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The picture only showed a weakened nation and truly a pathetic attempt in trying to bring back their "past glory"...This is not a demonstration! There were more people lining to get their first IPhone than this crowd! And for god sake, if they truly want to show a nation with resolve, have the men to come and keep the young children home..

The fact that Japan terrorized China and the rest of the world some 70 years ago with their war machine, and did not pay the ultimate price of a nation as the German did.... A nation that could not recognize past mistakes is due to repeat the same mistakes... The sad fact is that Japan no longer has the national resolve and strength to confront the growing power of its neighbor, and the current generation of Japanese youngsters did not grow up with the set of values that could wage war against the Chinese...

The protest should be pointed at their own inept government roiled more in corruption than building the national strength... Settle the matters with their neighbors peacefully.. Frankly considering the fact that Japan lost the war after millions had died; giving up a piece of island that no one cares about seems a cheap way out...

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