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@ i@n

Again, you've missed exactly the same point- SUSPECTED Covid-19 sufferers. The criterion of temperature alone is in itself fallible; Asymptomatic Covid-19 sufferers could possibly get through screening, but people with a temperature, who may not have Covid-19, certainly can't.

All hospitals should have 'The proper protocols' as you put it, in place, rather than 'Endangering the whole hospital (sic)'.

Protocols? There's only really one, because this is a novel virus- isolation.

I'm sure all those hospitals have isolation facilities or ICUs available (depending on the severity), most large hospitals do. I know the one of the three I went to has.

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thelessdeceivedToday  05:53 am JST

Maybe it's because Corona cases are so rare compared to the multitude of other sicknesses people need treatment for. Why would you risk spreading Infection in such places when a small centre will do.

You seem to have missed the point- I'll restate it.

"I have three of the biggest hospitals in Osaka right on my doorstep, and all three of them REFUSE access to even SUSPECTED Covid-19 sufferers, let alone admit any."

Suspected, using the random criterion of temperature. If you have a temperature over 37.7, you can't get in, regardless of if you have Covid-19 or some other illness.

So in your world, it would have people who possibly have other illnesses, tramping off to Covid-19 centres unnecessarily, risking spreading the infection.

The hospitals in question all have at least six nursing staff at the entrances FULL-TIME- Hardly smacks of cases being rare, unless the hospitals like to gloriously waste resources.

I suspect this kind of 'Pariah status' creating activity that seems to be prevalent in Japan at the moment is causing quite a few people who have self-diagnosed, and suspect they have Covid-19, to do exactly the opposite to what the hospitals recommend- Go about their business as if nothing were out of the ordinary and keep shtum.

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Posted in: Travel bookings for July-September are about 20 to 30% of the year-before levels. See in context

If it's true- looks like a piece of spin to me, especially coming from the 'Go To' campaign.

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MontyAug. 27  04:49 pm JST

2 weeks after Obon...no overrun at hospitals, not thousands of cases like AGAIN predicted from many posters here.

Everything looks good!

I have three of the biggest hospitals in Osaka right on my doorstep, and all three of them REFUSE access to even suspected Covid-19 sufferers, let alone admit any.

Everything looks real good!

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thepersoniamnowToday  06:55 am JST

I got Osakas business grant first, then the grant from the Japanese government. And the personal 100,000 came last Friday, much later than I thought.

City and town halls have access to far higher rates of banking interest than us hoi polloi- It really isn't in their interests to dole this money out swiftly.

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JijitsuToday  07:27 am JST

For those who think they have saved their money.. it's anyways going to go into the extra expenses you incur because of Covid ....

Just look at the masks... We get packs of 5 or 7 now .. prices 300 to 400 yen... So you effectively spend 60 yen per mask.. 6000 yen per 100.. which is about 5000 yen extra compared to normal times.

Same goes to alcohol gel Sanitizers and the like..we had those in 100 yen shops.. it's no longer the case...

And every time, you fall sick with the slightest cold...and visit a doc fearing the worst, you spend a little extra on the x-ray, blood test and antibiotics.

Whether you like it or not...you are giving back to the economy and spending that money.

You could always make your own masks that are just as effective, at a fraction of the cost, which can be washed, remade and reused. It's really not that difficult, just not 'convenient'.

Beats funding the governments and institutions that, in hand with the business world, hiked the prices and paranoia to increase THEIR revenue in this clear recession.

Rubber bands, cotton handkerchiefs, bandanas, tissues- all available and easy to assemble,.

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K3POToday  09:13 am JST

A good portion would be spent on Chinese made products, so China was also paid.

Chinese-made products such as masks ('supported' by China's friend, the WHO)?

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MickeliciousToday  08:54 am JST

It's ridiculous that basically the whole country received this, and it wasn't at least means tested vs previous year's income, etc.

Some people are all heart.

None for the unemployed or out of work...

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Toasted HereticToday  03:45 pm JST

While we sympathise, we here in Japan have no wish to become like the other countries that squandered their chances to slow down or stop the virus.

Ahh, the royal 'We'- Condescension worthy of Francis Urquhart himself.

Where do we get a bird's-eye view of this sympathy? There's little sympathy for foreign residents trying to return from (honest) virus-hit countries, though Japanese are freely allowed to return from said countries.

And yet, as the number of cases amplifies day by day, readily shown by the figures from Tokyo, Osaka et al., WE are left to wonder if Japan has squandered its chance to tackle this virus with any coherent, cohesive plan.

