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Posted in: Sniff... sniff... does Japan have a problem with odors? See in context

My worst is breath smell, and people here consume a lot of garlic too.

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Posted in: Activists hope Pope Francis will sway Japanese opinion on death penalty See in context

99% of Japanese people are against Organized religions. By organized i mean like going to church every sunday, converting and being a full member, paying tithes or offerings, reading a bible, believe in one God etc.

And yet the 12,000,000 or so members of Sokka Gakkai pay tithes, chant sutras and vote Komeito. Are you quite sure 99% of Japanese people don't like organized religion?

Are you quite sure 99% of Japanese people don't like organized religion?" There's a very fine line between a cult and a religion. Nichiren Buddhism is a religion, and Soka Gakkai is Ikeda Daisaku's personality cult. I've witnessed it destroy lives and split families firsthand.

@Alfie Noakes & @expat by 99% i was just trying to say society at large are not that interested in these forms of organized religions, not as a correct/objective figure. So at @expat you are actually correct by mentioning the fine line between a religion and a cult, that is the main reason why most Japanese will not convert to any form of organized religion. They will rather stay away than convert. The Aum Shinrikyo gas attacks do factor in big time in this religio-phobia attitude. Religion/cult the fact of being affiliated to any disinterests them. Add to what you have said about Sokka Gakkai or Nichiren. Even those that claim to Buddhists or Shinto, it doesn't go any deeper.

@Alfie I don't think 12 million members represents Japan only. i think its their global membership. in Japan around 5 million. Also factor in the people who are really practicing it! Actually now i did a quick survey to 15 Japanese people at my work place , non is Sokka Gakkai they all gave me that face of disgust towards it , followed with a えええええええ!!。I can't say out of 125 million Japanese, and i talked to 15 then make a conclusion, but it is the general consensus. Ask a few people around you, and share with me their thoughts. よろしく!

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Posted in: Activists hope Pope Francis will sway Japanese opinion on death penalty See in context

The Christian religion constitute less than 1% here. His views will not have any impact to anything in Japan.His invitation by the Japaneses government or any organization which extended it to him is more of a grandstand, it works well for the Japaneses government to have this welcoming image. Their mantra that Japan is opening up to the world is proved right by these powerful delegations visiting this 'ONLY' island nation. It's commercial for Japan than Socio/religio reasons. 99% of Japanese people are against Organized religions. By organized i mean like going to church every sunday, converting and being a full member, paying tithes or offerings, reading a bible, believe in one God etc. Introduce Christianity to any Japanese and tell them about this, they will answer you: This is a dangerous religion. To Japan the Pope is just like any influential religious or political figure they could invite here, show you around Hiroshima, Kyoto & Nara, and then endorse us as beautiful country. That's it.

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri admits taking illegal drugs for over 10 years See in context

Definitely she was set up, a victim of stalking from the police, and a forced confession/ admittance in exchange of a lesser punishment. I definitely feel sorry for her, and her unfortunate circumstances.

Although i am not in support of drug usage, but there is more which is unsaid.!

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Posted in: Name five of the most memorable film villains for you. See in context

The Grinch


3.Walter White ( Breaking Bad)

4.Jesse Pinkman ( Breaking Bad)

Olivia Pope ( Scandal)

Eli Pope ( Scandal ) LOL

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Posted in: Shibuya bans public drinking for Halloween in some areas See in context

"The rowdiness has even begun to affect the neighborhood’s international image, as one visiting foreigner who was arrested for vandalism last year told the police: “I’d heard that Halloween in Japan is crazy, and that every year people do things like this."

This is a pure example of lazy, naive, blunt reporting. Disgusting too trying to blame "foreigners" for it too.

Am shocked !!

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Posted in: Sleep next to railroad tracks at closest hotel to a train station platform in Japan See in context

Yada うるさい!!!!

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Posted in: School lunches keep Japan's kids topping nutrition lists See in context

I respect healthy, and nutritious meals, but if these all at the expense of the taste of my food then am always very unimpressed. I will paint to you a picture of what soup bowl contains in these schools: Carrots, Onion, radish, spinach, tofu chunks, sea weeds, and the fermented broth. All these are mixed together. Nutritionally maybe i can't argue the value. Taste wise, the worst you wanna have for your lunch. Also to make things worse most schools to do not have Kitchen facilities of their own, so the food is cooked at some Lunch Center, and transported to Schools, so by the time it's served it's already Cold. So imagine drinking fermented broth soup, and it's already cold, stcky cold dry rice etc.

