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Posted in: Elementary school teacher arrested for hugging young boy See in context

My first feeling could this article could have been poorly written or not saying the real story behind the story.

Secondly I am an Elementary school teacher, Kids voluntary jump on me, ask me to lift them up, and hug me too. Maybe its that they find it acceptable to foreigners and not Japanese teachers. If the kid reported it to the Mother then it means something more uncomfortable happened.

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Posted in: 24 fishermen rescued from half-submerged ship in rough seas off Izu islands; 1 dead See in context

Am gonna curiously connect some dots here on the deceased. Seems he was the engineer, and the boat suffered an engine failure, and he was the only one to lose his life. Could this be a case of S....de? pre meditated? the other crew members being casualties? Can't imagine the horror at rough seas though. Peace!

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Posted in: Kim's powerful sister says N Korea, Japan can open 'new future' See in context

This article can be a contender for April fools.

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Posted in: Ukraine-born Miss Japan relinquishes crown after reported affair See in context

There ain't bad publicity anymore. She gets it & Ukraine too.

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Posted in: Should you drive through a red traffic light like this in Japan? Confusing road rule explained See in context

This explanation I didn't know, but I have always followed the arrows, and never slammed the breaks. Very informative though. Even driving schools in Japan haven't upgraded to explain these. They still have 1970's manuals and videos.

A few more simple traffic lights situations could include the flashing red light or at an intersection traffic lights can be red on all sides at the same, you might start moving thinking its gonna be green immediately etc etc

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Posted in: Moving quake evacuees high priority as deaths rise See in context

The death toll from the quake rose to 206 on Wednesday, according to the authorities, with the figure including eight people who were not directly killed by the magnitude-7.6 temblor but are believed to have died due to a deterioration in their health conditions, in some cases associated with the stress of being evacuated

Could they avoiding to say suicides here? let's support the affected people with all we have.

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Posted in: Warm destinations to visit during winter in Japan See in context

Tokyo has been experiencing warmer winters in recent years too. Japan's Islands weather is very unpredictable, it suddenly be unbearably windy and cold such that recommending these places as winter escapes can highly be misinformative.

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Posted in: Losing control See in context

Even without looking at smartphones diagonal walkers and those who walk looking down as if the world belongs to them are a menace in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Japan's possibly oldest molds for bronze relics found at Saga ruins See in context

Let's make it a World Heritage site already.

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Posted in: Japanese marines conduct drill on island seen as vulnerable to China See in context

Japan trying to show it's militaristic face of just an article fanning the anti- Xi propaganda?

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Posted in: Takarazuka group head to quit over actress' death but denies bullying See in context

Cases of bullying and Harassment are easy to ignore, and often go unnoticed at work places in Japan unless something tragic like this happens. Since most of it ranges from passive aggressiveness to work overloads it can be hard detect, but it's a sad reality happening at work places in Japan everyday and none seems to really care.

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Posted in: Japan's beloved Hachiko dog statue showcased in pop-up bedroom See in context

I attended a comedy show over the weekend, and a Japanese comedian humorously mentioned the instagram V Reality situation of the Hachiko Statue. It's fame doesn't match the moment you actually see the statue. But who am I to Judge.

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Posted in: Prisoner who hanged himself in his cell on Oct 4 dies See in context

One leg of his pants was attached to the toilet in his cell, and the other leg was around his neck.

Are Japanese prison toilets elevated? The old fashioned style with a tank installed a bit higher than the seat or squatting hole, just wondering.

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Posted in: UK veteran, 97, who fought against Japan in World War II visits Tokyo's national cemetery See in context

Wondering if Veterans from Japan's neighboring countries can be allowed the same press ?

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Posted in: Japan hopes to resolve China's seafood ban over Fukushima's wastewater release at WTO See in context

The truth vs celebrity endorsements.

Should we be made to choose here ?

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested for assaulting passerby on street in Kawasaki See in context

One morning I hopped on the Chuo line from Tachikawa headed to Shinjuku. One middle aged Japanese guy shouted as I entered "Kill America", and started pointing Air gun gestures to me with his fingers.

Disclaimer: Am not even from the US.

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Posted in: American cyclist dies in expressway accident in Yokohama See in context

kohakuebisu & Mocheake In this Case this is the Shuto Ko. Have you guys used this Express way before?(Notoriously One of the narrowest Expressways in Japan and all Elevated. Takes real effort for a cyclist to be on this high way) I have driven on it many times.

