not qualified.

  Think you're getting your K's mixed up: You mean Kisenosato was not qualified, just a pity promotion to try and regain Sumo as part of日本人論。That worked out well. didn't it.

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Posted in: It's official: Spectators from abroad will not be allowed at Tokyo Olympics See in context

ClippetyClopToday  11:41 am JST

There are no Olympics scheduled for 2022 fella, so no countries or fans will be participating.

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 mayhaps?

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