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Posted in: Jackson says 'Hobbit' to be split into three movies See in context

Lord of the Rings: approx. 1,000 pages = 3 movies The Hobbit: approx. 300 pages = 3 movies? Way to stretch it out for a big cash grab.

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Posted in: Feuding Gallagher brothers to share rock bill at Fuji Rock festival See in context

I don't care about the Oasis boys but Radiohead and Jack White would be great to see live!

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Posted in: Gov't officially approves TEPCO plan to hike household electricity bills from Sept 1 See in context

Well, yeah, it's only fair that the common people should have to pay for this corporation's mistakes... Oh... wait a minute.

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Posted in: Otsu mayor apologizes to father of bullying victim who killed himself See in context

That poor father. It must be the hardest time in his life yet he was to battle through this. Don't give up, man! Make something good come of it!

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Posted in: Record high 5,467 people taken to hospital for heatstroke July 16-22 See in context

I wish some of that heat would find its way up to Hokkaido. It's been an unusually cool summer so far.

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Posted in: Schoolgirl speared in head by javelin at Hiroshima university See in context

Sounds gruesome. I have a friend who was hit in the head with a shot-put while he was in high school. He recovered but the summer humidity causes painful pressure in his head.

It really is a shame because these kinds of accidents seems so preventable.

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Posted in: Japan city seeks funds for dying 'miracle' pine See in context

Absolutely ridiculous. Not even worth considering. I would be furious if I was one of the people whose lives was affected by the tsunami.

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Posted in: Japan probes website attacks by Anonymous hacker group See in context

I really do hope that I am proven dead wrong here but I find it hard to imagine these new regulations facing enough resistance to stop them in Japan. Overall the population is too passive and the men in power seem too old to see the issue from any angle other than the one that is most convenient to them. Again I hope I am wrong.

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Posted in: Brilliant Asian-Americans face 'bamboo ceiling' in U.S. See in context

Am I just being too P.C. by finding the term "bamboo ceiling" offensive and belittling? Like they don't have class in China so their ceilings must be made from bamboo? I guess it could be argued that the term is more likely to be remembered and therefore the issue might get more consideration but a part of me can't help but think that this sort of stereotyping is counterproductive. Also, if they are born and bred Americans then what connection do they really have to bamboo?

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Posted in: Stabbing suspect should have killed himself, Osaka governor says See in context

Obviously this is just speculation but I don't think he was sure that he wanted to die. I think it is more likely that he felt powerless in his life and wanted to feel powerful by taking the lives of others.

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Posted in: The grammar-translation method: Is it really all that bad? See in context

students who memorized the dictionary page by page and after memorizing a page they would tear it out and eat it

Wow! I don't care if that's true or not but I love that image!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing elderly invalid husband See in context

Is there a better word than "invalid?"

I was wondering the same thing...what's an "invalid husband"??

In this case "invalid" just means "unable to care for oneself" not the opposite of valid.

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Posted in: U.S. Coast Guard cannons sink tsunami ship after 4 hours See in context

Seems like a good call. If it was doomed to be scrapped anyway then one would assume that it would have had relatively little fuel. It does seem like a waste of all that steel though.

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Posted in: Battle stations See in context

i hear this movie is based on the game.... battleship

If it wasn't for Jonathan Schaeffer and Chinook my script "Checkers: The Quest to be Crowned" would have already become a blockbuster international hit...

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Posted in: Help wanted: Japanese ogres See in context

Weird translation. Looks like a fun job and the money isn't bad but spending the summer months wearing a costume like that will be excruciating.

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Posted in: Scientist makes violin strings from spider silk See in context

300 female Nephila maculata spiders had provided his raw materials

I also saw a documentary about the "spider-goats" and wondered if he produced this silk via the same method but it looks like it was old-fashioned spider-spiders.

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Posted in: Teacher nabbed for using mirror to peek up girl's skirt See in context


He got greedy for panchira and stepped over the line. He is completely at fault and should be punished. Hopefully he'll learn that one must be satisfied with the panchira provided by providence.

