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Posted in: Kishida again denies knowing of Unification Church members at meeting See in context

Let's be honest, nothing will happen to him.

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Posted in: With outburst, Musk puts X's survival in the balance See in context

Reports full of evidence clearly contradict this, what increased was not political opinions but harassment, discrimination and verbal violence.

I use it everyday and I've never seen any harrassment or discrimination, let alone verbal violence. Oh wait, I have seen people insult each other's countries. But that's part of the game. When have you gone to a sports game and not heard fans insult each other? Freedom of speech ftw.

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Posted in: With outburst, Musk puts X's survival in the balance See in context

I was never a big Twitter user but ever since Musk took over and eased public censorship towards conservative views, Twitter became a balanced platform for public opinion. I could actually see productive debates from both left and right perspectives. So even if it shuts down, it's currently the best platform to use.

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Posted in: Kitano discusses new film on homosexual relations in samurai era, Japan's showbiz world See in context

Not surprised how his views on homosexualtiy has changed in the past decade. Promoting samurai sword fighting will definitely secure his position in the film industry.

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Posted in: Japan sees 2.52 million visitors in Oct, exceeding pre-COVID levels See in context

It's too bad the yen keeps depreciating.

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Posted in: Woman facing arrest for theft jumps to her death from apartment while police wait See in context

Depends on where you live in Yokohama. Central Yokohama a 30K apt. would be impossible to find a decent living space. More like a minimum of 4.5. Minimum.

Common sense will tell you to find a cheaper place if you can't afford to live there. The real question is why did she have to resort to stealing? Was she a klepto? Was she really broke? Did she have a job or was she a dependent of the state? If you can hold any minimum wage job, you can survive in Japan, but you have to sacrifice some luxuries in return for a roof and food in ur stomach. Just look at all the Vietnamese people who share small apartments and still manage to send money back to their relatives. Where there's a will, there's a way. Hence, why I believe she had some mental issues.

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Posted in: Woman facing arrest for theft jumps to her death from apartment while police wait See in context

The woman lived in Yokohama.

Thanks for the clarification. My point remains the same. The cost of living in cities like Yokohama is extremely affordable even with a minimum wage job compared to big cities in the state where rent is almost as much or higher than a low paying wage. You can get by in Yokohama with a ¥30k or less for a 1k/k apartment working at a pt time gig and still have plenty for food. This problem is not solely about finances as many comments mentioned. I wouldn't be surprised if this woman was going through some serious mental problems.

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Posted in: Woman facing arrest for theft jumps to her death from apartment while police wait See in context

The cost of an apartment in Asahi Ward is dirt cheap. You can get a 1k/k apartment for less than 25,000 yen. Minimum wage in Osaka is 1,064. Even if you work for 20 hours a week, you can still make 3x more than your rent.

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Posted in: Judging from level of complaints in U.S., air travel getting worse See in context

The airline industry went downhill when they lifted their strict hiring policies due to discrimination. I used to work for UA and once they started hiring people without any actual experience, that's when the complaints started pouring in.

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Posted in: Ohtani free agency sweepstakes off to clandestine start at MLB general manager meetings See in context

As a Dodger fan, we welcome Ohtani will open arms.

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Posted in: Adidas says it may write off remaining unsold Yeezy shoes after breakup with Ye See in context

These are considered the "Jordans" of Adidas. Sneaker heads would pay a fortune for these. I highly doubt Adidas will write off these these Yeezys without any profit. They have been regurgitating this nonsence since day one, yet they keep hyping the release of these shoes every other season. Media outlets don't realize that they're actually helping Adidas build hype.

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Posted in: Unification Church in Japan offers to set aside up to ¥10 bil in compensation fund See in context

 ...bow at the start of a press conference in Tokyo on Tuesday. 

Picture is deceiving and makes it seem as if they are remorseful. I wonder how much of the 10 billion is going to the LDP and will the UC still keep their religious status?

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Posted in: Hamas frees two Israeli women as U.S. advises delaying ground war to allow talks on captives See in context

The U.S. advised Israeli officials that delaying a ground offensive would give Washington more time to work with regional mediators on the release of more hostages, according to a U.S. official.

Delaying is probably the best solution since Hamas will never be wiped out. There will always be another Islamic extremist group that will claim ownership of Israel by force, so even if Hamas is eradicated, another group will sprout and repeat everything all over again. That's the unfortunate reality.

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Posted in: Jordan fails again on vote for House speaker as frustrated Republicans search for options See in context

The swamp is everywhere, especially in the GOP.

