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To coin a 1980's era British phrase - "On your bike! "...

Personally, I'm naturally lazy, if someone is going to pay me to be so, then I'm super happy. Though "doing/being" so for a long period, is going to make me think, that I don't need to do anything ever again... early retirement, and all that.... (and I'll become Fat and Lazy :( ... a continual fight I have to struggle against )

Sadly, this is where "Stimulus" payments to People in need, are a double-edged sword. On the lower scale of Society, those who REALLY need it, are probably out-numbered by those who'd be happy to Milk the system. However, the Politicians calling the shots aren't exactly exemplary of honourable persons either - the Rich too Milk the system, in order to reduce their Taxation exposures in order to become even Richer - or give the illusion of being so.

Now this COVID crisis, poses an issue of "fear" - since if for those of the population who are paid by the days they work, contract the disease, then they will be forcefully prevented from obtaining an income, regardless how well they feel or not - since as there is no "current" immunity to the Virus, any contact with those infected persons is likely to spread like Californian wildfires during a dry Summer. Clearly, paying such an infected person to self-isolate would seem sensible, however here's where those who wish to Milk the system come into play, getting purposely infected time and time again, would effectively mean that you would not need to work, and you would be guaranteed an income.... easy money. Obviously, this may not be something the Elder workers would be contemplating as they may actually die upon the first cycle of their try it and see gamble.

But I hope you see my point.

I'd like to say I could do a better job that any Government, though in reality, its up to Society as a whole to fix this issue - weed out the COVID "Grafters", stick to common-sense self-care. Try to avoid relying upon Government Handouts (as those will dry up at some point anyway), and focus upon building social networks of responsibility managed by yourselves.

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Posted in: Asian shares mostly higher after Trump stops stimulus talks See in context

COVID Stimulus = Easy money to do nothing = unmotivated workforce = collapse in Free market Economies.

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Posted in: Japan seeks to boost catch limits of prized bluefin tuna See in context

Japan needs to wake up to the Dangers of eating Raw fish.

In Today's World, the seas are full of Pollutants, and the Fish within those Seas are clearly impacted. So consuming said Fish, is likely to have an impact upon the Consumer.

I came across a sad case of a young Woman recently, who is facing Death through NF. The only cause her Doctors can come up with, is the consumption of Sushi...

I have also recently seen other cases where people having eaten raw Fish, have soon afterwards suffered skin rashes, etc - you only need to do you own research upon the matter to understand what causes this.

Do you own research, and look it up. Then make your own minds up.

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Posted in: BOJ chief warns climate change among biggest challenges facing global economy See in context

I think he should be focusing more up the Economic Climate, caused by the current COVID crisis...and of similar to come, rather than Global Warming, etc.

The former is clearly obvious through successive Government mismanagements Globally, resulting in "Shutdowns" and hefty hits to their respective Economies. The latter, however, has a wide spectrum of impacts which may or may not have an immediately obvious impact to the Global Economies.

The former, can clearly wipe out all life on earth, and therefore result in the latter being inconsequential.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan becoming target of discrimination due to virus See in context

I recently faced a bit of direct racism related to this Pandemic. And as others have said here, it's best to not react as you're likely the one to get into trouble.

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Anyone here had it yet ? (And lived to tell the tale ?)

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I'd rather have some failures and some successes rather than no successes at all.

The system detects p-waves which race ahead of the ground movements, determining the size of the actual quake from these p-waves is clearly a matter of trial and error.

I'm happy to put up with the infrequent false alarms. Perhaps the next time you're sitting comfortably in your shinkansen seat hurtling along the rails at 300 Km/h - ponder what would happen should not such a system be in place to automatically stop the train in advance of the quake hitting it.

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Japan's IT infrastructure is somewhat good. A bit piecemeal in places, and very backwards in others, but in general it's good.

However when a person see's an issue... please don't dismiss it... it may actually be real, and more complicated than you may have thought of at first.

