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Posted in: Sea Shepherd says Japanese whalers rammed two of its ships See in context

@ jeff

What make the difference and who decide and how? Which living organism may kill which one may not. All life is equal,we must respect each other. Your kind of idea is the root of racism. Will you answer? I can see your wrong picture and your posting is off topic for sure.This is the article about what S.S. said about rammed ships each other. I think they have been ignoring the 500 yards restriction bu US court order.If they had respected the law, it would not have happened. Japan has no illegal activity there at the international waters with IWC approval.

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Posted in: China slams Abe over comments in Washington Post See in context

China must quote exactly what Abe said on Washington Post. They fabricated Abe's comment as a deception for their people. The JPN Gov. sent a message few hours ago.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court rejects plea by Sea Shepherd See in context

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society acts as if they were a God. The bottom line is that the everything from sentient beings to insentient beings are living and have a life. Of course it is not right to abuse any living organism for entertainment is wrong ethically. But for eating reason, how we know that we may kill this but not that. Who draw the line? If someone started to say what we may eat and not. it would produce discrimination. Especially the way S.S. attack physically and verbally on the media. Japan is doing research but we should not waste anything as showing our respect, everything should be consumed. Every year it is decreasing. I heard that Japan could take 800 but it was 300 last year. I could be wrong. But Korea got ''accidentally'' 2650 of them. S.S. said nothing about that. So I do not believe that what Watson said is not the only his reason to do this smear campaign to Japan. Many people blindly seem have a faith to him. Or using this as a good reason to manifest their hate to Japan with a justifying reason. I heard that in Australia, they need to exterminate some kangaroos. I don`t like it. But I have no right to do what S.S. does to Australia. They must have some a reason to do so. Life is life, we must all respect. We as a human being every day, we continue to live eating some life even if one is a vegetarian. May be this might be the foundation of this issue. In Buddhism, everything has got a life. So never forget our gratitude to every life. That why we say Itadakimasu before we eat not just to the host of meal. That what I learned over 50 years ago from my grandmother.

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Posted in: Abe says he will release new statement on World War II See in context


What is your source of information about history.

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Posted in: Abe says he will release new statement on World War II See in context

It is about time based on more evidence to face the real fact what really happened then. If many countries do not blame the past, Japan accepted everything during the International Military Tribunal for the Far East to reach SF peace treaty. Then Japan apologize to Korea and gave $5,300,000,000 asset and $800,000,000 cash to solve all the issues in 1965. Japan gave ODA to China 3,600,000,000,000 Yen till today but they keep demanding forever apology. After the price Japan paid not just money, if Japan can see only a good future with the world Abe would not have to do this. But the world never forgive Japan after 67 years of our determination for the world peace, Abe need to do this. The real history is not what it was being thought.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to halt entries into disputed waters See in context


To solve the dispute, Japan needs to face history

I agree. Then how do you explain the fabrication of China's historical facts? The details of Chamkun, you have not given your straight answer yet. The history you are talking about has a lot of deceptions as well. Japan has or will accept the facts but not the whole story China and Korea have said. A lot of fabrication and selective information. Even the same story from  China 30 years ago about you call history is more expanded today about Japan. Japan should not have any apology till the neutral historians from the 3rd world get involved to finalize what happen in the last century. Then Japan must take a responsibility but not what China and Korea say today. You guys need to study the history not deceptions based on the history. Japan has made a colossal kind of mistake from Murayama and Kouno talk.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to halt entries into disputed waters See in context


If japan is so sure the islands belong to them, make it short and sweet and just send a sub or a destroyer or something and take out those china's ships.

Japan is a lawful country. Since we have article#9 in our constitution, Although we are sure based on legality, Senkaku is Japan, we would not do it because Japan must maintains defense only at this moment otherwise.ridiculously someone shoot Chinese Ship or plain the way you said, that office would need to go to the prison.

If you are so sure, why you have not given everyone your straight reply to Chamkun's questions. So many documents and printed materials have the fact which is very different from what China is saying today. Japan think China only got aggressive after the oil and would like to a free traffic for Chinese Navy to dominate the half of the pacific Ocean that China has already expressed that desire to US.

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Posted in: 9 lawmakers quit DPJ as dissent over election grows See in context

con't~ sorry I hit a wrong key and sent it after I made a typo. ~~~ legitimate political organization.

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Posted in: China relentlessly harries Japan in island dispute See in context


Ok, Japan might get their islands back probably,

It will not get back. Japan has not lost yet.

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Posted in: U.S. urges calm in China-Japan dispute See in context

iWorldNOV. 03, 2012 - 12:11AM JST The Japanese must ask themselves how come they have disputes will all their neighbors and not able to resolve any of them since WWII.

