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Posted in: Israel won't accept changes to 1979 Egypt peace deal See in context

It is about time Egypt broke this agreement. The egyptians have to sell oil to israel for around $3.00 us dollars a barrel also they have to sell natural gas at the 1970 rate. Right now Israel wants to go to war with another Muslim country, most muslims will back Iran..Israels does not care as they will use Nuclear weapons agenest Iran and all other Muslim countries. I met the Israel Engineers in America when they tested there Bomb many years ago. So lots of luck here we go to a NUCLEAR WAR.

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Posted in: Asian territory disputes could trigger war: Panetta See in context

There is no Territorial dispute over these Islands. We took them from their countries with our Military. We lost the WAR. Well now have to give them back to their legal owners. Any thing we got thru WW2 we have to give back. America included them as ours because they knew this would cause a problem in the future, like the British did with India and the Middle East. These right wing people are funded by the U.S. Military. This is all American policy to cause problems in the area so they can sell us out dated military equipment to our government.

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Posted in: China pushes Japan with sea claims, trade threats See in context

****I would like to inform everyone .Japan lost WW2. unconditional surrender. the army invaded Korea and China. Anything they got during our War times from 1880 to today goes back to the ones we took it from. That is it period. WE lost we did not win. The other problem is we are an occupied country and under the terms we are still occupied and we do not have any foreign policy according to the Americans. That is what the Genearl in Korea said to ther P.M. when he made a peace deal with North Korea. So we have to kiss the you know where on the Americans until they leave. we are not a FREE country period. AKIO

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., EU discuss rare earth supply security See in context

Like Motytrah said the USA have all kinds of rarer earth. They want to keep their's till everyone runs out. then they will charge everyone an arm and a leg for some.,in the mean time they will blame China and everone else for a shortage. China can do what it wants with it's raw minerals it is in there land. If America complains then they can send urainium to IRAn and no one can complain

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Posted in: Noda congratulates Putin; urges resolution to territorial issue See in context

You can tell Prime Minister NODO, that Russia will not do anything about theese islands as long a America occupy's Japan. When America leaves then Russia will talk not before. Rememberas long as America is here we an occupied country and we have no foregn policy. Only Americas., they control everything even our military. So guit asking dumb question,

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Posted in: Areas near nuclear plant may be unlivable forever, gov't says See in context

For energy look to Tesla .he broadcast energy, but the problem was once you had a receiver and they were cheap to build, your electricity was free. Some country has to do this to stop the carbon build up. Akio

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Posted in: No. of suicides surpasses 30,000 for 14th year in a row in 2011 See in context

There is something wrong with the government if we have 14000 suicides a year and the country as a whole.. The people off the country are sick by letting this happen

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Posted in: Japan says it is ready to help stabilize Europe See in context

How can we help anyone, we are 265 % over our G.N.P. Greece is only 20% over their G.N.P. When the world wakes up we are in a lot of trouble.

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Posted in: Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant worker dies See in context

on 239 refer to Linus Pauling, He stopped nuclear testing. in the atmosphere. I'm sure the poor man died from radiation, but like everything else in Japan they will sweep it under the rug. If this type of energy is all the nuclear engineers and nuclear physicist can give us they have to find a new job they are worthless in the modern world. The only other things the IDOTS have given us is the Atomic Bomb. We have to fire them all and let them go in and clean up the mess they made with a paper suit to protect themselves. They are the idiots that say paper will protect you or a piece of cotton.

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Posted in: Police probe Qantas death threats; travelers delayed See in context

I don't believe any worker would sabotage any airplane., But I would not fly on any airline that promotes disgruntled employees. This is what happens when you put an IRISH man in charge of the company. look what they did to their own country, bankrupt it.

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Posted in: Protests against Wall Street spread across U.S. See in context

did you notice what group all the people running these corporations are?? check it out and look where all the money went. 780 trillion in notes. not billion. America is bankrupt. Just like Japan 265 % over GNP.When Greece is only 10% over GNP. They are saying Greece is bankrupt. Something doesn't ADD up here. AS the saying goes the SHOT is going to hit the fan very soon.

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Posted in: Boeing, U.S. Navy deliver plan to equip ASDF with Super Hornets See in context

Mitsubishi makes a better jet than any American one. it is a vertical take off one, does 3.5 mach. the only problem the latest American jets have a laser that can shoot down another jet 240 miles away. we would have to fit this system into our jet. But remember the chinese can shoot down a jet doing 18,00 miles per hour. So why do we need any?? Akio

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Posted in: 45% of children tested near Fukushima plant have radioactive elements in thyroid glands See in context

Greed and more greed. For electricity look up TESLA. he gave us all fee electricy ,but they couldn't charge for it. Please read about TESLA.

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Posted in: U.S. credit rating cut for first time ever See in context

For your information: U.S. Treasury Bonds are only payable in Federal reserve Notes. Not us Treasury Notes, Their is nothing backing Federal Reserve Notes. They are just printed paper. When you go to treasury and turn in a dollar they just give you another worthless Federal Reserve Dollar. Sorry Sucker. Do the math. The U.S, Government has issued 847 trillion dollars. Their 300 million people are responsible to pay for them.. There is no way that can happen in my great-great-great grand children's life time. The 847 Trillion is on record do your research if you do not believe me

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Posted in: Farmers protest outside TEPCO's Tokyo headquarters See in context

Tepco is responsible for what has happened and instead of having people line up and delaying paying them for there losses they should be paying without question. This is another example of business screwing up and not wanting to pay for there mistakes. Why are we building these plants the American aircraft carriers have nuclear power plants that don't have to be refueled in 26 years. If this is all our nuclear scientist can give us they should be FIRED Now not later and find a new line of work, their brain is in there Butt,