For consumer tech - just bare in mind, Japan is all about disposable/fad technology - something that lasts a couple of years (if that) then .. just gets replaced - because its "Old" and Manufacturers want you to replace with something newer... though they haven't really thought towards how to dispose of the old equipment.... unlike the Apple Rip-off system.

The Cancel culture should actually be relevant in the Tech World.... why, should a perfectly working good piece of equipment, suddenly be deemed non-functional. I strongly suspect Microsoft is operating a Cartel operation with various Manufacturers... and seriously would welcome an opportunity to partake in a Class Action against them on that matter.

Linux is currently the only recourse for older hardware.... but Google needs to fix their HTTPS stance in order to allow older builds to upgrade.... something I have hit a brick wall upon of late.. so perhaps sue Google too...!!

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Posted in: 1 in 4 commute by bicycle to avoid crowds during pandemic: survey See in context

Bicycles are generally quite simple mechanically - so you shouldn't be afraid of attempting your own fixes. If you have any concerns ... take a video and stills of the bicycle before you take it apart. That way you should at least know what it should look like when you put it back together again ... 2 wheels, handle bars, pedals, seat, etc

There's also useful youtube videos around on how to replace gear cables - particularly within the newer shimano style of integrated gears (they've made things too complicated for no good reason). Also, note if like me, you do your own repairs - a word of caution - some Bike shops, don't really want to sell you parts, they'd rather you give them the work to do... in which case they'll charge you an arm & a leg for something relatively simple. Use tact, when asking for parts, be polite and courteous, maybe buy a spare or two a the same time to make it a bit more worth their while... for example if you're replacing a spoke on a mama-chari, then buy 2-3 more spare (its a small amount, and will save you having to go back anytime soon - BTW when need to replace a spoke on one of those bikes, set aside 2-3 hours... it's not a simple job, and yeah, I do take pictures before I take the rear wheel off as it's such a pain to get things back exactly in the right way.

In the end, knowing a bit about your bicycle helps you in many ways. If you are afraid of repairing punctures then don't buy a mama-chari - rear wheel puncture repairs are a nightmare. Get yourself a plain MTB - strong wheels (they don't buckle so easily), Tyres are thicker, and replacing an inner tube can be done in a minute flat (but maybe spend some extra time checking the Tyre first for anything stuck into it, as you can burst your replacement innertube so easily if you dont do that !)

I guess I could hold lessons on bicycle repair... but who'd be interested in that ?

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Posted in: 1 in 4 commute by bicycle to avoid crowds during pandemic: survey See in context

The annoying thing these days is Parking for your bicycles - it's limited and always full in the designated areas.

And if you do resort to typing up your trusty steed somewhere near the office, its bound to be on a day when the bicycle collectors are on the prowl... I sometime suspect they actually dump bikes in the designated areas in order to force people to lock up their bikes in non-designated places, just so that they can break the locks, impound the bikes, and charge 2000 yen for the owners to retrieve them... it's a scam!

I find it odd (though refreshing) to hear that some Companies are now promoting Cycling to work, since those I've worked for in the past, mostly told me I couldn't as that would invalidate my Insurance travelling to work. (That said, I always ignored them, and the Health Insurance still covered me, when I needed it.)

In order to fully embrace Cycling/Running to work... Companies could convert that unused office space into something like shower rooms or even a gym ... think of the benefits! (I'd love to work for a Company that allowed me to cycle in, take a shower before hitting my desk, and then had a small gym to work off any stress within during the day).

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Posted in: 'Top Gun' helmet and 'Alien' spaceship in Hollywood props auction See in context

I'd go for the Helmet. 70k isnt that steep and it's very iconic too. But sadly, I don't know where I'd put it. Perhaps a Restaurant chain such as Hard-Rock will buy it ? These things really deserve to be in a Museum of Movies, though space = money.