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Posted in: Pregnant woman takes teen boys to task for calling their friend 'lame' for offering her his seat See in context

@mrmehoso11 might have thought he had a nice manner story to massage his ego with, but after reading other peoples opinions recoils back into a corner like a fetus in the womb. looking for moral redemption decides to apologize to make himself look nice and feel good again. It's a confusing personality complex. As people, we are quick to judge others, and forget that we are all human. I have seen and experienced this situation many times. I respect the priority Seat rules as a responsible citizen. I once offered a seat to a disabled guy, but he looked at me with a really stern face( That face which was saying disability doesn't mean inability). I crawled back to my might seat, and the awkwardness covered my surroundings like a thick morning cloud. Even old people turn my seat away. I guess it's the gaijin complex. Remember Japanese people rarely take seats next to us, and what about offering one. It is the story behind the story.

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Posted in: Japanese town celebrates first whale catch of the season See in context

The article itself is written to provoke. It seems to be achieving it's goals :)

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Posted in: Japan starts minting coins stamped with new imperial era 'Reiwa' See in context

500¥is not equivalent to US$5. lets not inflate exchange rates here.

1 JPY is equivalent to 0.00921710 USD.

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Posted in: How much is the average rent in Tokyo in 2019? See in context

Just to add on: Tokyo is not made up of the 23 Wards only. There are also also cities which are part of greater Tokyo, and can also provide alternative cheap accommodation too. These cities are even far from central Tokyo. ( West Tokyo, Tachikawa, Kodaira, Hachioji etc)

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Posted in: Kyoto mayor posts letter to Kim Kardashian on Facebook,explaining what kimono really is See in context

Oh! please please Mrs West do not disrespect our small nation Japan's , we are kind people, many nice guys here in Japan, we are the only island country please please leave our Kimono alone, Oh! Please Ms West come to Kyoto, and see that we We are UNESCO world heritage site. Please Please bring Yeezy with you.

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Posted in: Clash between liberal, authoritarian values at G20 summit See in context

Trump neglecting a group photo comment is a weak one, of the millions of pics taken on this moment, this publication seems to have deliberately chosen this one for publication, The German Chancelor seems to be having a chit chatty moment with the only Black African president in attendance, the other guy on the far left seems to looking somewhere else, and not the camera, some are waving hands, some are not, definitely Xi ping is not smiling the list can go on. Just because its Trump???

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Posted in: M5.5 quake hits eastern Japan; no immediate damage reported See in context

I work at a School, and the School principal is the only one who completely missed the shake because he was busy doing something on his smartphone. I wonder what it was :) :)?

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Posted in: Japan's detention center gives foreign media a look See in context

He said some workers at the Tokyo Detention Center were nice and whispered to him as he headed to the prosecutors' interrogation, "Hang in there."

"Hang in there" I think this can be loosely translated as Gambate Kudasai?/ Gambare. It's never automatically or strictly denotes sympathy nor empathy for anyone. People just shout it everyone to pretend to be nice or they could be nice. How many times have people shouted to you gambare, even if they do not mean it, for me the answer is many times.

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Posted in: Blood, sweat but no tears in Japan's office chair grand prix See in context

Guys be careful about what you wish for. I foresee Japan pushing this to be an Olympic sport. lol

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Posted in: Police shakedowns increasing in run-up to Tokyo Olympics See in context

I am stopped by police all the time, so i am now used to it. It used to annoy me because i am a person of color, and it felt targeted. Recently they stopped me at my home train station, but i was rushing for the oncoming train, so i did not stop. They followed me inside the ticket gates and all the way to the platform, and demanded my resident card. I showed them, and they left me alone.

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Posted in: Record amount of stimulants seized in Shizuoka; 7 Chinese men arrested See in context

Definitely a tip off.

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Posted in: Schoolgirls chase suspected train groper and get timely assist from tripper See in context

Am Just curious about this fact about the girl: "He also added that the high school girl who came forward said that the man had touched her breast, and that she had been experiencing similar harassment for a month, and after growing angry, decided to apprehend her assailant."

