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Posted in: Japan giving Washington 250 new cherry trees to replace those to be lost in construction work See in context

… still waiting 15+ years for the replacement cherry blossom trees in nearby ‘shopping street’ that were ripped out to put in new parking meters… we only need about 20

They were promised to be replaced as soon as the work was done.

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Posted in: 3 junior high students implicated in death of man who fell from building rooftop See in context

Read the story…

the 13 year was a thug who was there to rob him.

the guy who died went to meet the girl, and who knows what she said to lure him there. But here intent was evil along, as with the two boys.

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Posted in: Elderly driver hits 2 pedestrians, killing one, near Nara temple See in context

My car has full surround bicycle and pedestrian LiDAR/sensors.

work’s fantastic in tiny Tokyo streets when mama-chariots come blasting around blind corners at top speed the wrong way down a one way street etc, and people walking looking at their phone who almost walk into the side, or even back of my car as I am driving slow… and more instances were some nutter was driving like a lunatic and nearly hit me. The roads in Japan… it’s a jungle out there!

This technology is available now and it works very very well. It needs to be mandatory for any car a person over 70 drives. It would have stopped this before it happens.

My car’s “auto pilot” self driving works wonderfully too.

Actually should be mandatory on every car on sale now.

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Posted in: In wake of JAL crash, air traffic controllers call for significant staff increase See in context

They want more staff than 19 years ago because the number of flights have doubled in that time period… imagine that?

They want to keep people safe? How dare they Peter Neil! The shame on them!

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Posted in: Jetstar cancels 2 domestic flights due to crew shortage See in context

Yes, pay a decent salary/wage, treat staff with respect and you (any company) will have no shortages.

Pretty simple.

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Posted in: Oil firm ENEOS president dismissed after hugging woman while drunk See in context


yep… he knows WAY too much about WAY too many people and “business activities” at the company to be fired.

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Posted in: Daihatsu to halt shipment of all models over rigged safety tests See in context

This kind of thing is done on purpose. It is not an accident. Those who approved it need jail time. That is the only way to root out this kind of corporate corruption and greed. Make others think twice if their actions result in 5-10 years in prison for endangering the life’s of hundreds of thousands of people.

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Posted in: 3 people injured by bear in same area of city in Ishikawa Prefecture See in context

The unusual warm weather may have thrown off his timing for hibernation, and even more probable, a lack of food in its natural (and possibly dwindling) habitat is driving it closer to humans.

Many/most Japanese bears are thought to hibernate from Dec to March/April.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 1st death from mpox in the country See in context

@tamanegi read the article

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Posted in: Kishida says he will act to restore trust amid fundraising scandal See in context

He will do a deep bow and say “sorry”

but he really means is “sorry we got caught”

and “restore trust” means we “will endeavor to not get caught again.”

everyone knows every single one of them is corrupt as can be.

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Posted in: Over 40% of workers in Japan sleep less than 6 hours per night: survey See in context

… hence the low productivity

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Posted in: Go-kart ride See in context

The other night the last two in their ‘convoy’ had no functioning lights at all, at 6:30.

The leader went through an orange turning red light, so the last two went to stop but I presume thought they would be left behind, then decided to cross the intersection as I legally through in the “blue” light nearly cleaning them up!

get this off the streets!

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Posted in: Japan's inflation slows to 2.8% in Sept as energy impact lessens See in context

And SHRINKFLATION” surges ahead at about 50%…. Same price… half as much as 2 years ago per packet. 1000’s of items/products.

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Posted in: Nagasaki police OK use of sunglasses by officers See in context


other night I was one gaijin amongst 40+ cars parked on the side of the road.

who do the cops ask to see license and check car for knives?

it was my wives car, and I was for my daughter to finish her her sports in 10 minutes.

didn’t have time to call the wife who use to be a police officer… she would have given these two young guys an earful for unlawful search etc. I just played along with them using minimum Japanese.

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Posted in: Turkish Airlines plane diverted from route, flew over central Tokyo See in context

I saw that and wondered what was going on. Did a quick check on my Flight Finder App.