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Posted in: Australia to spend $440 million to lure Hollywood blockbusters See in context

Perhaps a "Jaws" remake, since there's a lot of Great White man-eaters in that neck of the woods ?

Updates to Crocodile Dundee / Kangaroo Jack, etc.

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Posted in: Experts meet on how to prevent Go To campaign from spreading coronavirus See in context

Call me old fashioned, but surely you don't need experts to tell you that encouraging Tourism during a Pandemic isn't the wisest of moves.

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Posted in: 650 new coronavirus cases reported in Japan; 290 in Tokyo See in context

I've not been to the local gyms for months now... (and its showing), was thinking of buying my own home gym equipment to supplement the ubiquitous bar-bells - though none of the Gym equipment is made within Japan - everything has to be imported from China or the US.... somewhat sad.

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Doesn't sound fair - the event should be cancelled instead - showing Solidarity between ones fellow sportsmen

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Its going to be interesting to watch the Athletes participate in track & field events whilst wearing Bio-hazard/ hazmat suits in the scotching Japanese Summer heat.

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20 Kg isn't really that much, however getting through a window requires a bit of care and strength. The perception of heaviness can be relative to one's own body weight. When you do a chin-up, you're lifting your own weight for example.

@zichi - don't over do things, and don't think you can't lift something heavy. Take it bit by bit. Go to a 100 Yen store and get one of those stretcher bands - they're really great for building up strength gradually, and you can use several at a time to increase the load.

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@Tara tan Kitaoka - right question, wrong time... Companies should have asked that question, and assessed the risk of putting all their eggs in one basket before shipping local production offshore.... now, many have been left with Egg on their faces.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka’s first wave of charity face masks sell out, but she promises more for everyone See in context

I'd like to see her play a match wearing one of those... perhaps something more sport focused would be really great! (Especially here in Japan - you you cant get anything other than cloth)

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 119 new coronavirus cases; 1st time below 200 in 5 days See in context

When & where do they do these tests ?

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Up and Down... Up and Down....makes you wonder doesn't it.

It used to be, that you'd rely upon solid research into a Company, it's objectives for the future, its cashflow situation and the management of that.... nowadays we have lousy Auditors, out-of-school Equity Researchers who copy-paste , and a bunch of addicted Gamblers.

Regulators may as was well open up the Options market to the Casual investor. And Japanese Banks/(Financial) Institutions should start letting Foreigners invest in the same products Japanese can invest in... who reads the prospectus these days anyways - load of Twaddle.

There's a lot of Hypocrisy going on within Japan's Financial & Banking Regulatory World these days.

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With WTH I need my own Nuclear power plant .. well the Sun (or something like it), however when I last looked Japan appear to lack storage cells for Solar power, the arrays were terribly expensive, and inefficient.

Why is everything so expensive and out of date in Japan ?

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Japan does not like being told what to do... nor does China.

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Posted in: Government Pension Investment Fund posts record quarterly loss of ¥17.71 tril See in context

Don't care so much with these short term reports, just as long as there's a reasonable Pension for me to live off when I retire...

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Posted in: Japanese vending machines will now let you buy things using your face See in context

Hopefully it doesn't trigger as you walk by.

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Posted in: Kim's sister says no need for another U.S.-N Korea summit See in context

Probably just wisely, concerned about the high rate of infection in the US which, having visitors from the US would probably lead to infections within N.K. ...

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The people didn't just pick up the virus yesterday. So, expect to see the numbers continue to rise. At what point will the Hospitals complain ?

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Posted in: Ex-Wallabies coach Cheika hits out at criticism See in context

When a Team can't stand together, then they're not a team.

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Posted in: Japan baseball season starts Friday night without fans See in context

Well that's one way to get subscribers to continue paying their fees....

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Posted in: Amazon unveils visual aid to workplace distancing See in context

Given the past History of News stories about Amazon, I suspect that this has more to do with Tracking Employee's whereabouts than aiding their safety.

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