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This is why I'm not sticking around in Japan. Everyone can argue about what's "a fact" or not, but the only "real fact" is that no one can be sure.

Granted the situation is probably worse than were being lead to believe, it's only normal that people should take on the mentality of "better safe than sorry."

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I used to think the silent majority might be neutral, or at the worst, pro-nuclear, but most people I speak to in Fukui are considerably anti-nuclear power. It's not surprising considering the governor is anti-nuclear power as well.

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Why not? It's the truth. So you think we should just accept all the PR crap we're fed, because people have worked hard to create this false image?

I think there was some sarcasm that got misinterpreted here.

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For a mega group that is 44 members too big and racks in millions of yen in sales every year, you'd figure they could have paid someone get the English grammar in the title of their stupid documentary right.

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Well, seeing as all that Noda eats is Fukushima rice, now you can eat your heart buddy. Saw this one coming a mile away.

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this is totally idiotic in so many ways.

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