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Posted in: U.S. wants undersea data cable to skip Hong Kong See in context

100% right.

Hong Kong is now effectively China.

China operates the Great Firewall which controls access in/out of their "Country"

Why place China into a difficult position over future outages which may lead to suspicion that they caused them due to ... manipulation. So, it's a lot simpler to by-pass HK altogether. However, Taiwan may not be the best of Hubs to select... perhaps Hawaii / Guam, or even Japan ?

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Annoyingly, now, in Gyms we are supposed to wear Face-Masks... this is a sort of more dangerous than the virus itself - as if like me, you "work-out", then the face mask will be more than likely sucked in (or parts of it) to your throat, and cause blockage. Best case, with light exercise, the mask will become so laden with perspiration - it will be functionally useless.... so the mask rule for Gyms in my view is a waste of time. Sure, keep the gym's well ventilated ... which has always been a major gripe towards the ones I have been frequenting locally, and keep cleaning surfaces of your gym equipment before/after usage, but the masks .. that's stupid, and dangerous.

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Posted in: Abe says Japan to ease travel curbs on Australia, NZ, Thailand, Vietnam See in context

I heard NZ is free from Corona virus, let's all go there !..... eh... right!

Total respect to the way NZ has handled the outbreak, and how their Citizens co-operated.

However, accepting flights from Japan, at this stage, would I think be, a little bit on the Risky side of things - particularly given the current lack of testing here.

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Posted in: Soap dispenser in Tokyo public toilet switched with one full of acidic liquid See in context

Not interesting but, utterly Disgusting. I pity any Child naively pressing down upon the Soap dispenser as they'd been told to do within school - only to find the skin on their hands burning away. How do you console a child confused then about what "grown-ups" tell them ?

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Posted in: U.S. calls bid by men to avoid extradition over Ghosn's escape 'flawed' See in context

The French Resistance helped free Allied Troops during the 2nd World War . Although we're not in a War, there are certain injustices being carried out within the Japanese Legal system that can be (albeit loosely) compared to those within a Waring Nation.

It is shameful, that a person can be arrested for a potential crime without evidence before-hand, and then at a later date, have that first crime changed to something that is perhaps not even a crime a that time they had been arrested.

With such actions going on, it is somewhat understandable, that certain people, feel the need to liberate those under threat of such "dynamics".

I'm not saying I agree with their actions, though I am also not, disagreeing with them. Though clearly, in the case of Ghosn, he had the means to pay for assistance, whereas some more unfortunate folks do not.

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When I read about these incidents, as a Parent, I feel heart broken. More-so, since I know, that my Eldest is facing similar issues, and that there is nothing I can do about it. Yes, there's TELL - "but you can't force a horse to drink water", and I am pretty sure there will be many who say it's also my Fault too... though, I wonder how many of you out there really know, really have dealt with the situation, and not just with something that is a mere one-off teen-frustration issue, but perhaps, with something that is, hereditary .... ?

I feel heartbroken for the Family of this young man, and also at the same time, fearful, that I will be in the same position as them. As a non-fluent Japanese Speaker - setting up a go-it-alone-support group is not going to go anywhere in Japan - just as this comment will go no-where.

So, the only thing I can ask of you... and that's a big ask....

Is to first bite your tounge... don't be an armchair critic in these types of situations, say nothing unless constructive, as seriously... if it was your Kid that had just Died, and you'd started reading comments here... how'd you feel ?

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Cautious is an understatement... it's carnage out there. Anyone running a business is experiencing varying levels of difficulty - bricks & mortar establishments especially.

And whilst if you may still have a job, you're thinking you're safe... think again... there's a lot of interdependencies we're finding out these days... so for example ... investing in Bitcoin or other e-non tangibles may become hard-core folly - who will be left able to thrown money after something that doesn't exist!

Keep fit, avoid sick people, be able to work however you can in future. This is a War of survival . Damn those Commie Chinese!

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Posted in: J. Crew files for bankruptcy as preppy retailer succumbs to COVID-19 fallout See in context

GOLDs Gym too!

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Posted in: Panic buying continues in Tokyo as residents asked to stay home for weekend See in context

Hey @Patrica Yarrow - yes! there's plenty of home workout video's around, including Arnie's (total respect to that man - he's done very well for himself!) - though everyone has differences... :-)

I go to a gym, to "work-out"... in the traditional sense, not to simply idly walk on a running machine whilst watching YouTube Videos, etc... as sadly I see so many doing.

