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Posted in: Island that has refused nuclear money for 31 years pushed into compromising situation See in context

"If something goes wrong, you can't buy a clean sea with nuclear money."

Best quote I've heard in a while!

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Posted in: More Japanese youth wearing surgical masks to hide their face See in context

It always puzzled me when I saw someone driving a car (alone) with a mask on. Maybe they're just having a bad makeup day.

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Posted in: Toyota takes steps to beef up Japan production See in context

Come on bobo, what's your beef with it? :-)

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Posted in: March 11 quake freed hundreds of years of strain See in context

Good to see high-level journals like Nature being cited on JT! However, the quote from Avouac about not needing to worry in Tokyo is a bit misleading. In the very next sentence of the original Nature article, Avouac says "But it is clear that although geodetic networks are invaluable instruments for observing strain accumulation and seismic release at plate boundaries and major faults, we don’t yet have an adequate theory to use these data for earthquake and tsunami hazard assessment".

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