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Posted in: Scientists worry current could carry oil to Florida Keys See in context

$500 million on the spill so far.

Multiply that amount by about 20. All you need is a good hurricane and oil will be washing up along the whole east coast.

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Posted in: Europe debt crisis spreads to Portugal See in context

I wrote this about a month ago.

An oxymoronic state. The Euro alliance was a shotgun wedding of ill conceived political notions based on mutual economic self interest, without a galvanizing mandate. A chain is only as strong as its weakest Grease. Nilly-willy Euro alliances brought on WW1, and the froth and blather co-signers of this alliance have no wiggle room now to bail out decades of failed Athenian economics and the other failed states of Europic socialism. This could bring the union down on the ash heap of history.

Fear and panic can drive markets over the cliff quicker than most would like to believe. Fasten your seat belts boys and girls; buy gold, silver, food and bullets with worthless paper while you still can.

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Posted in: Furor grows over Arizona's new immigration law See in context

refried beans

Wa wa waaaaa... what a bunch of babies. If you are a legal immigrant, you got nothin to worry, but illegal is illegal. If you dont like the law, get the hell out and take your beans!

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Posted in: Wash and wear See in context

Man head sold separately.

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Posted in: Police chief for a day See in context

She needs a gun.

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Posted in: Obama promotes tax breaks See in context

God forbid anyone should be allowed to keep more of their hard earned money in Amerika.

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Posted in: Tea party leaders announce new federation See in context

Tea party, crap or get off the pot. We need a new country, not a new party. It matters not what party is in power when the constitution is hijacked by funny money banksters and socialist demagogs. Government that controls the money controls the people. Americans are so dumbed down that they beg for more government and think themselves better off when they get it. Democracy in America is the illusion of freedom and power; a wave that crooks ride to the highest office, as if they do some great public good to save us all from something which they have no control over in the first place.

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Posted in: Japan's food culture is an endangered species See in context

Will Japan even be able to feed itself, let alone indulge in a devil-may-care “food culture”?

No. Food culture needs to be defined as local and sustainable. Then, yes maybe.

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Posted in: Bare statistics mask human cost of Japan’s high suicide rate See in context

Grim Reaper

I die, therefore I was. Because the individual is ostracized by Japanese social oppression, suicide is the last attempt to assert self in a Pavlovian culture that grooms idyllic conformity (cuteness, success ) from cradle to grave . Sad, that the only way to even show up on the radar screen is to be your own Grim Reaper.

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Posted in: Meet Mitch See in context

Mitch...This is the perfect scooter for a... B

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Posted in: Obama signs $938 billion health care overhaul into law See in context

No one here can even say what is really in the 2000 some pages of Obamacare. If a 938 billion start up with no attempt to set limits on spending doesnt scare the hell outta you, that should.

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Posted in: Latest look See in context

Ugly, ugly stuff.

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Posted in: Health care gains start soon — bigger ones later See in context

Those who refuse will face fines

Not about heath OR care, but control. Bye bye miss American pie.

This tyranny brought to you by, your not yet earned but taxed dollars, hard at work to insure not your health, but your defacto slave state status.

• COMING LATER: Do you smoke? Use tobacco? Do you drink soft drinks? Beer? Coffee? Engage in risky sexual behavior? Homeschool your kids? Drive an SUV? Own more than one car? Have you had a traffic ticket in the last two years? Do you use a cell phone? Own a firearm? Wipe yourself with tree products, encourage others to do so, or are part of a political organization that drinks tea?

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Posted in: Sweet anniversary See in context

A woman looks

Isnt the woman supposed to come out of the installation that is shaped like a short cake? That would be sweeter.

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Posted in: Japan happy as export ban on Atlantic bluefin tuna rejected See in context

Japan happy

20 years from now Japan will be happy to invent a synthetic bluefin jelly to squeeze over rice made from whipped algae, "trash" fish, color and artificial flavor. Real bluefin will be worth more than gold... if they are not extinct by then.

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Posted in: 40 winks See in context

Thats a sick looking tie. He should juststay in his pajamas instead of having mommy dress him every morning.

