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Posted in: Rival Koreas united in anger at lack of Abe apology See in context

Korea, Grow up!!! It has been done 50 years ago. President Park stated and sign in 1965 as All issues between 1910 to 1945 has been resolved completely and forever. Then Japan gave $800,000,000 in cash. Japan's national reserve was only $170,000 then. Almost the half of we had then. That became issue in the diet but many Japanese did not complain. If this would be the foundation and our noble cause for future for the two nations,it was reasonable. But the result is so disappointing. In 1965, the average collage graduate's monthly salary was $62 then.( $1 was 360Yen) And gave all asset such as infrastructure unconditionally that was $5,300.000.000. Unfortunately, president Park did not let the people know this fact in Korea and did not give money that Japan paid as an individual compensation. Even so many Koreans I have spoken did not know this fact.

This situation makes everything more difficult for Japan to accommodate Korea's unreasonable demands. While Japan is looking at the future, Korea only could see the past. That why Japan gave $50,000 for each former comfort women under the name of Asian women foundation instead of under the name of government with a letter of sympathy from Prime Minister Murayama at that time. Some women received it, but some women were working with anti Japan groups, they refused it because it is from Japan but not from our government. Japan can not do as a government because the treaty in 1965. Bust actual cost for that, over 50% came from the government. If they refuse to accept that, it will be impossible to fix the issue. Japan has made a lot of effort already.

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Posted in: Abe says he is 'deeply pained' over 'comfort women' See in context

Yogi Zuna. I think Abe made his comment well. This is a Well balanced comment. More than that, it would have affected to the history. Then I would need to call him a revisionist. What you know is a propaganda.

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Posted in: Japan upset by S Korean 'comfort women' exhibit at French comic book festival See in context

yosun Japanese should consider foreigners' view instead of believing in only what Japan textbooks say!

You mean foreigners know more Japanese history?

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Posted in: Abe says he is ready to be more assertive against China See in context


South Korean Navy should destroy Japanese naval ships entering Korean waters, near Dokdo/Takeshima

That is not Korean water, since 1952, S.Korea illegally occupied the area. It is clearly against San Francisco peace treaty article 3. But Japan has been refraining from any provocative action but asking them to settle at ICJ. But Korea has kept running away from a real verdict. I do not think Korea will do anything because if they sank Japanese ships the area which is recognized as Japan according to the treaty which has a strong legal back ground. That produce a lot of world attention that they do not want to have. They are buying time now to make it as an illegal occupation to a legal occupation. According to the law, after some time being the area, a sovereignty could be produced. So Korea would not attack Japan there.

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Posted in: Japan readies huge island war games amid YouTube PR push See in context


Even if that were true, and it's debatable,

They are true. Is it debatable? Yes, I agree with you. This is not the space to go over every historical details from 512 AD. I would not do here. We all humans say based on the information we have had till this moment, I do not think I disagree with you personally but the information I have and yours is different. I studied the documents mainly from Korea and I realized how the information that is given to Koreans today is so selective from their own historical documents. That is a historical part. After studying Korean documents, I could see some essential cause of the problem. I believe Dokto is Korean's but Takeshima and Dokto is not the same island.

Legal level? There is no room to debate. It is Japan according to International Law, unless some nation challenges to specify an error of San Francisco treaty.

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Posted in: Japan readies huge island war games amid YouTube PR push See in context


How can Japan defend something that doesn't belong to it?

Historically legally, and reality,it belongs to Japan.

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Posted in: China warns U.S., Japan, Australia not to gang up in sea disputes See in context


Senkaku issue existed even before US transfer administrative right to Japan*

Really? When? How? What?

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Posted in: S Korean leader criticizes Japan during Hagel meeting See in context

>Ms.Park the (Japanese) leadership which has repeatedly made regressive remarks” on history and territorial issues, Park said, according to a statement from her office.

Ms.Park. Why San Francisco Peace Treaty article 3 clearly states as Takeshima as Japan?

David Dean Rusk who is the former sectary of the states said Takeshima is Japan and didactically sent a message to Korea. Also American ambassador McCnaughy, urged to South Korea to return Takeshima on behalf of Eisenhower to Japan. Still Korea kept illegal occupation, so MacArthur sent a very firm statement to Korea in April, 1960. Japan has attempt to send the case to ICJ but Korea keeps coward attitude.

If Park has a nerve saying this to the US despite of these facts, Korea should finalize the case at ICJ for the sake of our future. Takeshima should not be the issue of our obstacle for the future. Japan will not understand unless it has been said so as it is Korea by ICJ.

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Posted in: Abe open to talks with China but no concessions on Senkakus See in context

@Chris Lowery Remember that the Senkaku islands are only 300 miles from the China coast, google it.and you will see the issue.

Chamkun said the distance has nothing to do with it. But for someone like Chris Lowery, the distance may be important. From Ishigaki county of Okinawa Japan, Senkaku is only 100 miles away." google it.and you will see the issue."