As I mainly need to use the "heavy" weights (with many reps),  home workouts are sadly a ticking over thing for me. I may eventually have to make a huge sacrifice and make some space available at home to bring in some home-gym stuff but that'd mean I'd no longer need to go to a Gym and therefore loose out of the "Social" aspect of Gym life... I really love the new Gym tight fitting stuff Women wear - its hard to know whether they're being Seductive or simply Exhibitionist - though they really mess up my heart rate monitoring during workouts... So I have to really focus upon exercise routine and ignore them - so my apologies to those who think I'm ignoring them - I am trying to do so purposely! (Talk to me when I'm finished and outside of the Gym please).

Anyway, I went to my local Gym again today - fewer people (observed 5 max over my medium 2 hour workout period) - some paid a lot more attention to carefully wiping down surfaces, though some of the younger ones didn't seem to care much. Atmosphere was more subdued though. 

If the Government goes ahead with a tougher shutdown, then I hope that the employees of Gyms such as the ones I go to, are supported.

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@cracaphat - yes your are right... however,

I know, some Gyms are getting shut down (Globally), there is a reason I guess per Gym.

Recently, I visited the one in Roppongi Hills - its Super Expensive one - has the US Golds Gym style of Equipment along with other Training areas - and looks to be very well equipped, yet I didn't see any cleaning materials around, maybe they have some - I don't know - I'd rather simply go to a public gym that has more facilities on offer - and obvious hand-cleansing sprays, etc. (This is the continual balancing act I keep reviewing between private paid for Gym and Public).

The "cheaper chain" I signed up for, does however have both Alcohol based wipes and sprays (within all its gyms I frequent) which people "are" using before & after equipment usage - at least in the gyms I use... and even before this virus outbreak when someone didn't wipe off their sweat from a machine/weight/bench another gym user would often try and correct their ways. So I sort of feel more comfortable at the moment. Certainly more so, than being crammed into a train full of individuals who may or may not care about their own health, let alone the impact that their condition may have upon others!

Keeping ones distance from other Gym users as an Etiquette thing... (unless you are into the touchy feely thing of some individuals (Sorry I'm old-school and don't do that), and I have rarely seen that happen here locally between patrons - except however, when its done by some of the so called resident Gym Trainers - "Cringy" is the word I have for that. I keep my distance from them.

I, like other members, Wipe down equipment before and after usage, and ... hope for the best. Which is I hope, my fellow Gym members do too. Should a total Lock down occur, which is enforced, then as I said before, I will obey, and continue with my old style home routine.... indeed it may be more beneficial for overall fitness, so with that in mind, I will buy some extra roll-up type yoga mats & large towels tomorrow in order to have a more wider space for exercising upon without leaving any sweat behind within the small living room area.

That all said,

You know, a standard 2 Litre bottle of water is a great substitute for a light weight when working out - just increase and slow-down the reps and feel the pain... then you will know, it doesn't take much, but it requires dedication to your Goal.

All the best.

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I saw a post above mentioning Face-masks, not sure where that individual is located, though I am completely unable to find one within my area. So I have to go around without one. Is that to be seen as my fault ?

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Posted in: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for virus See in context

He looks to be a bit out of Shape - though I would imagine he has the benefit of a good Medical care plan, so perhaps his chances of pulling through this are pretty good (assuming he really does have it...).

I wonder if the Government action towards the rest of the UK community will change as a result of this ?

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As this recommendation is not enforced, I'm off to the Gym this weekend. Should hopefully be quieter - they have even confirmed that they will be open as usual, so as I am paying for the thing monthly... not using it, is like throwing money down the drain!

I may even have the opportunity to try some of the other gyms in my area and review them for what's on offer along with pictures, without people being around ... now that, should be an interesting opportunity.

I have also thought about buying Home Gym equipment, but space is an issue - and there's also (apparently) a long waiting(/weighting!) list for Home Gym equipment  Worst case, if really confined to home quarters, I will have to resort to the old fashioned hardcore home/barracks/prison-cell workouts... maybe I could do a youtube on that one... but, seeing an old timer workout... is I'd imagine a turnoff... even Arnie, isn't as he was back in the good ole days.

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I've been sort of worried about going to the local Gym's recently, but then I could also be worried about going Shopping for food, etc. Finding a Face Mask is impossible these days! But now, in France for example, we're being told that we should give what we have to Medical staff as face-masks are not useful in general situations.... confusing information ?

Well, here in Japan, at least in my local "Anytime Fitness" Gyms, they provide wipes for you to use both before and after you make use of their equipment and in general patrons don't normally intermingle. (Though sadly, they dont use much English instructional information over changes that they're making - and the new wipes appear to be more soap based than Alcohol !!)

I however have the luxury of switching between several locations - so tonight when I saw that my closest Gym was full, I opted to move on to the next one, which was bigger and less crowded.

I guess eventually, if the situation in Japan becomes worse, then Gyms will close too, so maybe, now is a good time to buy what you need in order to maintain your fitness routines.

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