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Posted in: Tuna sale See in context

If it hasn't been already, the oceans will soon be pushed beyond the critical threshold of no return. We assume its all going to be there forever, but overfishing on this scale to feed 6.7 billion will colapse the ocean's food chain beyond recovery.

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Posted in: Obama says he's committed to immigration overhaul See in context

Its way past time to put up a REAL wall on the Mexican border. Instead, all we get is pandering to criminals to give them amnesty and a drivers license. Time for the drug pushing, job sucking criminals to go home.

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Posted in: Greece hit by strikes, clashes over austerity plan See in context

The political Euro alliance was a shotgun wedding of ill conceived notions based on mutual economic self interest, but without a galvanizing political mandate. An oxymoronic state. A chain is only as strong as its weakest Greece. Nilly-willy Euro alliances a century ago brought on WW1, and the froth and blather co-signers of the EU alliance today have no wiggle room to bail out decades of failed Athenian economics without printing more phuny money. A Greece fire in the cradle of democracy is hard to put out.

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Posted in: Obama says he's committed to immigration overhaul See in context

Obama says...blah blah blah (again).

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Posted in: Airport body scanners spreading across U.S. See in context

"Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither." Ben Franklin

Might as well just strip search everyone...they have concluded we are all terrorists.

150 machines bought with money from the federal stimulus package signed by President Barack Obama.

Im sure the first couple would be more than happy to submit to full body scanning should they have the rare privilage of flying anything other than airforce one?Ah, no, ladies first... you go firts Michelle...

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Posted in: Nap time in the Diet See in context

Hag over? No problems. Imagine you or I showing up on the job and sleeping? This guy should be at the end of the line at Hello Work.

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Posted in: Obama says he'll use high-tech 'bounty hunters' to stop health care fraud See in context

Obama says....blah blah blah.

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Posted in: March is worst month for suicides of salaried workers See in context

the number of employed workers committing suicide is on the rise, and is not limited to the unemployed and the poor. The suicide of salaried workers is extremely disconcerting.

Japan, you have gained the world and lost your soul. Get the hell OUT of the cities and back to God's good green earth! The earth is for our health; mental, physical and spiritual. Get back to where you once belonged Japan!

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Posted in: Fashion boutique salesgirls slave under sordid conditions See in context

The economic crisis was engineered by the bankers and corporations to get rid of "overpaid" workers who could, at one time, actually negotiate wages in a tight labor market. Rising labor costs are a drag on corporate earnings.

Now, in this environment, they can hire the the most qualified for half the wages and make them do the work of two or three people. And if you don't like that, find the door. I call that slavery. The global slave masters know exactly of what I speak. The rise in productivity goes right into their pocket in the form of stock options and bonuses.

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Posted in: New Uniqlo store See in context

Enough with the blondy hair.

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Posted in: Some wives wish their husbands would hurry up and drop dead. See in context

Awww. Cry me a river.

Sorry, no sympathy for the devil and don't the time it would take anyway for tears, how about P?

If you’re really thinking of my happiness you’ll die right this minute.

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Posted in: Some wives wish their husbands would hurry up and drop dead. See in context

This article comes as no surprise to married men. This, from a nation that invented divorce after death and where the husband is tolerated at best and treated like of sodai gomi most of the time.

Guys, it aint your fault. This is the value J culture places on you. The spoiled little prisses would rather have your head.

tkoind2, good posts.

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Posted in: Japanese women go gaga over Buddha boys See in context

Japanese women go gaga

Gogaga women and go-Budda boys.

What next? Maybe gaga mama's will go gaga for jijipapa men? Get the Jwomen all lathered up and you call sell anything.

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Posted in: Minaret falls during prayers in Morocco, killing 36 See in context

When the tower of Silom fell killing 18 in Jerusalem, Jesus had this to say in the gospel of Luke;

"Or those eighteen men who were crushed by the fall of the tower of Siloam, were they worse than all the other men living in Jerusalem? I say to you, It is not so: but if your hearts are not changed, you will all come to an end in the same way."

Death is an equal opportunity reminder that we are all the same, no matter what our faith.

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