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Posted in: Conservatives push agenda at NHK See in context


Abe is turning the Japanese image that I admired into a fiasco! Abenomic is unsustainable economic disaster waiting to happen, Japan is not the only one can play the currency war~ Thought it help sales but for how long? Further inflation will only promote frugality among the middle class....

STUPID revisionism attempt by right wing fossils will only condemn Japan into shame. Do the math, Japan revised history = outrage by neighbors = Bad image = less sales (at least most people I've know switch to Korean made products) . The Japanese masses are no better than their government, for they did nothing.... All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.. In this case, for an idiotic Abe government to prevail is for the population to do nothing!

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Posted in: U.S. Pacific forces chief concerned over Japan-China tension See in context

It's highly unlikely that neither China or Japan will initiate the attack... China has its hand full with its large population which have the potential to turn into dissidents. The crackdown in Xinjiang, and border dispute with India. Japan on the other hand does not have the power projection it needs to launch an invasion (not to mention, their limited resources and the pacifist constitution).

An all out conflict is unlikely, but isolated incidents similar to what happened in the Pakistan Indian border or the Korean DMZ may occur. But... in the event of an all out war, it will be a war of attrition for both Japan and China.

Russia is still technically at war with Japan... That's why the majority of Japanese resources are focused in the north until recently which is shifted to the south.

One thing for sure, an open war will inevitably drag U.S. whether because of the treaty or the multi billions military industrial complex. +_+

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Posted in: Abe tells world to stand up to China or face consequences See in context

China and Japan are great countries, I love both of the culture and history from both of these great nation. But with how CCP running modern day China, all love redirect pre-communism China. I get frustrated by Japan's reluctance to face the sinister imperial past.

For a country spent more money into "public security" (127 billions) than national defense (119 billions), tells a lot about the volatility of the country. Dynasty in China rises and falls by the hand of the people.

A better armed Japan is welcomed by most ASEAN countries, as we don't have the $ or equipments to even deter provocative Chinese encroachment as they did a military exercise in 2013 on a shoal just 80 km from my hometown while is 1800km away from Hainan.

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Posted in: China slams Japan defense spending plan See in context

though I'm not fond of this ongoing farce between China and Japan. But the increased defense spending by Japan is justified.... Just to act as a deterrence and nothing more.

Remember the brief border war between India and China? At that time, India was unprepared and didn't expect China to invade their border until it was too late. The war ended when China "unilaterally" (just like they did with the ADIZ) announce ceasefire when US carriers in the Indian Ocean authorized to provide fire support, and India reluctantly agreed to it. How about Vietnam? same thing happened....

so.... I hope the day when war broke out never come, I heard stories from my grandparents, how they lived in fear during the Japanese occupation... War is never an answer.

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