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Posted in: China lashes out at Japan military radar plans See in context


If japan was fully democratic and renounced its past like Germany.

1)The style of Democracy is not just one. The based on its culture, religion, history, the size of a country, each nation may have its own democracy. Japan will never become fully democratic from your kind of point of view for sure.

2) Compare Japan to Germany is purely nonsense.

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Posted in: China says it is ready to talk if Japan admits isles are disputed See in context

avigator Islands belong to China. Case closed. Even the whole Ryukyu chain was subjected to China.

It does not matter. The law is there. History does not decide sovereignty. Otherwise the contry like China will produce more Tibet, more Uighur. Okinawa will not be the part of China. Okinawans do not want to be Chinese.

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Posted in: China says it is ready to talk if Japan admits isles are disputed See in context


The two nations, Japan and China originally agreed the islands would remain disputed. It was Japan that then cunningly purchased the islands which has led to this entire uproar.

Where did you get that wrong impression? Japan's position has never changed. If you got that idea from a well known Chinese propaganda, that is not the fact. I think you are talking about the casual 45 sec. conversation of Kakuei Tanaka and Shu onrai. The Chinese translator who was between them has already stated how she translated the conversation. You stated that" Cunningly purchased the islands"That was originally owned by Japan till 1932. then Japan government sold to Japanese the private owner. But that has nothing to do with sovereignty.According to the law, China has never possessed the islands. By the way, has China ever sent a real estate tax bill to that individual? I know they have not. China has not governed the islands. Then openly the Japanese government purchased the islands back as a domestic real estate transaction which has nothing to do with China. It was none of China's business.

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Posted in: Once-reluctant Japanese get behind Tokyo's Olympic bid See in context

Tokyo. gogogo! Go for it.

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Posted in: S Korean court rules against Mitsubishi Heavy on forced labor See in context

chucky3176 & Chamkun

I am sorry if I was putting a wrong information. I will check it out as well. I thought that was right. Thanks

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Posted in: S Korean court rules against Mitsubishi Heavy on forced labor See in context

chucky3176 It pales in comparison to the measly $800 million in mostly loans with interest

NO.This statement is not true.500 was given and 300 was ODA. I think it is most likely right. But I could be wrong. Find out. But what you said this makes no difference. The fact is every issues was solved perfectly and forever. Other wise, Korea should not have signed the treaty. I can not read this sentence in other way. This is a clear statement with the signature of the president of Korea. The end of story.

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard confronts Japan in disputed waters for first time See in context


Huh? It doesn't matter what other 48 countries think. China wasn't invited, did not attend, and therefore does not recognize the Treaty of San Francisco. So it doesn't mean anything. The treaty is basically invalid to China.

Really? That sounds as if China is out law nation.

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Posted in: Abe has chance to show true colors after big election win See in context

Richard Posner

You don't who Abe is.

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Posted in: Gov't announces ban on parking bicycles around Tokyo Station See in context

For the sake of the more clean air in Tokyo. I do hope the government will have some alternative idea very soon.

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Posted in: Japan wins rights to explore for rare metals in Pacific See in context

The way to go!!! Good for Japan.

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Posted in: China sentences 12 over anti-Japanese violence See in context

Only 12!!! It must be a joke. I saw thousand of people went into a JPN department store to steal everything, ( I read some article that the all Rolex watches were gone, it was not sending any political message but just robbery.) destroyed the elevator, set a fire. More that 12 people got involved in this for sure. I guess China is not a lawful society.

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Posted in: Korean group working to subvert Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid See in context

Thommo Rees,

I respect your comment ans I wish it is true, so that I could just detach from this issue. VANK is a quit big organization not a minority grope like 200 people go to Korean Town in Tokyo to make a noise. VANK has a enough influential power to affect some local political decision even in America. As a result, the sex slave monuments in NJ, NY are there based on their historical point of view.

They have used the Olympics stage to engineer their smear campaign.In the site for petitions, It includes some specific numbers from the monument as if it came from the 3rd person's point of view. Over 200,000 Korean girls and women were abducted by Japan forcefully, that states on the monument in the Eisenhower Memorial Park in NY. I respect their opinion, even though that is not true story, as long as that is what they think, but they have enough power and ability to set the monuments in USA.Then their opinion has become the historical statement confirmed by US local government. I can not see VANK as Korean version of those flag-waving loons in black vans.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea foreign ministers set for first talks See in context

Chamkun, Smoothd, OssanAmerica,

I agree with all. This time, the meeting will be just a formality. I can not expect any progress by these politicians.

