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Posted in: 88 Vietnamese hired by Japan confectionery maker left idle without pay See in context

Japanese society has tendency that respect european or american but disrespect asian besides Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan aims to quadruple overseas market for anime, games See in context

On the other hand, LDP government introduces invoice system, and they more increased burdens to animation creators who are already in tough situation.

It's mere pretext to waste more taxpayers money on the name of promoting Japanese culture.

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Posted in: Toyota admits to improper vehicle testing as quality scandal widens See in context

Generally, companies who caused scandals in Japan are stopped advertisements.

But, Toyota's advertisements are still broadcasted because Toyota is one of major sponsors for Japanese major media.

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Posted in: Japan begins ¥40,000 tax cut to help inflation-hit households See in context

Present Japanese PM seems to think that his support rate revive with only 40000 yen, pro-LDP commentators adore 40000 tax cut on TV.

But, electric bill at summer or price increasing vanish it soon.

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Posted in: Kishida forced to to make concessions on political funds reform See in context

far-right party "Ishin" prioritizing political benefit of themselves than solving fundraising issues, agreed defective bill that can conceal uses of political funds until end statute of limitations of bribery.

It's full of loopholes, mere legalize crafty political crime.

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Posted in: Toyota set to end massive Olympic sponsorship deal; unhappy over how IOC spent funds: report See in context

Japanese major TV channels still want to beautify and deify Olympics despite criticism against corruption or "Baron Von Ripper-off", They avoid even treating this news despite big topics that decision of Japan's famous large corporation.

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Posted in: North Korea informs Japan of satellite launch plan See in context

This night, Japanese major TV channels were calling this rocket "missile" repeatedly to incite tension among general public despite information beforehand.

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Posted in: Tokyo Gov Koike plans to run for third term: source See in context

Present Tokyo governor who falsifies own educational background, dislikes aid to poverty people but wastes huge taxes for projection mapping, and denies historical fact of discrimination-based massacre.

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Posted in: Japan complains about Chinese ambassador's comment relating to Taiwan See in context

on the other hand, Japan's spokes person who repeat "I refrain from answer" to tough questions about scandals of government and ruling party.

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister retracts controversial childbirth remark See in context

LDP politicians seem to think as if female are mere "population-increasing device". Same LDP other female politician Noda even remarks to need measures to low birthrate for the war.

Japan is about to be back to totalitarianism.

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Posted in: Nuclear waste disposal site survey to go ahead in Saga town See in context

subsidy tame depopulated poor villages and silence dissents, it's Japan's nuclear policy during decades.

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Posted in: Environment minister apologizes for interruption of Minamata victims' remarks See in context

Such rude behaviour disrespecting victims symbolizes rampancy of present LDP politics disregarding historical lessons or health and the lives of people.

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Posted in: Kishida vows to tackle global challenges with South America See in context

He vows something but he often only vows.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for speeding up debate on revising Constitution See in context

Japanese politicians who want new constitution are in plutocracy without exception.

Their "revise constitution" is deterioration of constitution surely.

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Posted in: Kishida denies he will step down over his party's loss in 3 by-elections See in context

Present japanese PM is like disaster that ruining even health or the future of people.

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Posted in: Rate of small firms in Japan hiking wages rises to 63% in FY2024 See in context

No matter how number of companies who raise wages itself increase, that is still less than prices rising. and real wages don't raise.

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Posted in: Japan records highest-ever monthly visitor numbers in March See in context

Weak-yen policy since Abe Govt only benefit large corporations or handful travel industries, but still brings serious damages or difficulties to Japanese citizen or society than them.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to Japan says boosting arms industry ties is key to stronger security alliance See in context

He demands many constitutional violations to Japan as if its boss despite ambassador, and drag country and citizen into the war.

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Posted in: Japan lower house OKs bill to allow joint custody after divorce See in context

This problematic bill that far-right parties who want to reduce social security hastily push it without even enough simulations will increase troubles after divorce.

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Posted in: Kishida cracks jokes and invokes 'Star Trek' as he and Biden toast U.S.-Japan alliance at state dinner See in context

how easy going he is. during Japanese PM and his family enjoy travel or gorgeous dinner, many people are still in tough situation such as poverty or ignored infection disease or disaster damages at Japan.

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Posted in: Biden praises Kishida's leadership and Japan's growing international clout See in context

This meeting is like gift from US to Kishida who panic buy costly US weapons.

Japanese pro-LDP media emphasize "state guest treatment" but its scale is far smaller than when other leader visit to US.

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Posted in: Shizuoka governor quits after disparaging comments about farmers See in context

on the other hand, most LDP politicians don't quit despite innumerable discrimination remarks or falsehood or unjust fundraising.

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Posted in: Biden meets Kishida over shared concerns about China and differences on U.S. Steel deal See in context

worst support rate Kishida government seems to plan "diplomacy washing" to dilute innumerable political failures with this meeting.

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Posted in: U.S. to change Japan command posture to boost deterrence in face China: Emanuel See in context

He is like boss of Japanese PM.

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Posted in: China constantly coerces Japan and Philippines, U.S. envoy to Japan Emanuel says See in context

Salesman of military industrial complex says something.

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Posted in: Kishida arrives in U.S. for summit, state dinner See in context

Present Japan PM who only wants to maintain regime of himself visits to flatter US again with ignoring deliberation at the Diet or even accountability to nation people.

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Posted in: U.S. says Biden, Kishida to agree on defense equipment development See in context

Pleasing US is main job of LDP regime.

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Posted in: Agency admits two more Johnny's employees committed sexual abuse See in context

Japanese TV channels is about to restart "relation" with "former-johnny's" as if scandals was nothing, many fans still repeat insult or slander against victim, part of victim are cornered even to suicide.

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Posted in: Japan eyes upgrade of 16 airports, ports for possible defense use See in context

And, who will make money from taxes will be constructors who had donated to LDP politicians.

Even "national defense" is mere one of pretext.

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Posted in: Japan's overworked, underpaid truckers left behind in wage bonanza See in context

Empty "Abenomics" that only benefited large corporations and expanded inequality.

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