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Posted in: Trump supporters struggle to sideline 'birther' issue See in context

Nadaku I would love to see this "proof" you talk about. So... link please? tia------------------------------

If you really want to know, just search it. The evidence of bogus birth certificates has been proven by experts.

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Posted in: Trump supporters struggle to sideline 'birther' issue See in context

People know that Obama was not born in the USA. All the evidence over the years prove it. Trump knows it but has decided to try and put it to rest while campaigning. In theory if he agrees that Obama was born in USA, then there is no longer any point to keep picking on the subject.

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Posted in: Gov't sets fines for vehicle mileage cheats See in context

What I want to know is under what criterea are vehicles to be tested under. Final mileage figures are dependent on the driver, road conditions and car condition.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to introduce a super cheap Value Lunch menu See in context

400 Yen is still too expensive for those who work on minimum wage. Many of these workers have to limit themselves to food under 200 yen- noodles for example. I remember some years ago that workers at a factory were horrified when I used to buy 120 yen drinks out of a machine and they were on a better wage.

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Posted in: More Mitsubishi models in Japan found with inflated mileage See in context

It's all very well for people to demonize Japan over vehicle mileages, Mail Online UK has just published a list of other manufacturer's cars with mileage differences. So, this matter does not just relate to Japan. I wouldn't say that these mileages are really fraudulent as it depends on the testing criterea which differs between manufacturers and countries.

Vehicles are mostly tested under optimum conditions which don't really relate to real time driving in traffic, uphills, against wind, no extra luggage carried, air con off, correct tyre pressures, windows closed etc. All these things affect economy.

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Posted in: A reader moving to Japan asks how much a month it would cost to live here comfortably. How much does it cost you? See in context

Many, many people young and older earn the minimum wage of around 120,000 to 150,000 per month. This is poverty. Japan has the lowest minimum wage of OECD countries surveyed. You will need to have a job that pays 250,000 to 300,000 yen to live decently in this country. Out of that you will be paying citizen tax, pension and health insurance.

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Posted in: Russia reasserts bid for post-Fukushima atomic lead See in context

At least the Russiand won't have the Israeli Mossad running security at their power stations like Japan does, along with other countries also. Guess the old Stuxnet computer virus won't be able to damage the reactors.

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Posted in: Nissan to take legal action against Brexit campaign for logo use See in context

What's the big deal ? Does this mean you can no longer take a photo of a car showing it's maker emblem.

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Posted in: Smart Agriculture Iwata to begin sales of kale that can be eaten fresh See in context

It will be sold overpriced in a small bag ? I can't even buy Romaine lettuce here to make a Caesar salad. The problem in Japan that anything new is always overpriced compared to the rest of the world.

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Posted in: South Korea to fine Nissan for alleged bogus emission data See in context

garymalmgrenMay. 16, 2016 - 10:11PM JST Just a bit of a comment on the article itself device stopped operating when the engine’s temperature reaches 35 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit), about 30 minutes after the engine began to work So they are infering that it takes 30 minutes for an engine to reach 35 C. That doesn't stand to reason!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You are right, that doesn't stand to reason at all. Any engine will reach it's operating temperature well before 30 minutes is up. 35 degrees is just a warm day in Japan.

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Posted in: Abe to delay sales tax hike over economy fears: Nikkei See in context

A consumption type tax is the most fair tax. Raise the minimum wage and people will be able to pay that extra bit of tax without hurting.

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Posted in: U.S. defense secretary says Russia is 'nuclear saber-rattling' See in context

Carter emphasized his hope that Russia will abandon what he called its confrontational approach.------------------------------------

The only country with a confrontational approach is the USA.

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Posted in: French PM vows to supervise Australian sub deal himself See in context

Bribery allegations against Australia’s $50 billion submarine contract winner--------------------------------------------------------------

Read article from news site " Kangaroo Court of Australia "

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Posted in: Gov't to start testing mileage of Mitsubishi Motors cars See in context

Why can't we see any mileage comparison tests and data. They keep talking about how Mitsubishi falsefied mileages but we don't see the critearia for mileage testing. So what are the results ? Is it a difference of 2 kms a litre, 5 kms a litre ? What is it ?

What is the government criterea for testing ? Is it secret or something ?

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Posted in: Gov't eyes shopping vouchers, promotions to boost consumption See in context

The minimum wage must be raised to at least 1,200 yen per hour or more. The more money people earn, the more they will spend. In fact anyone on a minimum wage ends up spending it all to try and live. Raising the minimum wage will only benefit the government more as people are more likely to pay in to the pension fund and health insurance which I know the government is having a hard time collecting the payments. Not that I agree with the way pension is collected as other countries fund the pension from the normal tax take.

It is better that consumption tax is higher and used towards the pension system instead of people trying to pay out of their low wages. It works out ok in NZ and Australia. Japan has about the lowest minimum wage out of all OECD countries surveyed recently.

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Posted in: This may be Japan saying, 'We can do the technology, so consider us for international consortium projects' such as the one that developed the F-35 stealth fighter. See in context

Thank your lucky stars that you were not involved with the F-35. It is a failure in more than one aspect of it's design.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors scandal widens as U.S. regulator seeks information See in context

bullfighterApr. 23, 2016 - 02:45PM JST People who know cars tell me that they have always been junk. I even had a Japanese engineer who worked for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries tell me that the only reason he bought a Mitsubishi Motors car was because there was corporate pressure----

So, how many Mitsubishis have you owned ? I have owned 6 different Mitsubishi cars over the years including Toyotas and Nissans. I have had no complaints on any. I have mechanic skills and all Japanese cars are good for the purposes they have been made for.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors to pay owners of fuel-cheating cars: Nikkei See in context

How about some fuel figure comparisons. I'm betting it won't be that bad- not bad enough to demonize and try to ruin a car manufacturer who gives jobs to hundreds. Can't judge until we see the figures. What car gives mileages as advertised in this world?