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Posted in: Republicans reject Jordan for House speaker on first ballot, but more voting likely See in context

Jim Jordan is the man!

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Posted in: Unification Church slams Japan's dissolution request as threat to religious freedom See in context

If all religious groups/cults stop receiving tax exemptions, then should all non-profit organizations be included? Who gets to pick and choose? How do you determine what's a cult? Mormons? The Church of Satan?

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Posted in: Unification Church slams Japan's dissolution request as threat to religious freedom See in context

Unification Church after a ministry investigation concluded the group for decades has systematically manipulated its followers into donating money

To be fair, every church demands a monthly tithe from their members and when it comes to fundraisers, it's a common practice for churches to get creative to get more money from their congregation. This is normal. I've met loyal protestants who have donated their homes and savings at an older age, but what's not normal is having a family member kill an important figure and blame it on their church because their relatives donated their savings. If the court is able to successfully dissolve the group, what's stopping them from dissolving other religious institutions or any organizations that are not aligned with their views?

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Posted in: Stand-with-Israel rally See in context

Which hostages? The thousands of Palestinians that have been in Israeli jails for years? The whole population of Gaza? Or the few taken by Hamas a couple of days ago?

How about the innocent children and toddlers that have been beheaded? Even Biden has confirmed this. Tell me, how many Israelis have decapitated innocent Palestinian babies?

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Posted in: Mexico's president says 10,000 migrants a day head to U.S. border See in context

I see no accountability on the elites from Cuba and Venezuela who wine and dine in fine European restaurants on the weekends while their citizens ration whatever food they can get.

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Posted in: Judge rules Trump defrauded banks, insurers as he built real estate empire See in context

Do you actually think this will have any effect on the Teflon Don? No matter how many times you try to attack 45, you won't bring him down. MAGA!

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Posted in: Zelenskyy delivers upbeat message to U.S. lawmakers on war progress as some Republican support softens See in context

This Castro look-alike is taking money we don't have for an endless war that will make us go bankrupt. The US national debt is at 33 trillion. To put this in persepective, each US citizen owes roughly 100k. If this war had any positive effect on inflation, I would think people would support it; however, this war is making things worse for the average person. Common sense says stop funding Zelensky.

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Posted in: Updated COVID vaccine targeting Omicron subvariant rolls out in Japan See in context

The vaccination this fall might be the last chance to obtain coronavirus inoculation in Japan free of charge

Thanks, but no thanks. I will definitely pass.

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Posted in: YouTube cuts off Russell Brand's ad revenues after sexual assault allegations See in context

The BBC said on Tuesday it had removed some shows featuring Brand from its iPlayer and Sounds platforms after deciding that some past television and radio content 

Whatever happened to proven innocent until guilty? Character assassination is now a big threat to anyone that gets accused for "stepping out of line."

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Posted in: Weight gain in Japan halts as COVID-19 pandemic measures recede See in context

Let's not forget that in most major intersections, there are several fast food joints that are filled with your average high-calorie-mclover that prefers to eat out rather than to cook a healthy meal at home.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'He’s taken' See in context

Dear Suddenly Single, you got played.

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Posted in: Gov't may seek to dissolve Unification Church: source See in context

Seems like religious persecution.

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Posted in: Unlikely hit 'Sound of Freedom' opens new front in U.S. culture wars See in context

Heh, it would only be child traffickers on the right then, because the ones on the left wouldn't be a party to it.

So go for it, flesh out all those right-wing trafficking pedos.

Do you actually think one's political affiliation matters? Just take a look at what prisoners do to their own gang members when branded as a pedo.

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Posted in: Unlikely hit 'Sound of Freedom' opens new front in U.S. culture wars See in context

The devout Catholic, 54, has addressed several QAnon events and promotes the conspiracy theory that child trafficking rings drain their victims' blood for the hormone adrenochrome, believing it to be an elixir that wards off aging.

If this conspiracy theory motivates people to stop child trafficking, I'm all for it. If anything, have more out so we can put an end to this horror.

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Posted in: Unlikely hit 'Sound of Freedom' opens new front in U.S. culture wars See in context

The film was originally scheduled for release by 20th Century Fox, but that deal was canceled when Disney bought the studio in 2019, paving the way for Angel Studios to step in.

Oh, the irony. You would think that Disney would do whatever it can to help protect children by releasing this film, but instead they decided to take a different political stance like supporting HB 1557 bill, which allows classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through grade 3.

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Posted in: Osaka police mistakenly arrest man in revenge porn case See in context

Please give us an update when the civil rights lawsuit takes place. But I doubt that sueing the police for monetary damages in Japan with get you any type of compensation.

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