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Posted in: Cigarettes more dangerous than ever: U.S. health report See in context

Societal costs in the US. $35.00 per pack of cigarettes. Source> American Cancer Society. That should be the tax on those ingested hazardous materials. I would also suggest a penalty for deliberately harming others. http://www.cancer.org/research/infographicgallery/tobacco-related-healthcare-costs?&gclid=CKT1sISiibwCFQWTfgodlE4Acg

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Posted in: Cigarettes more dangerous than ever: U.S. health report See in context

First issue banning cigarettes in public places an ques should be no brainer. Find in the general welfare of the public and not for some right for an inconsiderate individual to offend and endanger others.

Second issue> Taxes. Taxes on cigarettes should be commensurate with the cost to society.

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Posted in: F1 legend Schumacher in coma after ski injury See in context

Wishing You a Speedy Recovery, Michael.

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Posted in: In U.S., is it rude to ask guests to remove shoes? See in context

My brother and I have had a no shoes inside rule since the late sixties. All of are friends know it and fit their feet accordingly. I don't make seniors do it, they have the option of shoes or slippers. I also don't allow bare feet or socks.

I go one step further then my brother and provide washable slippers, or thongs, sandals, that are cleaned after use. I also have a shoe bench on the porch and in the interior granite entry vestibule.

It has become automatic for friends and guests to take off their foot gear when entering. If I have a party or a dinner/barbecue, I remind friends who don't visit often, of the shoe rule.

I don't have wall to wall carpet... Filthy stuff, but do have hardwood/Bamboo/polished concrete floors which will easily mark with shoe prints in the wet NW US.

The outside world needs to stay outside in this highly polluted world. When my grand kids or guest's children play on the floor, I'm confidant it is reasonably clean.

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Posted in: China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history See in context

@ Markus L.... That's a thumbs up from me, and thanks for the perspective, appreciated, but most here are objecting to the current politicization of the issue in the context of what has transpired since the end of WW-11.

Japan has had a very benign role in the modern world and its citizens, and for that matter, the rest of the world, have faced no threat from post war Japan, and that simply is not the case with China. And, the domestic politics of Japan, and China's belligerence, sure doesn't make admissions of past war crimes, easy for the leaders of Japan too find a way to address these issues

Regards Tre

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Posted in: China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history See in context

"how Japan faces its history "

Oh! And China doesn't have 'History'. Political Gobshite.

Chinese civil war + 10,000,000 dead... that's TEN MILLION DEAD! And how many people since in the purges?

Give Me A Fxxxxxx break

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Posted in: Suga says Japan's fishery exports safe for consumption See in context

"Japan's fishery exports safe for consumption" What BS

We are being lied to. Reality... Cesium levels are at a point that should prevent human consumption. And that is just not coastal Japan fisheries. Apparently extends to the Hawaiian and Aleutian island chains, and possibly, soon, to the West coast of US.

Delayed reporting of testing results and environmental studies is the modus operandi for the governments of Japan and the US.

You are being lied to.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor slams Fukushima coverage on eve of 2020 vote See in context

"basis and facts." ???

We have been lied to by TEPCO and the Governments of Japan and the US about this situation.

Here is a fact for you. A friend works under contract through the state of Hawaii under the umbrella of NOAA. He checks for pollution in the Pacific, particularly the extended Hawaiian and Aleutian island chains. He reports that cesium levels in fish are at a level that should prevent human consumption. We have coined a new term for Sushi ... Fukusushi

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Posted in: Spacey says TV must adapt to viewer demand or die See in context

'TV is Dead'...? How completely ignorant and stupid, those comments are.

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Posted in: U.S. intelligence chief: Surveillance programs disrupted attacks See in context

Well, at least a couple of you are completely duped and clueless.

US domestic 'Spying', is there to protect the State and elite members from the People and not to protect the People from Terrorists. The whole Snowden affair is probably a diversion.

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Posted in: U.S. intelligence chief: Surveillance programs disrupted attacks See in context

What 'BS'.

The real terrorists are US corporations and their global agenda, and their complete inability to learn anything and move forward in a holistic way.

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Posted in: Afghan fury as U.S. 'massacre' soldier escapes death penalty See in context

Horrible crime....

But those with a blood lust for killing another human too make amends, should probably examine their own 'Humanity'.

Americans, should adopt villages and towns in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, etc. Maybe and end to all of this bad blood and horror can be found this way... helping the unjustly afflicted.

Before we hang a soldier sent to do corporate bidding, we should hang Bush, Wolfolwitz, Cheney, Rice, etc..

There is a reason 9/11 happened ... and most Americans just don't get it. I wonder how many more lives will be effected by this decision. The blood lust will continue.. revenge is savage and ugly. Those who perpetrate it, even uglier.

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Posted in: Middle-aged males suffering from epidemic of wife-induced disease See in context

And so it goes...........

Japan China USA _ Europe ...no different. Some men are toxic as well as some women. But only women use sex as a weapon. If she does that ... find a caring woman who enjoys sex and is caring and not vindictive. If trapped, get ... Revenge... another lover.

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Posted in: Germany gives Japan its backing as N Korea tensions rise See in context

Is this guy lame or what? Even his dad knew the limits. Kim- Jong needs to start scouting for his 'Spider-Hole'.

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Posted in: In era of gridlock, Congress 'creates a monster' See in context

Yes, 'Berti',

Bankrupt the government while enriching those who own the game. A bankrupt government, can't enforce laws and counter rapacious corporations and other nefarious business operations. Welcome to Third world, USA.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd defiant over U.S. court order to stay away from Japanese whalers See in context


You need to read the various trade treaties(laws) applicable to treaty nations. They can, and do apply to other sovereign nations citizens civil/consumer rights/laws. Particularly, the right to sue. The treaty laws are an eye opener for those who care about civil and consumer law.

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Posted in: China warns of 'further actions' in Japan island dispute See in context

@ Mano2012/... Didn't read your post before commenting. Thanks for the Link.

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Posted in: China warns of 'further actions' in Japan island dispute See in context

It is physically obvious that the islands are the South Eastern extant of the Japanese archipelago. Historically it could be another matter which could involve Japaneses imperialism. A touchy political subject for the Japanese. I would be interested to see some historical documentation on the subject of human occupation of the isles.

One thing that is pretty apparent, is the flexing of China's muscle in the region. An obvious grab of resources.

The situation mobilizes the flag wavers, and nationalism. Never a good thing at anytime.

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Posted in: From left to right, U.S. haunted by 'decline of empire' See in context

All of this noise about who is or is going to be the top dog is mute.

Humans have lost control of their future as the developing environmental disaster will prove out. The only viable economic structure for a sustainable future is cottage industry trading in a circle of 250-400 miles, rather then great circle routes of higher and higher costs environmentally and financially. The resources just aren't out there to sustain 'world powers'.

Thinking, caring Americans are tired of our unrealistic, costly, unsustainable position in the world. It was all based on supporting our economy and corporations by controlling global resources and markets too the detriment of all peoples everywhere. China and India are now following that model to their end.

Earth will abide, will humans

Kudos to the many great comments here, especially Thomas Michael Lewis with his clear headed, unprejudiced, take no prisoners view.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy marks Battle of Midway's 70th anniversary See in context

My uncle who died last year was in the Battle of the Coral Sea. He was the only survivor of his gun crew when a Japanese plane struck his ship. He had great respect for the bravery of the Japanese pilots.

By the way 'Fadamor' ANTI-War' endeavors to be factual, unlike other sources of faux noise.

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