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Toasted HereticToday  07:13 am JST

Wear a mask and save lives.

Toasted HereticToday  02:27 pm JST

It up to the individual, young or old.

It's also up to people on whether or not they want to put the young and old at risk.

Why do you want to risk people's lives?

Sorry, but platitudes are really missing the mark in this pandemic. I wouldn't be surprised if the prevalent 'Holier than thou' attitude were exacerbating the problem.

You are NOT saving lives. you are possibly preventing transmission, which again cold possibly lead to others becoming infected, who could then possibly experience complications which could possibly (though highly unlikely), lead to fatalities.

None of these are a given, as your 'saving lives' and 'risk people's lives' statements clearly aim to be.

'Do as I say' people are not free of culpability for this situation, purely by dictating what should or should not be done- Koike is a fine example.

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rgcivilian1Today  02:26 pm JST

This isn't good news going into Oban. Didn't Abe just say it everything was ok just yesterday? Did we miss something in his message?

I think it's probably the smell of his statement we missed... certainly not roses.

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noriahojanenToday  07:37 am JST

Osaka used to be good in shape, curbing the virus spread with near 0 daily case streak. I suspect that the latest (re) surge originates from outside.

Or could it be the sudden dramatic increase in the number of tests being carried out from the end of last month?

Had enough of burying their heads in the sand, I hope.


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PerformingMonkeyToday  10:43 am JST

We Osaka residents need to gargle more.....

Officially sanctioned gargling products, mind.

Such as Kaigen Pharma products (headquartered in Osaka, of all places), the brand that Osaka Governor Yoshimura seemed drawn to brandish during his 'Press conference' earlier this month.

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Posted in: Gargling solution flies off shelves after Osaka governor touts anti-virus effect See in context

virusrexToday  04:22 pm JST

Mr Yoshimura desperately need more scientific advisors, he is terribly confused about the meaning of the research he is using to justify his declarations.

 It was pretty painful to watch. He actually said it's a true story which is like a lie- you don't say. 

All you have to do is gargle four times a day with this miracle product. Of course it was tested against other gargling products and plain water to prove it's superiority, I'm sure. Listerine is still freely available, I see.

 Wonder how much Kaigen and Meiji 'donated' to him for that travesty of a press conference.

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LukebestonToday  10:27 am JST

SOME elementary school students may have made masks because they were TOLD to make one, yes.

These kids had no other choice, so it is not smart to criticize Abe based on that casual observation.

So it IS true then- SOME elementary schools students ARE making masks.

Glad we cleared that up.

The Japanese tax payer had no other choice than to pay for the completely superfluous Abenomasks either.

Perhaps if they hadn't been so late and of such an inferior quality elementary school students wouldn't have had to learn to make decent masks for themselves.

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LukebestonToday  09:05 am JST

Yubaru wrote:

hell even elementary school kids are making their own masks

This is not true.

Sterling defense of your view there- All the elementary schools IN MY AREA are assiduously training the students multiple ways to make masks using everyday, freely available things.

Sorry, what was your corroborating evidence again?

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rgcivilian1Today  08:58 am JST

> That's because many of them are heavily invested using funding companies with China, not much different during the Khan and Hatoyama days here in Japan.

"KHAN!!!"- Khan Noonien Singh? I don't remember him ever being PM, but offensive weapons would be just as dangerous in his hands as the LDPs.

Does anyone truly believe there aren't already 'contingency plans' put in place by the leaders of Japan, in case things go south with any of its neighbours?

With its worryingly large stockpile of plutonium and habit of under-reporting it to the international community, you have to wonder what is being done with it.

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Posted in: U.S. says Ghosn's son paid $500,000 in cryptocurrency to man for escape from Japan See in context

nishikatToday  06:58 pm JST

A single act of wire fraud can result in fines and up to 20 years in prison.

You really seem to like to bandy that phrase around. *

Do you even know what wire fraud is?*

"Wire fraud is a crime in which a person concocts a scheme to defraud or obtain money based on false representation or promises."

I fail to see how that fits this situation at all. No one was defrauded and there was no false representation.

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Posted in: Hollywood mogul Steve Bing dies after falling from 27th-floor apartment balcony See in context

If he died by suicide, then he didn't fall - he jumped

It's not that hard- If he jumped, then 'He jumped out the window and fell to the ground'.

