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Posted in: 3 people found dead in parked car in apparent joint suicide See in context

Ohhh why why why?

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Posted in: Junior high school principal arrested for soliciting underage girl for sex See in context

Hmm, such a shame I wanna hear part two about the Education Board's action?

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Posted in: Presumed mastermind of robberies may be in Philippines See in context

What a crime hope they will catch them all

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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of 7-year-old daughter had consulted with authorities in 2019, 2021 See in context

Heartaches much reading news like this for killing their own child. If she doesnt know how to raise her child then give the child to her parents. Problem is their pride.

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal stabbing of ex-girlfriend in Fukuoka See in context

Dangerous stalker really scary

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Posted in: 38-year-old man arrested after strangling sister with T-shirt See in context

How come the mother never heard a noise, does his sister sleeping?

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Posted in: Pro boxer arrested for assaulting girlfriend See in context

Breaking up

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Posted in: Father arrested for inflicting brain damage on 5-month-old son See in context

They have failed the Parenthood

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested for stabbing father in Sapporo See in context

Dad has to watch his back 24/7 there's a scary creature in his house

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Posted in: Suspect arrested over fatal stabbing of man at entrance to house See in context

Trespassing and violence may be another light sentence

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Posted in: Man gets suspended term for damaging Korean international school in Osaka See in context

That's not fair judgement.

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Posted in: 3 nursery school teachers arrested over abuse of children See in context

Imagine treating the kids with the knife cutter that's a child abuse

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted murder of boss See in context

Personal grudge or both drunk ?

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Posted in: 80-year-old woman conned out of ¥55 million See in context

Oh God! .... Just like that goodbye 55M. Scammer hope to meet your karma someday.

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Posted in: Woman gets life in prison for killing father with insulin and brother with carbon monoxide See in context

Well deserved what an evil woman born with greedy bone.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for assaulting wife See in context

Overstressed at work whatever it is you should not put your hand on the women.

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Posted in: 2 men, woman rob man sleeping on park bench See in context

He should take a taxi for that nimang yen. scary when we missed the last train.

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Posted in: Nursing care worker arrested for assaulting resident in her 80s See in context

Gosh, my working at the nursing care if he has a little patient?

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for taking online job recruitment test for money See in context

He's a smart guy mind works and easy mobey.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting woman on her way home See in context

Ohhh gosh sensei ... How did the student trust and respect you after they read this news?

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching mother unconscious on her 100th birthday See in context

Too much stress, and hope someone from the nursing home would take care of his mother.

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Posted in: School in Yamaguchi in turmoil after student’s tablet records teachers’ room conversation See in context

I don't understand why they hand the student a computer in school. which that they had already a computer class?

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Posted in: Third Japanese cabinet minister in a month resigns in blow to Kishida See in context

Good to know that this politician resigning bcoz of guilt of shame ness. Only in Japan

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Posted in: Professional go player arrested for allegedly assaulting wife See in context

Couples fight

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being left inside car for 9 hours See in context

How sad if he comes back around noon they could save the girl.

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Posted in: Ex-nursery school head, employee found guilty over boy's death in school bus See in context

Something wrong with the justice in Japan. The boy died and the sentence was only two years and 18 months... Wow unbelievable

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting 13-year-old girl returning home from school See in context

Pedo psycho

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Posted in: 5-year prison sentence upheld for mother who starved son under friend's influence See in context

10 to 15 that's more than enough I guess.... But 5 years seems like a vacation

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Posted in: As yen tumbles, gadget-loving Japan goes for secondhand iPhones See in context

I'll stick with my old one not gonna spend that bigger amount

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Posted in: 69-year-old man arrested over death of upstairs neighbor after noise dispute See in context

In my old apartment, I can't use my home theater movie because my neighbor banged my wall. I watched movies in the daytime. I get scared and told hubby. Hubby decided to move out than of having argued with my psycho neighbor. Tell you it's really scary I got trauma.

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