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Posted in: Strauss-Kahn accuser says she wants justice See in context

Her we have a rich something ,with a Judge from the same background, Who has hired many detectives to pay anyone who needs some money to say what ever the want about this poor women. In New York everone is on the take. You know from experance that the Judge will find a way to let him off. He won't send a brother to Jail. ANDREW

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Posted in: Toyota's president apologizes for massive global recalls See in context

To MR. A. TOYODA. I'm sorry about your car troubles. But. the American government insist that the computer has some chips that can control the computer ( like ONSTAR ) the computer also has to have by LAW a GPS chip. so they know where the car is at all times. These chips give them control of the car at all times. Like when someone stole a car the Police Officer said, that when they stopped the car by using onstar . that not only did they shut the motor down but they locked the windows and doors so the sucker couldn't get out. They put the breaks on.to stop it. Now you don't have to be a computer expert to realize that if you can start and stop a car you can also prevent it from stopping, you can turn it's lights o n or off or anything. Mr. Akio Toyoda it is about time you made your own computer design. Remember Japan wants the American out of is country, And America ill do anything to pressure your government not to leave. and also force you to buy worthless U.S. Treasury Bonds that are only payable in private federal dollar bills. and they have nothing backing them. Mr. Akio Toyoda You make great cars and trucks, please keep it up.The Next on to go will be HONDA as The American oil companies will not stand by while you make cars that do not use gasoline or an oil fuel

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Posted in: 13 young students murdered at party in Mexico border city See in context

American politicians allow drugs into America to control some of the population. and like the both BUSH presidents they make money out of it. the Mexicans just killed the top police investigator on a case in central Mexico. where an American was killed. This can happen in any city in Mexico. never think of taking a vacation there or opening a business.I feel very sorry for the people there as a war is going on between the government and the Drug czars, and the drug czars are winning.All the big Czars live in california and florida. We now have them shooting people here. and the police are doing nothing about it. some are making to much money.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador: U.S.-Japan pact critical for peace See in context

I think Mr. John ROOS should go home. The only country threatening JAPAN is America. They keep trying to restart the Korean war. The South Koreans are having the same problem they will not leave. It is like a CANCER once you got them they never go away. By JANES fighting ships Japan has the second largest Navy in the world, so is our Air Force. our army is only smaller than China. There is no NUT in Asia that would start a war with JAPAN except AMERICA for what ever reason. Every WAR since WW2 has been started by them.Don't believe me just read the books.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. remain apart on Futenma See in context

First of all JAPAN is not left leaning. Every time a country does something they don't like they call it LEFT leaning. America is just a FACIST country now.As for the bases. America can move their troops to Afghanistan in 48 hours with all the air transport planes they have. They want 30,000 more troops there so here is 9000 they can have now. What is their stupid problem. It is about time they got out of jJAPAN the (F'N )war has been over for 64 years. Go home . We would like to turn our treasury bond in for something tangible. not for those worthless federal reserve notes, they are just ponzi paper worth nothing and backed by nothing.

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Posted in: Can anyone suggest a solution to the U.S. bases issue in Okinawa? See in context

As far as an legal agreement. The Americans have never honoured a n agreement they signed. look a history. Bush tore up an agreement they had with the Russians on nuclear because he didn't like it. The same with chemical weapons in Vietnam. They used them and said they didn't sign the agreement. I feel the War has been over 64 years and JAPAN has honoured all there AGREEMENTS. Japans self defence force can defend the country without any ones help; The american now want our people to do their fighting. It is now time they leave us alone. besides the american dollar is worth nothing there is nothing backing it it is only printed paper.Signed SEA BIRD

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Posted in: Do you think the International Criminal Court should be able to charge world leaders with crimes? See in context

YES. Why not? They are responsible for their actions. Bush should be arrested and tried NOW.

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Posted in: Does the U.S. need to have military bases anywhere in Japan? See in context

NO WAY. World war 2 as been over for 63 years. Do we have bases in America? Get the warmongers out of Japan and ASIA. Without a war they have nothing. They are in IRAQ murdering innocent people who have done nothing to them.

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Posted in: Senate bows to Bush and approves surveillance bill See in context

Just remember IDOT the americans are listening to you phone call, even to a friend. So watch out what you say, big brother is listening.

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Posted in: English graffiti 'Hack' grounds bullet train See in context

If they saw that in the yard, why not just change that car, or maybe their boss couldn't make a decision. Of course we are not educated to make decisions.

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Posted in: What it boils down to is that we want to let our swimmers choose whatever swimsuit they want so that they get the best results at the Beijing Olympics. See in context

All should ware only Bikinis supplied by the Olympic committee. That is the only fair way. Next they will be putting something on their FEET. Keep the crooks out of the OLYMPICS?

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Posted in: Anti-Americanism at record levels worldwide, report shows See in context

What America says or does is like NAZI Germany, That can arrest you now for anything. Don"t believe what they say ., remember they are still in our country after 63 years. Once they come in they never want to leave and threaten you or your country if you challenge them.

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Posted in: Scanners that see through clothing installed in U.S. airports See in context

No copy of you from the people that brought you IRAQ has weapons of mass destruction. If you believe that you believe that the MOON is pink. or you have a mental problem.

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Posted in: What changes are needed in Japanese society to stop the falling birthrate? See in context

Japan should not worry about falling birth rate. and we should not allow importing of other people into our country like America. We are the worlds leader it robotics. We do not want to become over populated like CHINA.

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