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Posted in: American cyclist dies in expressway accident in Yokohama See in context


Yes police has to say the cyclist entered by mistake. Most entrances to Express ways are clearly and Boldly Marked in Japanese and English language( although the English is limited) Most Highways you have to take a winding road first till you reach the Gate( not all) Some you have to go up a ramp to get to the gate. Definitely you would have to realize am about to take a Expressway putting everything into consideration. It is really an unfortunate and fatal mistake. Could be absence of so much traffic at 3am in the morning could have tempted the cyclist or the mistake as the police indicated.


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Posted in: 400,000 nuisance calls made to Japanese Embassy in China over Fukushima See in context

These could have been from One person or a few people out of the 1.2 billion people in China

Reminds me of the Chinese festival in yoyogi park 2 weeks ago openly watched by Japanese police and the Secret sevice presence wasn't that a Secret at all.

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Posted in: Japan, China spar over import ban after Fukushima water release See in context

Kishida said during their talks that Japan has secured the global community's understanding regarding the safety of the water release and vowed to continue his country's explanation "with high transparency," according to the Japanese government.

The water discharge has been accepted by nations such as the United States and Australia, as well as the European Union.

So the global community means US, Australia and 27 EU Countries. Globally we have 195 countries. No wonder why China is saying stop goofing around Japan. You also get to know how much Japanese business community heavily depends on China than the US, AUS or EU countries which his Excellency MR PM K proudly holds in high esteem.

Tom & Jerry

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Posted in: Accusers in Johnny's sex scandal say they hope for apology, compensation See in context

Definitely who doesn't want some extra cash. That's the main noise and the other things follow. Show me the money and it will be well .

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Posted in: 'Ferrari' Matsushima looking to drive Japan's challenge See in context

Another one from the Motherland :) Zim to the Bab to the We

Matsushima, who was born in Pretoria to a Zimbabwean father and a Japanese mother, is set to appear at his third World Cup

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Posted in: Man arrested for pushing father off bridge into river in Osaka See in context

'A witness saw Shigehiro sitting on a bridge railing '

An eyewitness at 1:05am

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Posted in: Author Murakami pleads for keeping Tokyo park and baseball stadium that inspired his writing See in context

My sincere apologies Mr Haruki Murakami. This is the only patch of land in Japan's rich historical heritage UNESCO did not consider to be included on the intangible cultural heritage( including your jogging path).

Koike & UNESCCO cannot be trusted.

Guess you can dig my drift here!

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Posted in: The portable washing machine to end all washing machines See in context

Who wants to travel around with a washing machine?

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Posted in: Cholera vaccine shortage to last until 2025 as cases surge See in context

A shortage of cholera vaccines is likely to last until 2025 as outbreaks surge worldwide, a global vaccine alliance said, days after the World Health Organization warned that the short-term outlook for controlling the disease was bleak.

Of course who cares the disease mostly affect the so called third world countries in Africa, Asia, South America & etc. Developing vaccines for these countries doesn't have much profit for the pharmaceutical companies in the so called first worlds. So why should they care? So in short they are saying die you bastards until after 2 years maybe we will make a few more vaccines. It's disgusting.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges $500 mil in financial support to Africa See in context

Gave 5.5 billion to support a war (Ukraine) .Gives 500 million to Africa.

If there was a country called Africa I would say keep your feeling sorry, hypocritical, and unashamed yen to yourself sir. Better help the suffering local people here in Japan with it.

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Posted in: Japan, Egypt seek resumption of democratic transition in Sudan See in context

It's weird that countries which have zero influence in certain countries seek a picture moment and ashamedley talk about crisis resolutions. If Kishida is serious then he should be visiting countries/ leaders with close alliances with Sudan.

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Posted in: Teacher moonlighting as bar host arrested in Nagoya See in context

 According to investigators, the man lives with his parents and has been working as a host two or three times a week since late last summer, not so much out of financial necessity but because of an attraction to the line of work.

The shallowest explanation I have ever seen. It makes me wanna puke. Full time teachers are poorly renumerated and unfairly overworked in Japan. Now think of a part time.

FYI I know certain city's part time teachers working between 8am-14:30 and earning 5000yen. No transportation fee, if they own a car they need to pay for parking at the school, no paid holidays.

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Posted in: Japan will keep calling for China to act responsibly, Kishida says See in context

In other words Japan will keep provoking China?

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