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Posted in: Man jumps onto train tracks after being accused of filming up woman’s skirt See in context

"he station staff came and took us both to the office. The police came and interrogated him for about 20 minutes. On the other hand, they held me for nearly two hours asking me all kinds of stupid questions. I was actually told to, "Stay out of Japan business" by one of the cops. "

I believe it and agree, many westerners have been told that in this country with regard, to such circumstances. But if a westerner does something wrong, all of them in the vicinity will jump in, and alert the jops.

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Posted in: Dating yakuza gang member costs police officer her job See in context

"she was charged with a breach of confidentiality in violation of the local public service law."

what a price to pay.

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Posted in: 3 minors arrested over murder of Chiba woman See in context

"have been arrested on suspicion of killing an 85-year-wold woman at her home"

Hopefully JT will provide case developments and case outcome in future precedings.

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Posted in: Tokyo man arrested for 'putting curse' on school kids See in context


Totally agree, I have a one above me , When I asked him about the loud noises he said, I don't know what you are talking about- then stated do you want to be enemies?. After calling the police about his loud stomping on the thin cement floors (old BLDG) he on purpose increased the stomping and banging with freq, and volume (early morning, midday, and late night), The flops did nothing. Once I thought he would break through the floor. When ever I see him he has a red alcohol face. I think he is trying to make me move. BTW no help from the apt mgmt -either: saying we all have to learn to live together. Now that I've shared my experience with others who can relate I feel better.


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Posted in: Woman drives to police station with body of slain husband in car See in context

creepy in kooky

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Posted in: Mother arrested for attempting to kill newborn boy by burying him alive See in context

"Bintaro and again... This will keep happening until some things change in society"

uh..good luck with that .

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Posted in: Iwate high school teacher arrested for indecent exposure at convenience store See in context

"Chiba was arrested on Monday after being identified by store security camera footage."

caught on camera...

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Posted in: Contractor overcharges for Fukushima decontamination workers' lodging See in context

"Hazama Ando Corp. said an internal probe had found that one of its employees instructed a subcontractor to overcharge the Iwaki and Tamura city governments in Fukushima Prefecture a combined 80 million yen (around $724,770) and to make it appear that more workers were involved. ":

Just what they need in a dire situation.


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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing paint over sign in front of Tokyo Public Prosecutor’s Office See in context

"The man has so far not given any motive for his act, police said."

Looks like he IMPLIED for them to figure it out for themselves ...good luck with that.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for stealing 5 mil yen from 89-year-old man See in context

"quoted by police as saying"

"he stole the money to pay back gambling debts"

Humpty Dumpty is on a roll...

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Posted in: 73-year-old man arrested over murder of ailing wife See in context

@ Disillusioned "This scenario repeats itself way too often in Japan. "

thats right.

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Posted in: Abe rejects calls for minister to quit over Fukushima evacuee comments See in context

"over remarks implying Fukushima evacuees yet to return to parts of the prefecture deemed safe to live in should fend for themselves."

So Fukushimians who have not went back to the land of fukushima stamped ok by j-govt, are on their own. Even though ENE news indicated quite the opposite in terms of deemed safe to live. But the JNs dont care what outside the country others think. Fend for themselves? wheres the yellow lives matter groups, and other nationalist? I thought JP was a nationalist homoGenous society, where a master race, of extreme unity was the word of the day. I guess when it comes to big corporations and big money the cards fall differently for all of them.

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Posted in: 41-year-old man arrested for stabbing father to death See in context

"his 75-year-old father to death with a kitchen knife in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, "

Many people wish they could live that long, Perhaps he probably never imagined he would be taken off the set by his own son.

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Posted in: It's home for some See in context

With all the money "they" give/spend abroad, you'd , think homeless and mental facilities availability in jp would never be an issue.