Read the San Francisco Treaty article #3/

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Posted in: U.S. urges calm in China-Japan dispute See in context

avigatorNOV. 02, 2012 - 07:08PM JST Japan should give up claim to something that does not belong to it. End of matter

You know nothing about history and believe a Chinese tactful deception.

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Posted in: S Korea to rename peaks on islands disputed with Japan See in context


Maybe the problem is not with your nieghbors, but you?

If you are saying this seriously? Conspicuously, you know nothing about the history.

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Posted in: China warns of strong measures in Japan island spat See in context


Chance coincidence or sneaky opportunism?

Complete nonsense!!!!

Claim on Diaoyutai Islands - 1895 (same year as First Sino-Japanese War over Taiwan)

Nothing to do with it. In 1871. China said China did not govern the area.

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Posted in: China warns of strong measures in Japan island spat See in context


it was Ishihara and Japan that set off the gun earlier this year.

What is a problem that Japan buys the land from a Japanese land owner?

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Posted in: S Korean MPs trigger Japan protest with island visit See in context

whiskeysourOCT. 23, 2012 - 09:36PM JST Japan owns to many islands. Sorry Japan S. Korea is the rightful owner

Rightful? base on what? It has been considered as an illegal occupation since 1952.

Dokto is not the same island of Takeshima. It is only 32 Kilo meter from Kangwon Province maximum distance is 40 Kilo meter according to the several old Korean documents. Takeshima is 90 Kilo meter.

I respect the Korean's pride for Dokto but we may not mix the pride and the fact.


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Posted in: S Korean MPs trigger Japan protest with island visit See in context

smithinjapanOCT. 23, 2012 - 05:21PM JST So what? it's their land. A bunch of Japanese lawmakers just visited Yasukuni, did they not?

You may say as I think first, otherwise it sounds as if it were the statement based on the fact.

Learn more history.

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Posted in: 4 Chinese gov't ships spotted in waters around disputed isles See in context

Asianhometown: .Please check Chinese history dating back to the Ming dynasty.

For the territorial dispute. I am not interested in Chinese history. For that matter, I am not interested in Japaneses or Taiwan history, either. But the world history that I only pay my attention. Also, San Francisco treaty which was signed by 48 countries admit Senkaku is Japan in article #3.

I can not see your Logic at all.This sounds one day, China will say everything is China. That is most likely what Sinocentrism is the base.

Now Japan is not only one county worry about it, Vietnam,Philippine also worry. The Foreign Minister of Philippine 12 hours ago made an announcement at UN.

If Asianhometown is right, why the islands had a status as TERRA NULLIUS until 1885? That is not Japan created. One thing is for sure. China did not take care of what China needed to do. When Japan could legally register the islands, that was a TERRA NULLIUS status. China can not complain about that for Japan.

Any case, even no one could say for sure if Ming Dynasty could locate exactly such a small rocks which is 330 kilometer away with objected poof for today's standard. That is why in order to minimize any conflict, the international law today does not give too much credit for the geographical approachability also discovery itself is immature origin of rights to obtain a sovereignty.

why Shincho (China in 1895) was asked by Japan, China could have insisted their sovereignty then? It is too late now.

Why did Chinese government send an appreciation letter to Japan in 1920 for the rescue work by people in Senkaku? That states Senkaku Japan. It shows how they treated the area.

Why did Jinminnippo states Senkaku as Japan on 1953 Jan.8th issued news paper?

Why there are so many Chinese issued maps states Senkaku as Japan territory? At least I saw 4 of them which were published in 50s and 60s.

But when ECAFE found the potential oil, suddenly China claimed Senkaku is China. The Chinese geographical text book shows Senkaku as Japan before but after that the territory line was removed to more toward to East.

I personally do not care about these islands but I care more about the security and economical impact from this dispute. China should stop its claim if China can respect the law.

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Posted in: China-Japan dispute spills over into U.S. newspaper ads See in context

chronologically, I just will review.

Sino-Japanese Friendship trade treaty was established on September 13,1871.That year a tragic incident AKA Miyakojima Islanders Incident happened in Taiwan. A Japaneses ship was wrecked and the wrecked ship swept to Taiwan then 54 Japaneses were killed by the people who lived the area the ship got reached. Japanese government complained to Sino. How they made an excuse to Japan then could be one of the circumstantial evidences that Sino did not govern the area then.

But the bottom line is that Japan has owned Senkaku based on the international law nomatter what China says. Japan began an investigation in 1985 for 10 years. Japan did not jumped to the conclusion. After Japan confirmed that that was no one`s land, even Japan made sure with Sino as well.Then Japan registered Senkaku as Miyakojima Okinawa iunder the rule based on international law. Okinawa Island to Senkau in 170kilo. China to Senkaku is 330Kilo.

