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Posted in: 83-year-old woman found strangled in Hamamatsu home See in context

poor woman. But as a bad after-thought, could it have been a health care worker who did this? I guess since it was done the day before that there isn't a possiblity for this. I guess another weak, disgusting, possibly job-less preditor attacked her for whatever reason. But if he did, what did he take? And if not that then this could be a type of murder.

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puff puff... I sort of think the picture looks cool. Poor artilleryman didn't get his close-up.

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Posted in: Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. troops has mental problems after war service See in context

I remember an interesting thing that happened the other day. A person working at a cash register told a customer that they were going into the military. I can't exactly remember which one... anyways the response wasn't what it used be a few years back. Instead of saying "Good for you, go fight for your country" they responded with a sort of confused look on their face as if to say "poor guy" but instead saying something along the lines of "hopefully you won't die within the next couple of weeks."

I don't think the new generations, or new blood, are mentally stable to handle the war. I never thought that I was, so I didn't join the military. And especially after seeing my brother come home. Never saw him as the same family member afterwards. He did his job and the military loved him for it. But he now "works hard" to provide for his family.

Serial Killers and Mass Murderers could also be seen as Heros and Kings in another person's eyes. To quote someone smarter than me, "It's the winners of the wars who write our text books."

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I guess the 36 secret strategies of the Martial Arts are not so secret anymore now that it's mainstreamish.

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With such a ridiculous size, I wonder if it has toppled off the plate before it has reached the table.

It could have. But I don't really see this too much of as a burger since theres that skewer sticking out of the top of the burger. So I'd say that it's more like a kabob. Hamburger Kabob... maybe a Kaburger or Hambob.

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