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Posted in: What do foreigners find strange about Japan? NTV finds out See in context

Indeed, each country can be said to have its own idiosyncrasies. It's interesting and fun to compare these little differences.

A couple (strange?) things that get on my nerves are driving habits. I see both of these almost every single day.

Maybe this is just a Hokkaido thing (I haven't driven in any other part of the country) but SO many people just pull over wherever they want to! You want to take a picture? Talk on the phone? Check your map? Don't wait until you get to a place where you can actually pull off the road! Apparently as long as your hazard lights are on it's cool to stop anywhere even if you are taking up half the lane on a curving icy road.

The other thing is turn signals. See, I used to think that these are for signalling that you are planning on turning in the immediate future but around here they are mostly used to indicate, "I am now, currently in the process of turning at this very moment." So you're driving along and the person in front of you starts slowing down, slowing way down and all you see is brake lights. There seems to be nothing ahead of them. Naturally, you start to wonder, "What might be the cause of this? Are they having a heart attack? Is there a baby on the asphalt? Did the speed limit suddenly change to 10km/h?" And then just before they come to a complete stop... wink wink wink. They turn on their "winker" and the jokes on you, they are turning right.


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Posted in: Jolie, showing directorial debut, says Afghanistan is next See in context

Commendable! I'm impressed y her sincerity. It seems like she really puts the wealth and influence that have come as a result of her celebrity to positive use.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese change their attitude when they communicate with foreigners? See in context

As mentioned in some of the other comments, I think it's just a matter of experience. Although how one reacts depends on an individual's culture and personality etcetera, humans from any country might behave similarly when interacting with someone they view as exotic. Then over time and through experience we tend to adjust and what was once so near the "exotic" side on our scale of normality has shifted several notches in the other direction.

The thing that can sometimes be tiring and difficult is having to go through the whole process of being accepted almost every time we begin a new relationship.

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Posted in: Asia's K-Pop clones dance to South Korean beat See in context

“After Asia, the next step is for Korean culture to conquer the world,” Yun told AFP.

"You will be assimilated," he added in an emotionless monotone "Resistance is futile."

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Posted in: Japan’s 'polite' tobacco war rages on See in context

"kazukai" = "kozukai"

When the king of Bhutan came to visit Japan I did some research about his country (i.e. looked at the Wikipedia page;) and learned Bhutan is the first country in the world to have banned the sale of tobacco. Happiness rates increased by 8.96% (totally made-up figure).

It will never happen but I'd love to see tobacco sale banned. Disgusting bloody habit.

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Posted in: SMAP, AKB48 among 20 acts to appear on NHK program to mark 1st anniversary of March 11 disaster See in context

Everyone is busy practising their lip-syncing in order to ensure a performance that differs not at all from their CDs.

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Posted in: Envelopes containing black powder sent to Akutagawa Award winners See in context

Akutagawa's ashes. (^_~)

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Posted in: 8 men arrested for smuggling gold from S Korea to Japan in rectums See in context

Hindsight is 20/20 but they should have known that transporting anything via the rectum bears risk of physiological damage. Soon after the fact a Japanese customs officer quipped, "Wrecked 'em? It nearly killed 'em!"

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Posted in: Let's fight! See in context

Aarrrr. What's with the Japanglish headline?

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Posted in: Inmate escapes from Hiroshima prison See in context

did it say what he did to serve 23 years, thats alot of time so must be something bad.

Yeah, it was written pretty deep into the story though (halfway through the first sentence) so anyone could have missed it, really. "Attempted murder"

i don't see an age but that just described about half of the Japanese population

It was hidden next to his name in the second sentence. He's 40.

If you guys need some more help with this complicated text please let me know, hey?

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Posted in: Why the increasing number of alcoholic women in their 20s? See in context

"A man who drinks three large bottles of beer every day might become an alcoholic in 15 years"

Wow, it takes a lot of effort to become an alcoholic! I'm just not dedicated enough...

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Posted in: Study shows deeper meltdown than thought at Fukushima nuclear reactor See in context

Next month's update, "Further investigation reveals previous studies to be false: fuel rods melted through containment vessel."

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