Chamkun. I like what you said but unfortunately, there was one case in Indonesia. The evidence was found in Japan that the government got involved one case. Japan must apologize for this case sincerely for even long time from now on. But besides that, there is no abduction by Japaneses military and government to make them as a sex slave that how Korea is claiming today or the statement on the monument. Some criminal solders did. But there are records that they got a capital punishment by Japanese military. That kind of order was there and then. It would have been impossible to abduct over 200,000 women unless entire army had worked that as a project. So if Korea does not change or at least become ready to have more wide open attitude for this kind of facts base discussion, Japan has no reason to see them. I agree,instead of any political discussion, the name of place should be ICJ.

There is a US report in 1943, The US was the enemy of Japan then. But how they describe those women and how Japanese solders are very different story. They were treated quit well. No abduction, no violence. I personally have some moral issue but in those days, paying woman to do so was not a crime. Here is the 3rd country's report. (The 3rd country but they were in a war with Japan then.) Any one can find this from archive center. Form this American report, we can see this issue more objectively.

UNITED STATES OFFICE OF WAR INFORMATION Psychological Warfare Team Attached to U.S. Army Forces India-Burma Theater APO 689 Japanese Prisoners of War Interrogation on Prostitution Report No. 49.

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Posted in: U.S. opposes bullying by China in disputed seas See in context

nintymilesbay90000 America never made reserach of history but absurded accusation always is their basic problem!

They did for sure in this case. They deeply got involved San Francisco peace treaty for WW2 resolution. Based on the many facts, article 3 in the treaty indicates Okinawa and all its island included Senkaku were Japan. So after that US took over Okinawa and Senkaku as well. In fact, 2 of Senkaku were used bombing range by US force. If Senkaku had not been Japan, Did America took part of China to bomb? China said nothing till the oil was found in 1968. Chinese government approved news paper, Jinmin Nippo, on 1953 Jan. 8th. talked about civilian movement of Japanese people in Okinawa, in the article states Senkaku as Japan. May be Chinese never made a research, either.

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Posted in: Iceland kills first fin whales in controversial hunt See in context

Since 2001, S.Korea captured ''accidentally'' 4700 of whales till this year. I heard no S.S. story with them either. I am sure they are not as nice as Japan how Japan put up with their non-sense.

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Posted in: Korean campaigns for removal of Japanese flag from French stores See in context



many Japanese themselves despise as a symbol of Japanese imperialist aggression.*

Because they are ignorant. No offend is intended. Simply they have wrong information. It is no symbolized that. It has been in Japan before the war time for happy occasion. The sun is a symbol of Japan as the country of rising Sun.

Tell that to the hundreds of Japanese teachers who refuse to acknowledge the kimigayo during school assemblies.

Are these teachers saying above? They pushed me a wrong idea since I was 6. I could not sing my national anthem Kimigayo till the age of 53.I needed to see some specialist for therapy to remove some level of brain washed condition. I was a victim of their wrong education in late 50s to 60s. I know many people with the same experience especially went to public school during the Vietnam war, the teachers then told us not the fact in the history but what they though then. I needed to hear so many times during social class why and how the Russian revolution succeed in 1917. Later I learned my self that this means losing a war. The last 68 years, Japan was lost in many ways. Any way, I recommend you speak other group of Japanese people as well. Japan is free country, I respect they have their opinion even though I disagree with those teachers. But you say many people, are minority for sure. I do not know how long I live from now, but I want to feel that I am happy to be born in my country. I am some level still fighting with after war suppressed education. My uncle was a navy solder but still I can not visit Yasukuni comfortably.

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Posted in: Korean campaigns for removal of Japanese flag from French stores See in context

''It was in use from 1870''

Technically it is wrong information.

Among the Buke family, in Kyushu area, that has been used as Kamon (Family symbol) since much older days.

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Posted in: Japan scrambled jets against China planes record 306 times in 12 months See in context


ivanthegreat If Japan is not willing to face the history, then it will face more and more aggressive actions from China*.

Yes, Japan has faced the history but not deception that China has been producing.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan hold senior defense talks with focus on China See in context


What kind of document are you talking about? What is the GYAIDENCE? I can not get anything from what you are saying here.

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Posted in: China blasts Japan ahead of legislative session See in context

@IRobin,1 , China is only wanting there islands that stolen by Japan back, isn't this reasonable?

When and How?

2, It is Japan made a absurd trade on these islands last year that cause the escalating of the intense and then keep blaming this on China.

The private Japanese owner Mr.Koga family sold to Mr.Kurisu then Kurisu sold to Japan. Which is a domestic transaction which has nothing to do with China.

Has ever China sent a real estate tax bill to Mr. Kurisu? If not, Senkaku had not been governed by China.

Thank you.

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Posted in: China blasts Japan ahead of legislative session See in context

IRobin,Japan are so unreasonable! here are some iterms support it: 1.It is impossible that These islets had no onwer before 1895,

Yes it was. The area was researched from 1885 for 10 years, then after the confirmation with Qing Dynasty then. Senkaku were recognized as TERRA NULLIUS by the international law.

Also the official record of the Ming dynasty in 1617 Aug. The official passage, states that the islands were not the part of the Ming dynasty.

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