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Posted in: 'I like Hitler': Kanye sparks outrage in wild Infowars stream See in context

For the record, he never said "I like Hitler." Again, if you people just listen to it, you can hear it for yourself.

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Posted in: 'I like Hitler': Kanye sparks outrage in wild Infowars stream See in context

Taken way out of context. If you actually listen to the podcast, which is extremely good, you can can hear for yourself what he actually meant.

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Posted in: Chinese police out in numbers to prevent more COVID protests See in context

With fewer than 6% of the people vaccinated, Africa suffered the least covid deaths than any other continent. But of course, the CCP doesn't really care about preventing the spread of covid more than keeping their population under their authoritarian control.

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Posted in: Musk signals Twitter going to 'war' with Apple See in context

Apple threatens to pull Twitter out from the app store but doesn't have the courage to say why? It's not rocket science to say that it's politically motivated. It's not the first time an incident like this has occurred. It happened with Parlor not too long ago, but unlike Twitter who is owned by the wealthiest man, Parlor was a low budget app that got crushed by the tech giants. But I highly doubt that will happen to Twitter.

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Posted in: Japan gets 2 late goals to upset Germany 2-1 in their World Cup opener See in context

Congrats, Japan! Enjoy ur victory bc it won't last, especially after your match against Spain.

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Posted in: In U.S., inflation sparks tough Thanksgiving meal sacrifices See in context

That's what happens when you have an incompetent president who thinks the economy is doing great.

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Posted in: Prosecutors to extend accused Abe assassin's psychiatric evaluation: report See in context

Psychiatric evaluation? This useless charade needs to end quickly. Sending the guy to death will be more effective than using him as a pond for political gain.

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Posted in: Sean Penn loans Oscar to Zelenskyy until Ukraine wins war See in context

Narcissism at its finest

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Posted in: Over 80% of Japanese adults find tobacco smoke unpleasant: survey See in context

Can someone explain the logic to me?

That's because Americans love their drugs. Weed used to be considered a gateway drug, but ever since the tabacco industry got replaced with marijuana dispensaries, it's now considered safer than an aspirin pill.

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Posted in: Police: Pelosi attack suspect wanted to break speaker's knees See in context

I'm surprised this Castro nudist protestor didn't yell "This is MAGA country!"

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Posted in: Monkeypox retreating but threat remains, experts warn See in context

Nearly 90 percent of the cases have been among men who had sex with men, the WHO said.

That sure took a long time to admit that monkeypox was predominantly a gay infection. I don't recall the WHO or any media source saying that from the beginning.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to kill convenience store owner over cup of coffee See in context

Don't know what the owner was thinking by hanging on to the windshield wiper. Take a picture of his license plate, call the cops to report the incident, and have a goodnight sleep in your bed and not at a hospital.

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Posted in: British minister tells gay World Cup fans to 'be respectful' See in context

I wouldn't be surprised if the actual number of LGBTQ soccer fans is a small portion that would go unnoticed in a game, unless their goal is to make headlines by promoting their flamboyance.

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Posted in: Economic revitalization minister resigns after Unification Church scrutiny See in context

Seems pretty clear that the Jiminto party is draining the "swamp" and is using one's affiliation with the Unification Church to justify their actions. I wouldn't be surprised if the LDP will continue to use this tactic to place any politician in check.

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Posted in: Yen, inflation at levels unseen in decades not likely to sway BOJ See in context

There goes my Christmas trip :(

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Posted in: Odds of Unification Church dissolution order hinge on if there is enough evidence See in context

If someone persuades me to give them my money, that doesn't give me the right to kill that person. The fact that people are trying to justify this thinking is insane. You just don't kill the pachinko worker because you lost your yearly salary. With that said, I definitely do agree that this is a witch hunt.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges help to those financially affected by Unification Church See in context

Why ur at it, let's make all pachinkos pay all those righteous people who got their hard-earned money taken from them.

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Posted in: Universal Studios Japan issues reminder about showing too much skin inside the park See in context

Just saw the pic of the four girls and it seems like this article was directed towards the girl with the fishnet stockings. I dig it, but I can see a family with young kids having a problem with it. Proper time to explain to Jr. the meaning of a thot.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting girlfriend’s daughter because 'she wouldn’t listen to him' See in context

Never let another man take care of your own or else those poor kids will have a high chance of experiencing physical or mental abuse. This has nothing to do with corporal punishment. The real problem here is child neglect due to the lack of the father. If you make a baby, make sure to care for that precious being.

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Posted in: Tokyo starts accepting same-sex partnership applications See in context

Prior to western influence, being in a gay relationship was widely accepted since promiscuity with any gender wasn't chastised; hence, why there was no separation between men and women in public bathhouses. Seems like Japan is going back to its roots of a boundless sexual haven. Adios closet!

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Posted in: Judge halts Twitter-Musk case; sets Oct 28 deadline to close deal See in context

Twitter will never admit that a large portion of their users are NPC bots.

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Posted in: Japan's lower house chief says he will explain links to Unification Church See in context

Seems like this "church" is being used as a pond to restructure Japan's political power, and so far, it's working brilliantly. The media gets huge ratings and the loyal watcher instinctively fuels the flames to create a bigger charade.

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Posted in: Pfizer COVID vaccine clears Japan panel for use with young children See in context

I don't understand why parents would want to give their kids high fevers or any other side effects that come from those shots. I get it that the chances of being effect in a negative way are very slim, but why risk it especially since the new variants of covid will give you an equivalent fever to the one u will get from the shot? Also, is there a coincidence that heart attacks in kids has increased after these shots became available to them?

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Posted in: Japan's lower house speaker admits links with Unification Church See in context

People have the right to follow whatever religious belief they want. I haven't seen the members of the church cause any terrorist attack on the public because they aren't a violent threat. On the contrary, it seems people who oppose this church (e.g. Abe's murderer) are the one's to watch out for. If people want to give away their life savings to a church, that's on them. I won't complain either if people want to give their life savings to a pachinko, or worse, a hostess. Are we now to target all the pachinkos in Japan? Give me a break.

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Posted in: Mayweather easily beats MMA fighter Asakura in Japan exhibition See in context

The highlight of this fight was watching those ring girls.

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Posted in: Tokyo tightens security for Abe's funeral See in context

Now they decide to tighten security? lol A bit too late for that.

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Posted in: Sony withdraws from music business in Russia See in context

Japan withdraws Sony from Russia and Russia withdraws gas, oil and wheat. Hmm...nice one Japan! Keep being a sheep to the US and NATO. Your future looks bright.

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral to cost ¥250 million See in context

RIP, Mr. Shinzo! You got JFK'ed and the media helped to sweep everything under the rug by blaming a church that didn't have anything to do with it. How about using his party's funds for bringing him out of retirement due to his "poor health" and having him campaign when he should've been relaxing at home?

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