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Posted in: Wikipedia to go dark to protest web piracy drafts See in context

@patty cake champion

I still use Wikipedia for my research and homework. When it comes to computer science related topics they are among the most reliable and most thorough.

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Posted in: No. of suicides surpasses 30,000 for 14th year in a row in 2011 See in context

Japanese people are too serious and too stressed out. They feel like it is their duty to fulfill some requirement set to them by society or the company. The reality is, life is just a ride, there is no need to be afraid or worry, ever! Japan would be a better place and Japanese people would be less suicidal if they tried pot or dropped acid once in their life. It would sure make Japanese people less motivated to satisfy and fulfill society's expectation burning out themselves in the process. When you think of yourself in context of the group you are willing to sacrifice yourself, but no one should do that. People wouldn't be killing themselves if it weren't for the way Japan's society worked.

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Posted in: Sony Vita will debut in U.S. with film-music services See in context

With its low sales in Japan (74k 2nd week and 43k 3rd week), a lot of people are expecting a price cut, just like with the 3DS. At ~ $190 I might get one.

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Posted in: No. of suicides surpasses 30,000 for 14th year in a row in 2011 See in context

You could start an all-suicide channel in Japan.

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Posted in: GM likely to recapture global auto sales lead from Toyota See in context

So I wanted to buy a CTS-V, it's $64,515 in the US. In Japan it is 8,990,000円!! Will someone do something about this? I can afford a CTS-V when it is $64,515 but at 8,990,000円 ($117,022) I can't! When will Japan start playing fair?

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Posted in: Samsung bringing super-size smartphone to U.S. See in context

How can people fit such large gadgets into their pockets? I have an iPhone and I think it is huge, apparently to others it is not big enough.

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Posted in: Mercedes, Nissan to produce engines in U.S. See in context

All those factories are being built in the South. Give me a break!

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Posted in: Toray to acquire equity stake in Mitsui subsidiary MicroBiopharm See in context

No Toray model? Me sad :(

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Posted in: 3 Sea Shepherd activists detained aboard Japanese whaling vessel See in context

Whaling is a crime. The whaling criminals will stop at nothing, they'd kill people if it helped them achieve their inhumane goals.

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Posted in: Chinese man held after petrol bomb attack on Japan's Seoul embassy See in context

What of forgive and forget do people fail to understand? Revenge and hate only generates more revenge and hate. It's a vicious cycle that doesn't end until we all learn to forgive and forget.

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Posted in: Subaru BRZ sports car to make U.S. debut at North American International Auto Show See in context

It still has a boxer engine.

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Posted in: Gov't finalizes draft proposal for tax reform, but uphill battle looms See in context

So when is Noda gonna step down?

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Posted in: Kindle sales on fire: Amazon See in context

All Kindles add up to about 4 million sold in December. That's not what I would call on fire.

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Posted in: Toyota launches Aqua gasoline-electric compact hybrid See in context

I won't call that a stylish body. It is the same generic shape most Toyotas have.

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Posted in: Sales pitch See in context

Using sex to sell how novel of them.

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Posted in: Sony, Samsung dissolve panel joint venture See in context

Good for Sony, they should focus on their Japan Display Inc. joint venture and avoid Samsung. Samsung rips off its customers.

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Posted in: Competition forces Honda to revamp new Civic See in context

That's how the free market should be.


The Smallblock V8 in the Corvette is the same engine since the late 50s in the same sense I'm the same person as my grand father.

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Posted in: Panasonic, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony, Toshiba tie up on next generation secure memory solutions See in context

OK. Then where is the competition?

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Posted in: Facebook rolls out 'Timeline' feature to all users See in context

I'm thinking of quitting Facebook. With this feature it is even more of privacy risk than before. Posts I made long ago are now easily accessible.

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to compensate Korean wartime sex slaves See in context

Japan already did compensate them. The S Koreans are being greedy again.

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Posted in: Sony gears up for PlayStation Vita's Japan launch See in context


No it isn't.

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Posted in: Sony opens 'Message to Japan' website See in context

Shows you how slow Sony is to react to outside events.

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Posted in: Japan likely to buy Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighters: media See in context

@It"S ME

I know but the fact remains.


Eurofighter? Please. Also, you got your fighters mixed. The F22 is the Raptor, the F35 is called Lightning II

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Posted in: Japan likely to buy Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighters: media See in context

The F22 is a better plane.

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Posted in: LDP's Ishihara wants base on China-claimed islands See in context

Build it with Chinese help for ultimate lulz effect.

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Posted in: Should parents be held responsible if their children commit crimes? See in context

No. Children have a mind of their own.

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Posted in: Intel, Taiwan in tie-up to develop new chip See in context

So Intel is getting into the SDRAM business?

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Posted in: Police oppose proposals to liberalize Japan's gun laws See in context

People have a right to defend themselves. I aint working out, I aint jogging, I should have the right to own a gun.

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Posted in: Google's Chrome web browser challenging Firefox See in context

As long as you are using the most recent release, it doesn't matter which browser you are using anymore. There were a time when IE was behind but now they are all more or less equal.

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Posted in: UANI applauds Hitachi for ending its business in Iran See in context


Actions speak louder than words. The US (the good guys) as a result of its actions millions died. It used nuclear weapons, the only country to ever do so. It used chemical and biological weapons (agent orange), it installed dictators (the Shah and Saddam) and still support many dictatorships around the world. The CIA are the biggest drug smugglers and dealers, hence why the War on Drugs never ends. The whole mess in Iran right now is because of the US's and UK's actions that go back to the end of WWII. I'm an American citizen and I realize that my government has been morally bankrupt for at least the last 100 years (some will claim since inception) which gives us no right to police the world.

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