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That face make-up is on point!

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I hope the person is caught, their name, age and occupation announced on television and that they are forced to apologize at a press conference with at least 5 microphones.

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Smell harassment, huh? I don't know if people are doing it intentionally but I suppose that odour is good to be aware of.

I used to work at an eikaiwa and there was this old lady who slathered on some seriously intense perfume. It would make me nauseous and give me a headache. An hour every week with her was like a gas chamber torture session!

There is also a manager at one of the local cel phone shops with the most awful decaying teeth breath. One caustic gust from his mouth could strip paint, I swear!

That being said, though, I am not innocent. I tend to sweat a lot which results in smelly bacteria accumulating in my shirts that can't be cleaned with regular washing. Rinsing them in a light bleach solution periodically before throwing them in the washer solves that problem. Plus it's good to drink plenty of water and get regular exercise to keep the lymphatic system from stagnating.

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Reading this made me all the more thankful for the state of the public gym in my small town. 1800 yen per month and it has a decent selection of equipment (I just wish there was a place that I could do dips) and it almost never gets so crowded that I'm forced to wait for anything. No air conditioning but since it's Hokkaido it doesn't get as hot as other parts of the country.

The people who use it seem for the most part to be an even split between college-aged athletes and middle-aged hardcore regulars. Way more men than women: maybe 9 to 1. Almost everyone seems really focused on what they're doing and are considerate of the people around them.

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Holy carp! Did he jump from the ropes? That's so cool.

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This article was much better than I expected it to be. Good work!

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Great interview with many thoughtful and interesting questions and answers. He certainly seems like an excellent national representative.

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I'm sure that their judgment is sound. I mean, it's not like we have any reason to mistrust them.

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Meh. It's just a group of people of homogenous race adhering to the standards set by their particular company.

I'm not going to say that that sort of thing is not to some degree representative of Japan but I think that there is actually a broad range of personality and possible interpretations conveyed by their facial expressions and features: excited, nervous, cute, focused, dull, mischievous, sombre, gentle, joyful, docile, bored, bemused, genuine, aloof and more.

I suspect that part of the internet reaction (and can we just quickly address the silliness of "people on the internet said this so it must be newsworthy" reporting) is that the people seeing the image simply aren't accustomed to distinguishing among facial features of a homogenous group. In that case the human often focuses on obvious similarities such as hair colour and style, clothing etcetera to the exclusion of less immediately recognizable information. It's human nature.

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Stand that strawman up for one more beating. Ironic that he has revealed such a dark underbelly of society though. His fake hair nearly blocked out the sun and plunged the land into years of shadow.

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Oooobaaaama! You got some 'splaning to dooo!

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Let us never forget wartime atrocities! For the sake of posterity! For the sake of humanity!

Well... unless it's inconvenient or uncomfortable for us... In that case we should just quietly destroy the evidence and pretend it never happened.

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Cute t-shirt ^_^

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I am curious! I just might give this a read. And I'm glad that it might be published in Japan because I agree that it's a topic that people from all cultures should think about.

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I could be wrong but judging from the mention of "loophole drugs" and "quasi-legal herbs" (often previously referred to as 脱法ハーブ) I assume that he consumed some form of synthetic "designer drug": a structural analog designed to mimic the effects of the original drug while avoiding being classified as illegal. These analogs are often sold in a form that resembles flakey green-brown herbs, hence the name. Because these drugs undergo little to no testing or screening their side effects can be unpredictable.

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Murderer, rapist, fugitive: he made his choices and deserves to rot. Glorifying violence and barbarism only undermines the suffering of victims, encourages criminality and detriments society.

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I have this tickle in the back of my mind that tells me there are more important things than a meagre amount of prestige that Nipponkoku should be focusing on and investing in.

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The poor kid... Sounds like he was really talented. It's a shame that he wasn't able to grow old enough to see beyond the narrow horizons of a teenager's existance. I know when I was that age many of the things that happened at school seemed earth-shattering but fortunately I knew that I had the freedom to choose my own path and got support when I needed it. He must have felt a lot of pressure and perhaps, to him, there seemed to be no option other than that darkest of paths.

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Makes perfect sense to me. State-sanctioned drugs like tobacco and alcohol have received too much tolerance from societies for too long. And it's often those who refrain from using the substances that pay the price! The company gives some sensible reasons (reduced worker efficiency and wasted capital) and one of the quotations also expresses the very valid point that the public's tax money goes into health-care.

A more small-scale example of similarly accepted double-standards can be found at the office party. Maybe your company goes out for dinner a few times each year and maybe everyone pays 4000-5000 yen for the meal plan and all-you-can-drink. You don't need a calculator to figure out that the teetotallers with their two glasses of oolong tea are paying the difference for those who are out to down 6 mugs of frosty barley pops.

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I totally don't get it. Just the idea that people feel a swell of national pride from things like this makes me gag.

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Paying women to appear half-naked while clutching symbols of vanity and be photographed and leered at by men is clearly a big step toward the restoration of old-fashioned gender inequality.

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Japanese chocolate is pretty good too for the most part. The last time I had some North American chocolate I was thoroughly disappointed. Most of it barely even tastes like chocolate because the cocoa content is so low. Trash!

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I saw it all this morning on Pythagoras Switch: the straw breaks the camel's back then the dominoes start toppling.

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Anything visible through a telescopic lens is fair game for shaming it seems.

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Nationalistic pride does neither side any good. Jointly develop any natural resources that are available and strengthen the ties between the countries! Both would benefit greatly. I hope some cooler heads soon prevail here.

I agree with Yubaru but at the same time have my doubts that this is going to end diplomatically. Hopefully before this escalates any further a localized earthquake sinks those rocks to the bottom of the sea.

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Everyone knows that the definitive guide to eating sushi has already been created in video form: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDL8yu34fz0

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Too young to be named but sentenced like an adult. I also think that it just crazy.

But I am curious how the sale actually occurred. Was it a sting? The article says that he was accused of possession but the next line states that he was jailed after having bought it. It is also suggested that the Australian boy was detained after having bought the drugs. Obviously one must buy something before coming into possession of it but I wonder...

Anyone else sense a whiff of entrapment? Ensnare these kids with the threat of harsh punishment to squeeze out a tidy monetary settlement?

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"someone heard them speaking broken Japanese, it’s possible they were foreigners". I am very sure that there are 'foreigners' doing bad things in Japan and all over the world but it seems suspect that this information is attributed to a university professor saying that someone heard them speaking.

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Cities need to take more control. If the city provides access to electricity and stall apparatus which can be lent out to local merchants for the duration of the festival and the merchants bring whatever else they need (deep fryers, fridges, grills etc.) then they can still create a lively and much warmer atmosphere than the typical tekiya set-up.

It's a bit of a gamble because if the weather is poor then the crowds won't turn out but most bar, restaurant and other business owners enjoy doing it even if they aren't guaranteed to rake in the bucks. They do it for the community, possibly the PR and certainly out of nostalgia.

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the teenager had chased after him on her bicycle

“I was scared so I ran into the house and hid,” Uchimura told Japanese media.

Intensely horrifying! What else could one possibly do in such a situation?

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