As soon as it became Japan, the business man from Fukuoka prefecture, Mr. Tatsushirou Koga established a dried bonito factory, It was handed down to Zenjiro who was his son in 1932. There were 99 households, 249 Japanese lived in those days. Even China gave Japan a letter of appreciation when a Chinese ship was wrecked in the area in 1920, Japaneses helped theme out. The letter from China states as Senkaku Japan. In those days there was no claim from China.China must have recognized the islands as Japan.

The people on the islands came back to the mainland because a war broke out in 1941. After the war in 1945, it become under the management of allied powers by Potsdam declaration, Cairo declaration.Basically Japan lost every small islands and its colonies. Then after the International Military Tribunal for the Far east between 1946 may 3rd and 1948 November 12th. The court decided the responsibility for 1068 men and gave the capital punishment,1951, Japan came back to be a world member again based on the acceptance of San Francisco Peace treaty. The article 2 shows what Japan has lost or separated. The article 3 shows what Japan may keep or being ruled by allies. The dispute island Takeshima was clearly became Japan and Okinawa include Senkaku became America then it returned to Japan in 1972 from America. I do not think America was using Chinese island then .And no Americans have any such a knowledge that the US occupied China till 1972.

Periods from October 12, 1968 to November 29, bottom of the sea investigation in the Senkaku area by ECAFE. The possibility of the oil reserve becomes clear in the area. China, Taiwan which said nothing till then started to say their sovereignty. A lot of evidence that that China used to recognize Senkaku was Japan. A textbook, a map are published in China showed Senkaku as a territory of Japan.Even Chinese communist news paper Jinminnippo on January 8, 1953, said Senkaku as Japan as well.How China could explain these facts?

However since the oil and gas are found. A claim from China began. Then 1978, over 100 Chinese fishing boats with a machine gun came to Senkaku territorial waters. A problem becomes clear for everyone in Japan from that moment.

From 1994,anti Japan education started by Jiang Zemin to take a political advantage from Japan and may be the Tiananmen incident scapegoat. He said in his speech in 1998 how China should use the history as a weapon to Japan forever.There is a clear evidence of his intention and we all can see the manifestation of it today so conspicuously.

Around the same time, Chinese lobbying to the foreign countries becomes active, too. China Japan relation ship slowly surely got worse since then.

In 2010, a Chinese captain's collision case by his intention to the Japanese Coast Guard made things worse.

China says a story of the 15th century? as the base to say Senkaku is China. If the world start to say this and try to take other countries territory, the world will be chaos.

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Posted in: Japan sends foreign ministry emissary to China See in context


It's so funny that in this world. Only Japan declared that the island belong to their own Japanese private citizen and purchase it

I do not understand this comment. I think there are many private island owners in this world. And discovery itself is not directly connected to sovereignty in the international law,either. I do not know in ancient time antolop111 is talking about. But Japan registered Senkaku as Okinawa prefecture in 1895. I believe the private owner got the island was after it had become Japan.

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Posted in: China reins in rowdy anti-Japan demonstrations See in context


NO,it will be more than 1,000 boats. For the reason above your comment, it is a really huge problem.I do not think China is really trying to dampen rising anti-Japan sentimentas they said to news Paper. This is planed.

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Posted in: Japan warns citizens in China after assaults See in context

These islands are no where near Japan and the only reason they are considered Japanese is cos the US gave them to Japan at the end of WW2. They never were Japanese territory. They are the spoils of war and should be given back

Another clueless wonder who have absolutely no clue as to the background of this dispute.

After the JPN Gov. had checked China called Shin then, if these islands belonged to China or not, then the islands were registered as Okinawa Japan 1895, Japan built a bonito flakes factory. Japaneses people were living on the island till1941,then WW2 broke out. Everyone on the island went back to the mainland.

In this fact, Japan seems obtains the 1)2)3) of the judicial precedent in an International law one above my comment.

China and Korea should send Japan to the international court to solve the issue now not sending any military ship. Japan has now been active supporter of UN for a long time and no military aggression they have manifested since the peace treaty in San Francisco. China and Korea should not stimulate Japan. They are giving the right reason to Japan to change their constitution article 9 which is declaration of war.

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Posted in: China pledges to defend territory after Japan says it will buy islands See in context

we are confused by Zenpun, about Senkaku, South Korean islands, Norther territory???? I think an each case is very different.Stop talking other issues on the same table. But because of Zenpun, it seems Senkaku is the island of Japan. That we see clearly.

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