She had been experiencing similar harassment for a month? Has she been showing so much cleavage in those school uniforms? Is it the same guy who had been groping her? definitely there should be a reason because it is a curious chunk of information which needed to be explained a bit. Why only her being targeted by these perverts? I know Japanese high schools like dressing skimpy, and making changes to their uniforms behind their parents knowledge. Am not supporting this perverts actions, but am just curious about What's the story behind this story?

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Posted in: What habits by your co-workers annoy you the most at your workplace? See in context

Was planning to talk to my boss with a lower voice, because i do not want my private issue to be of public consumption, but boss always decides to answer in a higher voice, and drawing attention to everyone, and without even carefully listening.

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Posted in: Renting a girlfriend in Japan: Relationship goals or just plain awkward? See in context

As a foreigner in Japan there are so many practices i still find weird and a waste of your yen and precious time. But it is these services i have seen many people running to, and paying loads of cash for. This lady found an easy avenue to make money from, for that we can't hate her. It seems like a direct response to those Nampa Schools scattered all over Japan now. Guys here in Japan go to schools to learn how to hit on women, and now this lady directly provides the women for you lol. All these situation are dealing with people with low social skills, social laziness, low self esteem etc etc.I do not get it all, because i think there are many ways to meet women without paying any money. Even the most Ugliest guy can find their match anywhere in the world. In Japan the most desirable Man are White man or if you are half. The rest of us who are Indians, Africans, Pakistani, Sri Lanka, Thai, PH, Vtnam, we hustle. Even if we are not that popular in Japan, I do get my fair share of pussy, not as much as i want, but it's more than enough than the senseless rental girlfriend gig. Sometimes i have met cute girls too at these local bars, and are willing to try something new. All i can say is go out and meet people, and stop being lazy.

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Posted in: School intruder says he intended to stab young Prince Hisahito See in context

@Judy Itoh Just want to praise herself by giving us an in depth description of security at her former yochien lol. The article itself doesn't give us adequate information pertaining the security systems at this school. How big is the university vs your homestyle yochien. Security systems can always breached. We can all make our own assumptions about this case, and in response to this poorly written, and less informative article.

Glad none was hurt!

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

UFJ Bank Tokorozawa branch told me i cannot open a bank account with them because i cannot speak Japanese. She said " the bank policy is strict, and as a foreigner who cannot speak Japanese, you cannot open an account here"

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Posted in: Man arrested after sawing off bars at congested rail crossing See in context

@englisc aspyrgend I suspect you work for JR or the police force, very quick to pull out the safety manual book of rules and regulations just as they teach you at work.

 Actually as Serrano pointed out i think they should device such a plan. I live near busy train tracks, and the company actually lifts up barriers even for the shortest of times, even in the shortest of times( allowing even one car to pass), and pedestrians we do rush through, the bell goes again, and barriers go down again. On other parts of the road with several barriers, and several vehicle and pedestrian crossing, the barries go down at different intervals, beginning with the one's closest to the train station. This is happens on the Seibushinjuku line, and i guess they came up with this strategy to counter such inconvieniences on the regular citizen. I am guessing this dude had been inconvinienced several times, and obviously couldn't take it anymore, and took it upon himself to deliver an extreme solution lol. Definitely stupid, since he is gonna pay big bucks for it , and a criminal record.

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Posted in: Japanese mom finds dead dad’s Amazon cart has one last message of love for his grandchildren See in context

A screen shot of the said Amazon cart, would have been even more heartwarming. I mean she could post pics of her beautiful triplets, then the deliberate omission the Amazon Cart screen shot kinda drains the authenticity of of this heartwarming scenario.

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Posted in: Understanding Japanese unemployment insurance See in context

Caution: This article is oversimplified, Yes the unemployment benefit through hello work exits in all cities in Japan.

But do not even bother quit or resign your job thinking it's an ABC benefit fund. It's nothing close to that. If you quit, resign, or get fired from your job, forget about this insurance. There is a lot BS**, paperwork and interviews you will go through, and then they will Deny you the insurance. If your company goes bankrupt, or something happens which is not your fault , but your employers fault, then you stand a chance to benefit from it. But other than that forget about it, you won't see even a single coin from these people.

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