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3Dollars Too Short comments

Posted in: Yakuza gang publishes magazine for members See in context

Makes me wish Japanese police were more like their American counterparts in their willingness to taze, spay, and club.

Of course you would! Because America is a perfect example!

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Posted in: Broadcasters ban Panasonic 'smart' TV commercial See in context

We live in a new ear of technology! That being said who needs air time for market stag. when you got.....Facebook, Line, You tube, Gawakar, kotaku, ni chanel, reddit, the list goes on!

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Its about time!!!

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Posted in: Identity of Osaka elementary school bandit discovered See in context

A little harsh! And what if the kids enjoyed working with the old man!

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Posted in: Quickie See in context

Alright change the title...its too easy!!

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Posted in: Childhood TV addicts more likely to commit crime: study See in context

Oh New Zealand!! You're so cute with your studies!

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Posted in: Laughing matter See in context

Wow I get the same feeling when see their faces!!

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Posted in: Sony slashes price of PlayStation Vita in Japan See in context

Smart move! This will be sold on the same day as Phantasy Star 2 online! This is not a very informative article on the PS Vita! Also be on the look out for the new 4g which is another reason why sony cut back on the price of the 3g/wifi!

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