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Posted in: Ban the Confederate flag? NASCAR could see the end of an era See in context


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Posted in: Temperatures soar across Japan amid concerns that face masks may cause heatstroke See in context

Evidence from around the world, along with common sense shows that masks help prevent the spread of Covid-19. We don't have a vaccine available yet. Yes. The mask is a bit uncomfortable, but this bully/tough guy attitude of ignorance only helps spread the virus form asymptomatic people to at risk people- sometimes killing them. If a second wave does arrive, it would be nice to identify the anti-maskers so that we could put them at the end of the line of victims waiting for ventilators.

Yeah, prejudice- Just what the world is crying out for more of right now. If anti-maskers (protologism at work there) were to be denied access to ventilators, I'm sure they couldn't possibly transmit the virus due to their stance on masks.

N99 masks can filter up to 0.3 microns- COVID-19 is 0.125 microns, although travelling in coughs and sneezes would increase its relative size to 0.5+ microns.

Masks are really what you make of them, use them properly and hygienically along with social distancing and they can be beneficial.

But they are certainly no panacea. COVID-19, like many viruses, is most likely spread by touch. I sure see a lot of people inappropriately touching their masks.

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Posted in: Approval rate for Abe's cabinet at 39%; lowest in 2 years: poll See in context

AlexBecuToday  07:14 am JST

If you focus on facts and not fear mongering. If you focus on reality instead of what if this happened, what if that happened.... If you look the at numbers, the facts, Japan succeeded!

For all the fear mongering, Abe bashing, the government failed comments, again... If you look at facts and the numbers Japan succeeded!

Do some research, learn some facts, compare the numbers with other countries instead of just fake news propaganda and you'll have a better answer to what's going on with Japan coronavirus real numbers.

You're really not very good at extrapolating data, are you?

Abe's ratings are lower because people know when they're having the wool pulled over their eyes.

Japan has a 5.8 % infection rate for the number of tests carried out. That's pretty much comparable to countries such as Italy, and far higher than, say for example, Russia.

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Posted in: Japan mulls ending state of emergency in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo prefectures See in context

Think they just ended this "Lock-down" in Osaka: Public address system announcement.

Yay, now people can go about there lives as normal, because that hasn't been happening throughout this "State of emergency", Has it....

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JandworldToday  01:40 pm JST

Does this piece of writing say the benefits to the construction sector already equals potential losses?

Potential losses? To the economy, you mean.

What about the people in the tourism industry with tangible losses?

Perhaps they should all become labourers to recoup their losses?

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I'm sure HIS are fully prepared to SELL you a ticket to Seoul, and after that, their responsibility will be over, in their minds.

Bit like the Olympics, how many ticket holders are going to be stiffed with the 'No refunds' policy.

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Posted in: Virus-stricken airlines face bailout or bust See in context


Running anything is never easy. But airlines with such huge payouts going bankrupt, i am hearing not the same in japan, ana a japanese airline seems to be doing o.k.

Not really- No airline is going to do well for quite a while.


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Posted in: Europe now epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic: WHO See in context

U.K. Abandons Effort to Contain Virus as 10,000 May Be Infected


Once again, why has the US president not put a ban on the UK and Ireland? Oh, that is right! He has resorts that are going bankrupt in those countries without him requiring government and military officials to stay there.

News from 2-3 days ago: Really helpful. The situation is changing by the hour.

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The tour guide and bus driver were working together in the same bus with passengers from wuhan. They were from Nara.

I find it best to stay with the facts, rather than make presumptions.

The bus tour went to Nara, among other places: The schedule seems to be being kept quiet, I presume, to prevent panic.

The bus driver was Japanese and from Nara.

The tour guide wasn't Japanese and was (and, more than probably, still is) staying in Osaka prefecture. She was first tested in the Tokyo area, with a false negative resulting.

There is also another tour guide from China, who probably picked up coronavirus while working in Japan, who tested positive in South Korea.


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out of 29 in Japan all but 1 were infected in China. The 1 was a bus driver who driving a group of Chinese from Wuhan.


Wrong, the bus tour guide (from Osaka) was also infected. Misinformation is not helpful.

"As the tour guide did not travel abroad in the past month, health officials believe it likely that she was infected in Japan."


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therougouToday  11:13 pm JST

They aren't trying to dock in Japan to get people treatment, though. They are trying to call in Okinawa, which means let everyone out to entertain themselves, and then do the same thing at several other places in Japan, potentially spreading the virus everywhere they go (assuming there really are infected people). This whole cruise was originally scheduled to visit China, as the below article explains.

True, but Abe made a point of saying there were suspected coronavirus patients onboard- sick people whether they know it or not.

In such an unprecedented situation wouldn't it be ethical to offer (or even insist upon) medical assistance and education, rather than just turn them away?

As I said before, Japan would most definitely expect no less for its citizens overseas.

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