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Posted in: M5.6 quake jolts Fukushima, Miyagi See in context

@ Wrembreck I was the only one at home who realized that we were having an earthquake. I started to think I had imagined it until I read this news.

they are living on borrowed seismological time, once fukushima goes ...that's it.

ref: http://enenews.com/category/location/japan

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Posted in: 18-year-old youth arrested for killing his mother See in context

You notice Singapore does not have such issues at this scale. Why because their legal system effectively handles such antisocial behavior.

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Posted in: Ready to roll See in context

"Newly manufactured trucks await export" One would ask to what main country or 3rd world countries, I doubt if they are going to the uS with trumps new policies.

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Posted in: M7.4 quake strikes off Fukushima, triggering tsunami See in context

@CyburneticTiger THANK YOU!

The ring of fire!

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Posted in: Man arrested after showing up at police station with woman's body in his car See in context

"Japanese man arrested after showing up at JP police station with JP woman's body in his car in Japan.

"Nakamichi told police that Okada did not wake up on the morning of Nov 11 and he was not sure what had happened to her."

So why didn't he call the 110 for medical assistance or notify hotel staff? (never move a body and call authorities is the J-rule)

Something creepy & fishy, he should have notified authorities at the "love hotel"

"bones Well they went to a love hotel, sooooooooo..." Yep!

Looks like he did not want the knowledge of them TOGETHER at a love hotel---if so why? Tthe big Japanese question..

Is this woman married? Was the get together a secret? Autopsy, and Blood toxicology?

The story indicates the j-man is unemployed, a J-cultural taboo

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Posted in: Employee of regional taxation bureau arrested for indecent exposure See in context

Dennis Bauer Was he collecting field tax?

it might have worked ..ha ha....

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating woman with bat outside Saitama convenience store See in context

"came up from behind her in the parking lot and hit her on the back of the head with a metal bat."

where is Zimmerman when you need him.

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Posted in: Man whose wife was killed by stalker sues Zushi City See in context

"giving information on his wife’s address to a private detective who then gave it to the killer."

so much for credence, total ignominy at best

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Posted in: Japan to expand Djibouti military base to counter Chinese influence See in context

@rainyday Oh hey look, Japan now not only has overseas military bases but is expanding them in a direct attempt to sabre rattle with China. Just great, why bother even having a constitution? YES SIR! They haven't figured it out that every-time they stick their nose in such ways, a natural disaster comes their way, need to be cleaning their own house-

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

Monday mornings...hangovers and Tuesdays blues

"due to the “number of foreign passengers on board.”

"why cant we all just get along" "all lives matter"

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Posted in: Man dies after being stabbed on Kyoto street See in context

"a passerby called 110" a practically sure possibility in Japan.

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Posted in: Woman, 4-year-old daughter in comas after being hit by motorcyclist See in context

"Man... I wonder how many of you live in Japan? PEOPLE cross the road here not even looking. Hell I run into people when I AM WALKING, that is how bad it is"

yep and those moms on those mama chariots, can be a risk to walking on the sidewalk, especially those on bikes texting etc. .

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Posted in: Letter by suspect in stabbing rampage carried a warning See in context

"Who had received and read the letter?"

doesn't matter , censureship is institutionalized and pushing the edges of the envelope is condemned

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Posted in: Hokkaido man questioned over 30 bag-snatching incidents in Tokyo See in context

"Hirabaru is believed to have netted around 1.3 million yen in at least 30 similar thefts. "

'Police said Hirabaru has admitted to the thefts and said he came to Tokyo specifically for that reason"

theiving NUTCRACK

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Posted in: Fukushima's ground zero: No place for man or robot See in context

The Russian's may have got it right:


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Posted in: Police set up unit to stop yakuza 'civil war' See in context

I can see it now, in the future news:

Japan to implement JEMA camps, as mega calamities, NK strikes, food shortages, mass unrest, and gang wars spill over into public places. J-passports will be confiscated, implementation of national curfews, and military police will control the country. Abe to remain in office indefinitely.

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