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Is there a reason they were at his home poking around? Does not seem like he was bothering anyone.

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I feel for the tall people. They did not ask to be tall. And some people are large without being fat at all. Why should either be charged more?

The only way to be fair would be extremely complicated. If someone is too big for one seat, then they should get two and not be charged at all, unless its their own fault they are so big. But how to prove its their own fault? That is where the complications come. Proving who just had the genetics and who is just an overeating slob.

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Posted in: Success for U.S. as Japan decides to cut Iranian oil imports See in context

Great! This should prevent the Iranians getting the bomb for another five days! Super!

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Posted in: 20-year-old cop arrested for allegedly molesting girl in Yokohama See in context

They should start by banning the fetish scenes in mangas.

Of course this never happened until manga was invented!

Basically this kid cop grew up on 16 year old girls.

16 year old girls have been around ever since I can remember. Do they lock them up where you come from so they cannot be seen? I thought some were hot when I was ten. I thought the same at 16. I thought the same at 20. Was I supposed to get some sight altering contact lenses implanted or something?

I think you should slow your roll before you start coming up with some Taliban-esque ideas to prevent a recurrence of this crime. The problem was not that she was 16. The problem was not that he found a 16 year old attractive (before he actually could even possibly know her age). The problem was that he was groping and molesting random females on the street, females with a plural S, and I wager plenty were over 18.

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Posted in: 20-year-old cop arrested for allegedly molesting girl in Yokohama See in context

Japan is obsessed with the upskirt fetish.

This is not a case of excessive upskirting. This is a case of lower rung sexual assault.

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For instance, about 46% of Americans hold a disapproving view that rich people are wealthy because they were fortunate enough to be born into money or have the right connections. But almost as many people—43%—say wealthy people are rich “mainly because of their own hard work, ambition or education.”

And I would not be surprised if near half of rich people were born into it and near half worked for it. How backward do you have to be to think that rich people all got rich one way or the other?

My biggest problem is that so many got so rich by jipping everyone. If I pay you 100 dollars total wages to build a wall and I make 500 dollars profit on the wall, I jipped you. You were not paid nearly the value of your labor. But, of course you don't know that because my profits on your labor are not a matter of public record.

My second biggest problem is that of ownership. Those that own reap the big profits. Those that actually do the work get wages. It should be obvious that the system will collapse one day as that order of things means all the wealth will pool at the top.

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