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Posted in: Twitter in awe of photos of Hokkaido’s otherworldly blue pond See in context


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Posted in: Trump shifts focus to Japan after trade truce with China See in context

We've gone from "Who knew health care was so complicated," to "Who knew trade was so complicated." He has many opinions, but very little knowledge.

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan adds new winter Mt Fuji mugs to region-exclusive You Are Here Collection See in context

I would appreciate it if the mugs were available by mail order here in The States.

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Posted in: WHO says spread of polio remains international health emergency See in context

If the Taliban believes that the polio vaccine is part of a conspiracy to sterilize Muslim children, then it is no wonder that it so difficult to find common ground with them. The polio vaccine has been around since 1955. (I remember that the lines to take the first vaccine went around the block at our local vaccination point, at the local bank.) If the vaccine were indeed a ploy to induce sterilization among those who take it, then the world population would not have gone from 2.8 billion in 1955 to over 7.6 billion today.

It is ironic that the polio vaccine has contributed to an increase in world population, the exact opposite of what the Taliban believe it causes.

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Posted in: U.S., China reach 90-day ceasefire on tariffs in trade dispute See in context

Looks like we've gone from "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated," to "Nobody knew economic policy could be so complicated."

In other words, Mr. Nobody knows next to nothing about anything except taking bribes, lying, and selling his country down the drain to Putin and the Saudis.

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Posted in: China's plastic waste import ban pushes rich nations to rethink trash options See in context


Apparently much of the plastic that was shipped to China ended up dumped into the ocean. That is not just bad for Chinese, it is bad for everyone.

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Posted in: Trump aides caught in web of deception over Russia contacts See in context

Trump surrounded himself with liars, con artists, and felons? I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

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Posted in: Thousands of Australian students skip school for mass climate protest See in context

Australia is one of the most coal, oil, and natural gas reliant nations in the world. This is due to government policy. Although they have finally started to develop renewable energy, coal is still used for well over half of their energy needs. Meanwhile, here in California, with a population almost twice that of Australia's, we get less than 1% of our energy from coal. The difference is due to state government policy. We currently produce about half of all the solar power made in the whole USA, and over 80% of the geothermal energy produced in the USA. When the young people of Australia come of voting age, they may be able to effect significant change in their country.

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Posted in: Astellas Pharma gets U.S. nod for blood cancer treatment See in context

A month's supply at wholesale goes for $22,500.

How long does one have to take the medicine for it to be effective? If one month's regimen works as a cure, well ok, but if one has to take it forever, then we may have a problem.

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Posted in: Keeping it quick: Trump taking in-and-out trip to Argentina See in context

Still waiting for the day when he goes to Russia, and stays there. No worries about extradition in Moscow.

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Posted in: British going gaga over yuzu, Japan's in-vogue citrus fruit See in context

I have oranges and lemons in my yard here in California, and would be willing to try to grow a yuzu. Never heard of them before, but it sounds like they are worth a try.

To anyone who has never tried one, I would suggest putting a little mexican-lime juice into any broth-type soups. Hard to describe, but different from the limes traditionally available here in the States, and a very good flavor when used as an accent.

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Posted in: Trump proposes 'worldwide network' to counter CNN overseas See in context

There is something very strange about watching Trump claiming to care about the truth.

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Posted in: 190 'superbug' infections reported in Europe, U.S. after use of Olympus endoscopes See in context

Were these endoscopes also used in Japan? If not, why? And if they were used, what are the results in Japan?

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Posted in: Trump proposes 'worldwide network' to counter CNN overseas See in context

Who in their right mind would pay to watch Trump's lies?

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Posted in: Impeaching Trump not on House Democrats' to-do list for now See in context

The House of Representatives could theoretically start impeachment proceedings, but at this point the Senate would not vote against Trump by a 2/3ds margin, and that is obvious. What the House can do is to stop covering up Trump's illegal behavior, which the Republican controlled Congress has done for the last two years. The American people can then tell their Representatives and Senators what they want done with the "President." Exposing his misdeeds to the light of day may be enough to get him to flee to Russia.

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Posted in: Miss Universe Japan picks Sailor Moon ninja transformation dress as national costume for 2018 See in context

Some things I will never understand......

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Posted in: Gov't threatens to cut solar power subsidies See in context


The Fourth Annual Climate Assessment in the USA stated that the US has warmed 1.8 degrees F in the last century, and looks to be on the way to warm up another 3 degrees F in the next 82 years, by 2100. Assuming that this assessment applies generally to the global climate, it would behoove the governments of the world to do what they can to encourage sources of energy production which do not generate green house gases, such as Solar. Our ability to live on this planet may depend on actions taken at this time.

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Posted in: 5 years sought for ex-head of bankrupt kimono firm over alleged fraud See in context

He missed his calling. He should have gone into politics. Fraud is the new normal.

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Posted in: Package from China: Who pays the freight? See in context

Just goes to prove the point, that no one can be wrong all of the time.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese arrested in China alleged to have violated anti-spy laws See in context

They were hired to assist in geological assessments, whatever that means. It is not difficult to imagine that they would have needed access to maps in order to do their jobs.....jobs which they were hired to do by Chinese companies or government, I would assume. Which leaves me wondering if the arrests were not due to overzealousness by some government functionary. Sounds like a big mixup.

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Posted in: An unlikely meditation on family in 'Shoplifters' See in context

One of the things that I admire about movies from Japan and Korea is that they occasionally bring a fresh view point to an old subject. I suspect that Chinese movie makers are not in this category because the strict guidelines imposed by that country's dictatorship do not allow artists to explore and express their viewpoints.

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Posted in: Trump clashes with conservative U.S. chief justice over judiciary See in context

Bone Spurs isn't interested in whether a judge leans left or right; he only cares whether or not the judge will be loyal to him, personally.

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Posted in: Trump clashes with conservative U.S. chief justice over judiciary See in context

I hope and pray that our democracy is able to survive Trump's assault upon it.

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Posted in: Casio G-SHOCK partners with 'Transformers' for special model See in context

G-shock makes awesome watches.

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Posted in: Trump dilemma: Preserve Saudi alliance or declare prince a murderer See in context

Both Saudi Arabia and Putin have funneled hundreds of millions of US dollars into Trump, so of course he is reticent to do anything to upset either benefactor.

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Posted in: Millions left behind as diabetes drives surge in insulin demand See in context

A way needs to be found to manufacture the needed drugs locally. Of course, avoiding type 2 diabetes in the first place would be wise.

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Posted in: Can U.S.-China relations be saved? See in context

I do not know much about Xi, but Trump has impressed me mostly by his lack of qualifications, and his strong opinions about matters that he does not understand. Once a more normal politician is put into the White House, we can expect relations between the two countries to improve.

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Posted in: South Korean named Interpol president in blow to Russia See in context

Putting a Russian in charge of Interpol would be like putting a bank robbing murderer in charge of a prison.

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Posted in: Japan's rising sun flag removed from classroom at Canadian school See in context

If it is intended to be used as a teaching aide, it should be stored away, except when brought out for exhibition. Similarly, a Nazi Swastika flag might be appropriate as a teaching aide, if brought out only when needed as an instructional tool. To leave either flag out permanently is to glorify them.

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Posted in: Getting into shape See in context

From what I have read, fitness belts are a scam.

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