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Posted in: G7 foreign ministers discuss Ukraine war, impact See in context

Can't help notice G7 seems like Germany 7 here lol!

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Posted in: We visit a mysterious pagoda near Yomiuri Land, turns out to be an incredibly sacred spot See in context

The Sacred Forest is home to a whole bunch of other things to see as well, such as this statue of Myoken Bosatsu, also known as the God of the North Star. The statue was created in 1301 by the order of a Buddhist priest and was designated as an Important Cultural Property in 1950.

Add a bit of shady history to it, and boom Japan will be already making submissions to UNESCO for this place to designated as a world heritage site!

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Posted in: Tokyo's Yamanote Line to test automated trains with passengers from October See in context

I do not see any real merit in it. Just that machines are going to make human beings jobless and poor forever.

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Posted in: Russian-language sign at station in Tokyo back on view after being covered up See in context

Have people stopped drinking/ buying Russian Vodka too?

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Posted in: Save time and water by turning your shower into a bath with this nifty gadget See in context

More weird stuff. Just take a shower!

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Posted in: Apple's new budget iPhone will be faster and more expensive See in context

An absolute hoax in my opinion. Am not sure I would want to downgrade to a phone which still has a huge visible home button on it.

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Posted in: Tokyo, 12 prefectures ask to extend COVID quasi-emergency See in context

Tokyo = Japan

Japan = Tokyo

So whom do they really ask?


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Posted in: Tokyo's population dips for 1st time in 26 years See in context

Seems to me like a veiled accountability explanation of the failed government programs to decongest Tokyo. Not so many people have been signing up for those government assisted housing/ cash to start life outside Tokyo or move to a rural area.

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Posted in: Watch where you ride See in context


I would love to give you a free tour of Tokyo to prove it :)!

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Posted in: Watch where you ride See in context

Considering that cycling tracks are non-existent in Japan....................................!

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Posted in: Karaoke rooms become live concert venues for 'otaku' and 'oshikatsu' See in context

It's only in Japan I have observed that lonliness and Isolation is sold to people.

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Posted in: Japan to provide over $1 mil, relief supplies to tsunami-hit Tonga See in context

Tonga has a population of 105,697. $1 million and relief help goes a long way in helping the people directly or restoration of certain important services. If this is true I would say Kudos nihon hopefully they will get the money if you know what I mean.

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Posted in: 42,000 rapid antigen tests snatched in Sydney heist See in context

I guess Japan is doing a descent job or we are just living in confusing times. I have got two free Antigen tests & a free PCR test in the past 7 days at my workplace bcoz a few cases got identified. I haven't shown an symptoms yet , and those who were directly in contact with the subjects. Maybe Japan is doing a good Job in making these tests available for free to everyone now, but I do wonder if Bosses do have the legal authority to sanction these tests to the unwilling who are healthy. Could this be a power harassment case on the brew?

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Posted in: Hayashi points to U.S. forces over COVID surge in parts of Japan See in context

A new fool is born every minute in Japanese politics!

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Posted in: COVID vaccination requests at work pose worry in Japan's booster push See in context

Where does the pressure to get tested fall under? Can it be considered harassment too? I walked in at my workplace the other day after a short winter break, and there was a Rapid Covid-19 testing Kit on my desk. I had to take it since my other JP co-workers were scrambling to take it.


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Posted in: Docomo starts paid service to attach protective film to your smartphone for you See in context

If you do have the 1100yen or 4620 yen to do it I would say go ahead and do it, but honestly you are being conned. An effortless search on the internet (amazon) will save you a lot of dollar. There are many types protective films which anyone put on their phones without the feared hustles. I use one which comes with a spray. All I need to do is clean my screen, spray the liquid, and paste the film. The liquid enables you to move the film to fit, and it eradicates all the bubbles. You won't even see that your phone has a film, that's how perfect it is, and it costs me 700yen for 2 in one box! As a plus they have a QR code you can scan, and you can get an additional gift for buying from them. The last time I bought from them they sent me a wireless phone charger. There is a lot out there. Just refuse to be ripped in broad day light.

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Posted in: Police reminding drivers not to perform the illegal 'Ibaraki Dash' maneuver See in context

I have always thought busy intersections should be widened and have some form of shoulder gap/ pass road to allow vehicles continuing straight to keep moving. Most drivers are cognizant of that block in traffic movement hence the dash maneuver. Surely a dangerous act, and if it's a common occurrence it means there is more which needs to be done than just extending the draconian hand of the law.

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser wary of easing restrictions See in context

wary of easing restrictions

It means we want to act as if we are doing something but actually we do not know what we are doing.

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Posted in: Japan Pavilion at Dubai expo to be seen remotely See in context

"Designing Future Society for Our Lives."

Designing a future Society for Our Lives

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Posted in: You can buy yourself a mini log cabin for telework at Tokyo’s Shibuya Loft See in context

I still do not understand the obsession with confined spaces in Japan

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Posted in: ANA begins on-site vaccination; JAL to start on Monday See in context

The devolution process of the vaccine remains a noble idea, but disgustingly remains symbolic. The bureaucrats want to look as if they are doing something. Just look and the numbers of shots they a giving per day and cry. 50 shots a day then 300. It doesn't inspire any form of confidence at all.

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Posted in: Looking for love, white rhino Emma arrives in Japan See in context

Just tell us they plucked the Rhino from Zimbabwe for 2 yen already!

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Posted in: Aichi city gave pharmacy chain chief, wife priority bookings for vaccination See in context

Apparently name dropping is still a thing in Japan. Fortunately the dude runs his own business otherwise they will be calling for him to resign. Am sure if the roll out of the vaccine wasn't being toppled by the government bureaucrats this story wouldn't have caught any headlines. Just like everyone else he also needs the vaccine.

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Posted in: Government advisor sparks anger with tweet laughing off calls for Olympic cancelation See in context

With just over 10,000 fatalities, Japan has suffered fewer deaths than other countries, but has lagged in rolling out its vaccine program and seen a surge in cases in recent weeks.

This mantra shows how arrogant some people are, and makes me want to vomit each time I see it.

Btw: Some third World countries have even fewer deaths, and have done much better in responding to this pandemic than Japan, and we never see them uttering such like the above.

Simple Google Search of a few selected Thirds world countries Corona Deaths as of May 10th

Ghana- 783

Namibia- 691

Ivory coast- 291

Burundi- 6

Western Sahara- 1

Mauritius - 17

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context

This could be worse than GO-TO- TRAVEL, but I ain't No expert!

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Posted in: Kyoto police investigating cream puff attack on Bentley See in context

The other day there was some white stuff on my car, with granules of mulberry seeds. Am guessing I was attacked by a raven.

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Posted in: Mayor forced to quit over bringing personal sauna into office See in context

If you are in position of power in Japan, and someone doesn't like you. They just find some dirt on you, sprinkle it over you, then they add the famous resign resign mantra on it. You are done!

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Posted in: Japan wants more pre-departure testing for Olympic, Paralympic teams See in context

We want Resident vaccinations more than anything else in the world.

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Posted in: High school kendo coach caught forcing students to pay birthday-tribute money See in context

What a legend!

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Posted in: Teacher disciplined for drinking alcohol during class in Okinawa See in context

Am still not a fan of smoking in front of school gates too. Teachers still take frequent smoke breaks, and go to teach with that smoke stench still lingering. I remember at one rural school, Some JHS boys decided to smoke at the school gate too. It does make sense right? Role models!

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