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Posted in: Tell us about any encounters, either good or bad, you have had with Japanese police. See in context

Generally, I have found Japanese police to be courteous and helpful. Controlling your emotions when dealing with the police will go a long way. Getting smart or cocky with them and they will completely change. As a foreigner, I have been let off the odd motoring infractions just by being completely co-operative. You don't have to fear Japanese police like those in other civilised countries like the USA.

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Posted in: U.S. woman fights for her dream in Japanese pro wrestling See in context

30,000 yen a weekly show is a pretty lousy wage for getting battered in the ring. Looks like itis based on a lousy Japanese minimum wage.

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Posted in: Man, under arrest for eating without paying, dies in detention See in context

Danny BloomApr. 03, 2016 - 04:38PM JST @25yearsinjapan , those men scratching around for coins that you take pity on just use that spare change to buy.. alcohol. You are not helping them giving them money. But them a bentou box or sandwhich instead.----------------------------------------

I don't care what they do with the money. To some of these people, a cup of sake or a pack of cigarettes is the only pleasure they have in life. Anyway, the time and the place does not give me a choice to supply a bento unless I carry one with me everywhere I go.

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Posted in: Man, under arrest for eating without paying, dies in detention See in context

There are plenty of people starving in Japan who do not have enough money to live. Japan doesn't really give much help to the old and homeless. We have given money to poor old people when we see them scratching around for any coins left behind in drink dispensing machines. It is sad.

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Posted in: Search for alien signals expands to 20,000 star systems See in context

Experts have been hunting for alien intelligence for six decades, but have not found any evidence yet.

And they never will !

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Posted in: Search for alien signals expands to 20,000 star systems See in context

Waste of time and money which could be used for more useful things.

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Posted in: Communication link with innovative new space satellite lost See in context

Maybe it got sucked in to a mythical black hole. black holes, just another useless space theory.

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Posted in: The market will be shifting from mega-solar to rooftops because of the lack of large, open spaces. As the tariff gets further reduced, the market will focus more on how to use solar power on site. See in context

Browny1 only that one has panels. I wonder why?

The cost ! Solar panels in Japan are probably the most expensive in the world.

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Posted in: High school student wins dispute with convenience store over unpaid wages See in context

Finally something is being done. This is going to affect a lot of companies who have been using labour for free. It is common that most people who work at these part time and low paid minimum jobs are required to work up to half an hour before the official starting time and the same when finishing work. For example, people working call centres have to set up their computers etc. before their official start time and close down also at the end of their work day for no pay.

Recently, a person I know, worked a full month and received pay 70 percent the next month and the remainder of 30 percent another month later. They were also required to open a bank account to receive their wages specified by the employer. A couple of hours wasted time opening the account and a bank account no longer wanted.

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Posted in: Want to cut fat but keep the flavor? Consider cottage cheese See in context

To bake anything in Japan you need a proper oven. Who has them ? Then the cost of the ingredients is far too high with many ingredients not able to be found in Japan.

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Posted in: The problem of unmarried women working for low pay has received little attention since there is a widespread notion in society that women will be supported by their husbands after marriage. We should See in context

It's not just women on low pay in Japan. Everyone who is not on a salary job is going in to poverty in so called " rich Japan "

The minimum wage in Japan is a disgrace. No one can live a decent life on this wage and many ex salary workers are forced to work minimum wage and part time jobs without benefits.

One thing that really gets to me is how workers at these jobs are robbed of wages by having to set up their work up to half an hour before official starting time and to shut down in their own time at the end of the work day thereby working up to an extra hour each day for free.

The USA minimum wage is just as poor as Japan except that all prices for products and services are far cheaper than Japan.

Look to Australia and New Zealand with the highest minimum wages which allow a good living standard and these countries get along just fine even with the smaller populations. They don't have to pay in to a pension system like Japan which really is just another tax, and NZ has an accident compensation system and good health care.

Japan must rake in a huge amount of money from all their taxes. Where does it all go to ? definitely not to helping their own people.

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Posted in: Police report 9,133 cycling violations since new law went into effect See in context

Eight men in Osaka and Tokyo were ordered to undergo a safety course before being allowed back on the streets, the NPA revealed.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have to sit a 3 hour safety course because I will be 70 years old soon and can't renew my driver license if I don't. I also had to sit a safety course of 2 hours because I forgot to renew my driver license straight away. I really did not violate anything.The place is run by muppets who like to punish. Oh, I forgot, they charge Yen 5,000 to bore me for 3 hours.

Anyway, cyclists would have to be the least law abiding of anyone on the road. They don't seem to fear the cops as they often race across red lights right in front of them. A habit that has increased immensely is the practice of riding against the traffic on 2 way or major streets. Also many no longer use their bicycle lights anymore. How many people see cyclists on their phones texting ? They do it anywhere, even on the busiest streets.

I think bicycles should have a number plate just like scooters and cars. I would never had thought such a thing before, but things are really getting out of hand. It think it would also cut down on bicycle thefts as well. Less bikes to N.Korea etc.

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