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Posted in: Yakuza tone down events, step up relief efforts in quake-stricken areas See in context

This is not news at all, but is aimed to glorify these yakuzas. They have ruined lives and now they want to show off as good guys? They are scum of the earth and we should get rid of them.

Besides how is it that JT got this information so much?

Moderator: It comes from Shukan Taishu magazine.

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Posted in: Why are Japanese women so eager to bare themselves? See in context

Japanese women now losing their moral values and have degraded themselves to such a low level and have a warped idea of what is beauty and and what is not. That makes them really to be bad future mothers, not to mention that Japan already have lots of bad fathers. Japan is now on the way of its self destruction. I think because the media has painted "evil" as good and good as "evil", people now have wrong perceptions and moral values. Now these generations and generations to come will become worst. Leaders of this nation should do something about it. This is the reason I pulled out my daughters from a Japanese school. The school cannot teach the right moral values. If they can't then I should do something about it and teach them myself.

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Posted in: Iraq's Christians terrorized by wave of bombings See in context

Why is it that Christians are not allowed to hit back those who kill and torture them on spree? These murderers go free with impunity. Where is the human rights that America and all other free nations has been shouting about?

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Posted in: Mother fatally stabs son, then tries to kill herself See in context

Sad that the father didn't detect anything earlier strange in his wife. Fathers in Japan have lost their sense of fatherhood and role as good husbands, only cared about the "bread and butter". I think it's not only this woman to blame, but also the father should bear responsibility.

This society is sick because the family, which is the unit of the society is broken.

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