I thought it must have had some kind of issue. Thankfully it didn’t.

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Posted in: 80 women arrested Jan-Sept in Tokyo's Kabukicho for alleged prostitution See in context

Lower the tone of Kabukicho? ROFL


you want find a more wretched hide of scum or villainy.

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Posted in: 80 women arrested Jan-Sept in Tokyo's Kabukicho for alleged prostitution See in context

Party poopers!

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Posted in: What is USB-C, the charging socket that replaced Apple's Lightning cable? See in context

Only one model will have a “fast” USB-C connection.

The other two, whilst having a USB-C plug will be at USB 2 speeds/specs, a standard which was set in 2001, and did not use or envision the current USB-C/Thunderbolt style cable plug.

I feel this is Apple’s big middle finger to the EU. Yes, we will use USB-C.. but many USB-C cables/adapters may actually be “too powerful” for those iPhones,.

This would be a deliberate setting by Apple, which again is a middle finger to the EU. An 80W USB-C charger for the Non MagSafe MacPro would be an example. Probably not best to charge the USB2 spec iPhone 15s with that, it may not even work as it is too powerful for the port on the iPhone.

Who still makes such low spec cables anymore? Did they ever have USB-2 spec cables that used an USB-C end/plug? And what other new electronic devices uses such low specs these days?

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Posted in: More Japanese regions brace for storms as Typhoon Khanun heads west See in context

Attention all old or elderly men, listen to your wives, do not go up on the roof during a storm… I repeat do NOT go up on the roof. It won’t end well.

This has been a public service announcement.

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Posted in: Japan agency calls for highest pay rise for civil servants in 26 years See in context

Don’t forget to add fax machine attendant to their duties…. That certainly warrants a pay rise in 2023.

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Posted in: Hot wait See in context

Seems like 90% of people don’t wear a hat even in these extremes. Crazy.

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Posted in: Japanese Embassy granted in-person access to detained national in China See in context

My hunch is … probably because the 3-4 months of mental and physical torture broke him, and he will now give answers that benefit for the Chinese.

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Posted in: 27% of Japan's nursing homes face bankruptcy due to price hikes: survey See in context

Self employed (small business too) are on a different pension plan.

It is currently ¥66,000 per month, per person. Despite decades paying into it. The law changed a decade ago about company pensions for the wife of husband dies. Before she wife got very little.

Self employed were suppose to have saved their own money, paid off the house and sitting on a safe full of cash come retirement, pension was just a top up. Didn’t work that way once the bubble popped in early 1990’s.

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Posted in: Heavy rainfall hits western Japan; 370,000 urged to evacuate See in context

Where do you evacuate 330,000 people to?

How do they get there?

If the rain is so heavy to cause floods and landslides then I presume trains and roads are not safe, and some will already be closed.

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Posted in: Tokyo area enters power-saving period amid tight supply forecast See in context

Decades of warning/knowing this was coming, they all did nothing.

All the nuke reactor owners bet on the aging plants being extended indefinitely. They knew the first proposed end date of such plants, for many has come and gone, yet they had no plan.

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Posted in: Disney use of AI for Marvel TV series sparks anxiety in Hollywood See in context

Above is someone who obviously didn’t read the article.

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Posted in: Japan calls for power saving from Tokyo households, industries during summer See in context

And… how about stop pruning big leafy trees back to match sticks?

The surface of a shaded sidewalk is under 30c… they heat up to 60c or so in the sun.

shade=cooling. But that is kind of free I guess… so no one gets paid so can’t have that.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing mother before house fire claims she ‘doesn’t remember’ See in context

“I don’t remember”

Seems listens to politicians and top bureaucrats…

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Posted in: April wholesale prices up 5.8%; import prices mark 1st fall in 2 years See in context

This doesn’t include or calculate that the amount of food/product you receive in the same sized container/packet is anything from 10-50% less, for the same item that “price” rise. So the real cost of food in terms of what you actually get is up 50% or more for many items.

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