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It sounds mean but nisegaijin raises a fair point. Aid is needed to alleviate suffering, but demographic fundamentals in many poor countries are awful, and problem won't be fixed without basic changes. See an excellent book that addresses this -- "A Farewell to Alms" by Gregory Clark...

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That ad's an attention-grabber...

Many (most?) Americans likely don't believe that having US troops in Japan is critical for America's strategic interests, and wouldn't care much one way or the other if the troops left Japan. After all, the US military left Subic Bay/Clark AFB, and the sky didn't fall...

Is Japan ready for the consequences of a US-pullout, including having to pay [a lot] more for its own defense?

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Leo's ok...

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C'mon, lighten up, it's good for a chuckle...

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Some J performers could succeed in the US with the right spin. Perfume might be interesting. Cute won't work; cool and exotic might...

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