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Posted in: Trump asked Tokyo for $8 bil to keep U.S. troops in Japan: Foreign Policy See in context

this article seems to make Abe’s push to change Japan’s “self” defense force to an “offensive” military force make sense. Though a constitutional make over is already in the works, the move would probably be a bigger bite than it could chew. Something similar to S Korea’s 2 yr mandatory military service (for males 18~28) would need to be implemented to give itself a chance. With the “otaku/neet/hikikomori” culture rampant across the country, fat chance of any success.

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Posted in: Britain concerned over teenage girls traveling to Syria to join IS See in context

joining an enemy of the country is treasonous act, regardless of age, they should be treated as such.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmakers call for revision of wartime sex slavery apology See in context

the fact that Abe's even considering revising this apology is extremely offensive... is knowing the exact number of women who were devastated during the 35 year occupation really greater than the fact that such a cruel, unforgivable atrocity as sexual slavery took place? i wouldn't be surprised to hear the cries of angry Koreans calling for Abe's head.

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Posted in: U.S. court calls Sea Shepherd modern-day pirates See in context

"He determined the protesters’ tactics were nonviolent because they targeted equipment and ships rather than people." So the 'honorable' Judge Jones must also believe that passenger cars and airplanes struck by RPGs aren't violent acts because the targets are the vehicles and not the people inside. I guess we all need a new definition of what violent acts are.

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Posted in: More Japanese youth wearing surgical masks to hide their face See in context

in Japan these masks probably make it tough on their paparazzi. before the surgical masks boom, celebs just wore sunglasses, now that they can cover their mouths and noses, too, without looking too out of place!

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Posted in: Saving money in Japan See in context

i must be lucky, the local gym here only costs about 5000 yen for 3 months membership. other than that though, the situations are the same. another money saving tip is to avoid the vending machines, which are sometimes more convenient than a combini! if you thought that the combinis were marked up, the vending machines are marked up even higher.

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Posted in: Y10 mil 'for Tohoku' left in bag in Saitama municipal bldg restroom See in context

don't you find it odd that the money will be sitting for 3 months until its cleared of claims "The Sakado city council has decided to give the money to the Japanese Red Cross if no one claims it within three months", yet the money itself is not considered lost "Sakado city officials reported the matter to police who said that the money could not be treated as lost property since it was obviously left in the restroom on purpose"; if this money cannot be claimed by anyone since its not treated as lost property, why does it have to clear claims? if they're waiting for someone to claim it, i'll gladly take it off their hands.

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