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Obama says stimulus bill saved U.S. economy

Obama says... is that like Simon says? Even if this were true, Only 2 million jobs for 787 billion? Wow, what a deal!!! Why not just hand the cash out to keep people in their homes?

What are the interest payments on the federal debt for those "jobs" in the next decade? Will banks loan you money based on those "jobs" to buy a home? Please don't call them jobs... its just a high priced tax and spend work program; a cynical pandering attempt to be reelected as Commander in Thief in 3 more years.

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Look, snowing!...Its global warming! LOOK, NO snow! Its global warming!

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Fast fashion? That's called a thrift shop in America.

Welcome Japan! Welcome to what American have had to put up with for two decades now, the McWalmartization of your economy, where your jobs are outsourced to China and everything you could ever hope for can be had between a bun or sold in a 100 yen shop, if you can still afford that.

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Athens’ decades-old failure to make its sluggish economy more competitive

The Europe union alliance is an ill conceived notion of mutual interest and continental communism, where the stronger members are obligated to carry the burden of the weaker. But, economics is all about beating the competition, not bailing them out. A hoge-poge of European alliances were the cause of WW1, where an attack on one member caused a pile on chain reaction. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and as Greece slides into bankruptcy, so goes the alliance and the euro. Spreading the misery around equally is what brought the Soviet Union down. Europeans and their quant notions of social justice do not an economy make.

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Posted in: U.S. warns Japan child custody laws could harm bilateral ties See in context

cultural assumption that kids should be raised by mothers

Wow, and what a great job the mothers are all doing!

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describing life these days in Tokyo’s most fashionable nightlife district. “Three days and not a single customer!

Apparently its not all that fashionable anymore.

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The U.S. government is bound by law to ensure the island is able to respond to Chinese threats

Just another trip wire for global war.

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Posted in: Otaru: Former herring capital now home to Hokkaido’s other snow festival See in context

The city made its fortune during the heyday of the herring industry

Where are all the herring now?

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Great shot!

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could take until at least 2015

By 2015, if the jobs even come back, there will be no middle class left, only the rich, the poor and those with govt jobs. "Under assault'" implies that there is an enemy. The federal reserve would be a good place to start looking.

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One can only hope.

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Is this pampered shampoodle actually getting a perm too? I fail to understand why people sheer and primp miniature canines, as one might tend to a garden or be involved in some other productive behavior. It must be a deficiency somewhere else in their lives.

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most climate modelers

Most climate modelers? Has the tyranny of the climate changers now gone democratic? The only thing that remains the same is change. They will get the undersea cable in place just in time for the next ice age.

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The home also served as a police sub-station

This is strange to begin with.

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The US govt loans banks free money, the banks then lend it back to the govt at 3% interest. What a cozy deal, with no money left even to lend to the "consumer"! Why lend $ to Joe-Jobless-Credit-Debtor, when the US govt will pay guaranteed money?

Who then, ultimately pays the bill for this? Answer; The over taxed American slaves who fund the whole freakin system! While I don't agree with Obama's populist bank bashing; (can anyone say double-dip crash of 2010? ) why the hell should banks get such preferential treatment?

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Roppongi police hold anti-drug event

and THEN... they all probably went out and got hammered.

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full Islamic veils

Is that like a full automatic weapon?

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Dumb. Need autoshow chics to make these even look good.

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checking them for damage such as hairline cracks invisible to the naked eye

??? These people need help NOW! They dont give a DAMN about "fixing hairline cracks in public buildings" when the whole country is shattered and need of the most basic humanitarian help! C'mon Japan!

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sex in this country was replaced by narcissism

... and pets.

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The fuse is lit on the Mexico time bomb. As it runs out of oil, the increase in such grizzly crimes will be accepted as the new normal. Chaos loves a good vacuum.

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Posted in: 3 Malaysian churches firebombed in 'Allah' dispute See in context

Grow up!

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What, Japan hasnt replaced these guys with robots yet? Or, maybe they have?

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This would be good if true, but more likely just a trial balloon for Obama.

The NK govt steals from its own people by devaluing their cash all in the name of making a prosperous nation and THEN expects them to unite around the dear leader? Huh? Lets hope they unite against him soon and rid the world of this communist dinosaur.

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Good day sunshine! May the new year bring hope and happiness to hurting people the world over. God bless us each and every one.

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They look like the jellyfish

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Like trying to put a lid on a boiling pot.

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suspect? Just pop him and get it over with.

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Girl power yes, the clothing, not practical. Most women wear drab non-cute coveralls and a big hat/bug net to keep from sun burning. The hair needs to be tied up/cut and you had better not have any loose clothing either. There are too many machines/belts on a farm that pose a hazard to life and limb. But if this cute packaging gets people interested in farming, that's bery-goo.

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Posted in: City girls hit rice paddies, in style See in context

How hard could farming be?

Pretty hard without the women folk. They do most of the work based on my observations in Hokkaido for five years. This might be be all you need to turn the country around. I think its GREAT! I would work with these gals anyday.

bicultural has it right.

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